How To Fix Error In Moderation ChatGPT? Answered! 

How To Fix Error In Moderation ChatGPT

ChatGPT has proven its worth as one of the best AI chat assistants so far. However, the journey is not error-free. If you are searching for how to fix error in moderation ChatGPT, you are not alone, because this is a common error happening more frequently now than ever! 

It’s been a couple of weeks the ChatGPT users around the world have been looking forward to fix error in moderation ChatGPT, which means there must be something serious in ChatGPT prompting. Nevertheless, there are some easy fixes to this issue.

To fix error in moderation ChatGPT, try shorter and clearer prompts, refresh your browser, avoid using offensive language, and wait it out. If you are using the ChatGPT app, restart your app or log out and log in again to the app. 

The error in moderation ChatGPT indicates that the user is placing incorrect ChatGPT prompts or using abusive content in prompts. However, sometimes it’s just because of the high traffic received by ChatGPT. So, let’s go through this article and explore how you can easily fix error in moderation ChatGPT.

Error In Moderation – ChatGPT Won’t Work?

Well, the moderation error on ChatGPT is more serious than it sounds like. Imagine, you are chatting with ChatGPT over a complicated topic and you are suddenly facing the ‘Error In Moderation’ message flashing on the screen! How annoying! The flow of the conversation will be interrupted and your precious time will be wasted. 

How To Fix Error In Moderation ChatGPT

So far, there are no definite reasons found behind the issue. However, it is speculated that either the user is using abusive prompts or this is a glitch from ChatGPT’s end due to high traffic. 

How To Fix Error In Moderation ChatGPT?

To all those ChatGPT users who are currently facing the ‘Error In Moderation’ message flashing on the screen, do not demean yourselves. There are some easy ways to fix error in moderation ChatGPT. Here find some easy methods below:

Method 1. Try Shorter And Clearer Prompts

If your topic is complex and needs lots of fact checks, try to use shorter prompts and do not type hundreds of words in your query. Make your query short and clear to understand. Feeding ChaGPT thousands of words in every query will lead to trouble like Moderation errors. 

Method 2. Refresh Your Browser

If you are facing the Moderation Glitch on ChatGPT, it means, this could be your Browser’s fault. Update and refresh your browser. Also, remove unnecessary cache files before opening ChatGPT again. 

Method 3. Avoid Using Offensive Language

As it is found, the moderation issue mainly indicates that the user is placing wrong prompts or using abusive terms in prompts, which are not supported by ChatGPT. If you are doing the same, you are likely to face the Moderation Error on ChatGPT. In that case, the only way to fix error in moderation ChatGPT is to avoid using offensive language in the prompts. 

Method 4. Wait It Out

Considering other views, the Moderation error could be a result of Discord glitches. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for a few hours before logging in to ChatGPT again. If you are facing the Moderation issue, because of high traffic, waiting it out can help you too to find a free window! 

Method 5. Update/Restart The App

If you are using a ChatGPT app on your smartphone, it is recommended to update your ChatGPT app. You should also try logging in again after restarting the app.


As you can see, no matter how people are complicating the Moderation error of ChatGPT on social media, it is actually super easy to fix the error. Try methods that we discussed in this article to fix error in moderation ChatGPT and share your thoughts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Fix Something Wrong On ChatGPT?

If something is wrong with ChatGPT, update your browser, clear the browser cache, and log in to ChatGPT again. You should also consider waiting a few minutes before logging in again.

Q2. How Do I Stop The Network Error In ChatGPT?

If you are experiencing a network error in ChatGPT, you should restart your browser to fix the issue. 

Q3. Why Isn’t ChatGPT Working?

There could be many reasons why your ChatGPT is not working. For instance, if your network is unstable or you are using a backdated browser, that can hinder ChatGPT from working. There are also other reasons like high traffic, server issues, and browser cookies. 

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