Jules Discord Bot | How To Invite?

Jules Discord Bot

Let’s enhance your Fortnite experience with Jules Discord Bot. Pro Fortnite players are currently falling for this amazing Fortnite official bot and even going for the premium version. This is all about making your Fortnite gameplay more meaningful. 

Created on July 22, 2022, Jules Discord Bot has already reached the global craze. If you are playing Fortnite and do not know how to invite this amazing bot into your Discord server, let us help you with that.

To invite the Jules Discord Bot to your server, log into your Discord account and click on the Jules Discord Bot invite link to your server. Next, choose your server from the list [if you have multiple servers]. Next, confirm your selection, and done! 

Moreover, there is an official Jules Bot Discord server available! If you are already using Jules Discord Bot or planning to use this popular bot, join their official Discord server too and explore more about the bot before adding it to your server. 

What Is Jules Discord Bot?

Jules Discord Bot was officially launched by Fortnite on July 22, 2022. This bot is amazing in improving the Fortnite gaming experience. More than 6886 servers are already using this Jules bot and the reviews are extremely positive. You can try the free version of this bot. However, the premium version will cost you $5 only! 

Jules Discord Bot Invite Link

Assuming that you are searching for the official link for Jules Discord Bot, we have picked the link for you. If you are ready to add the Jules Bot to your server, let’s find the link below: 

Jules Discord Bot Link – Click To Invite

Jules Discord Server Link

Jules Discord Bot

As we have mentioned above, joining the Jules Discord Server will be beneficial for you to start with the Jules bot, let’s join the server too. The Jules Discord Server already has 2320 active members and is adding more. Let’s find the official Jules Discord Server link below and click the link to join the server. 

Jules Discord Server – Click to Join

How To Add Jules Discord Bot Server?

To add Jules Discord Bot, open Discord >> Log into your account >> Click on the Jules Bot Link >> Choose your server >> Done.

If you have added any Discord bots before, then it will be easier for you to understand the process. However, even if you haven’t added any Discord bots before, let’s follow the quick guidelines below and find out how to do this easily. 

Step 1: Open and log into your account.

Step 2: Click on the Jules Discord Bot server link shared above in this article. 

Step 3: Add your server and confirm. 

Done! The Jules Discord Bot is successfully added to your server! 

How To Join Jules Discord Server?

To add Jules Discord Server, open Discord >> Log into your account >> Click on the Jules Discord Link >> Accept Invite >> Answer a few questions >> Done.

Step 1: Open and log into your account.

Step 2: Click on the Jules Discord Server link shared above in this article.

Step 3: Accept Invite

Step 4: Answer If you want to trade with other players. Click Next.

Step 5: Answer if you want to be updated on Jule’s development. Click Next. 

Step 6: Pick between Giveaways and Announcements – which role you like. Click Next. 

Step 7: Mention if you want to join other language channels. Click Next. 

Step 8: Read and agree with the server rules. Hit Finish.

Done! Now you are a valuable member of the Jules Discord Server.

Jules Discord Bot Features

Jules Discord Bot comes with many amazing features such as:

1. Enhance your Fortnite Experience.

2. Allows you to complete stw quests without completing the mission. 

3. Equips any skin in the files. 

4. Easy commands. 

Jules Discord Bot Command 

If you are using Jules Discord Bot, then you can try these easy commands to prompt the bot:

1. /login – Logs you into Jules 

2. /discovery-favorite – favorites island codes and Playlists 

3. /save-progress – allows you to complete stw quests without completing the mission 

4. /ghost-equip – equips any skin in the files, only others can see it though 

5. /launch – sends cmd prompt to launch FN

Jules Discord Server Rules

Like many other Discord servers, Jules Discord Server also has some strict rules that have to be abided by the members. Here is a glimpse of some of the rules:

1. No racism/homophobia/transphobia or any form of hatred is allowed.

2. No self-promoting is allowed. 

3. Make sure you are using common sense. 

4. Sharing private/personal information on this server is prohibited. 

5. You have to Discord’s TOS. 

6. You should not post or attach any illegal content to this server. 

7. NSFW/Gore is not tolerated on this server. 

8. No one is allowed to sell the bot or make it under boost only on your Discord server.

9. If you are using any other language except English, use the correct channel. 

10. If any rules are broken, any user can feel free to contact the staff.

11. Begging for roles/access is not allowed. 

12. Promoting your shop or requesting to buy anything is prohibited. 

13. Anyone who breaks the rules will be removed from the server. 


Now that in this article we have shown you how you can easily invite the Jules Discord Bot to your server and join the Jules Discord Server as well, let’s include Jules Bot and share your experience! Got a question? Share in the comment section.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Jules Discord Bot A Malicious Bot?

No, Jules Discord Bot is not a malicious bot. This is an official and authorized bot launched and promoted by Fortnite. 

Q2. Is Jules Discord Bot Available For Free?

Yes, the Jules Discord Bot is available for free. However, if you want to unlock the full potential of the bot, you have to pay $5 to get the premium version. 

Q3. Can I Use Jules Discord Bot?

Yes, anyone around the world using Discord server, can add Jules Discord Bot in Discord. 

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