How To Fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”?

How To Fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”?

Let’s create your packing list for a weekend tour with Google Bard or learn how to create your first flower bed! Learning scope with Google Bard is huge but you can often get stuck with Forbidden Error! Let us show you how to fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”.

Users around the world now can enjoy Google Bard. However, the experience may not be as smooth as expected. Google Bard often shows the “Forbidden Error,” which denies authorization for your request. Nevertheless, you can fix Google Bard’s “Forbidden Error” with some simple tips. 

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To fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”, start with Google Account Settings, restart browser, clear browser cache, update browser as well as Google Bard. Also, you can raise a ticket to Google Support. 

It’s fun when Google Bard talks with you about how it looks under the sea, how it feels to ride a rocket or simply why lightning can strike twice at the same place. Feeling like Sheldon? Fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” now and go high with Google Bard!      

What Does Google Bard “Forbidden Error”?

Google Bard Forbidden Error is somewhat similar to 401 error. However, there is a very thin line of difference between 401 Error and 403 Forbidden Error. 401 error is an unauthorized response code. The status code is similar to 403, which also stands for unauthorized access. 

In simple words, if you are trying to access Google Bard and Google Bard server understands your request, yet for some technical reason forbidding your access or blocking you is “Forbidden Error”. Unlike Google’s other tools, Google Bard does not show the possible reasons why you are stuck to Forbidden Error.  However, there are few easy tricks that can be used to fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”.

Can You Fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”?

Yes, the Google Bard “Forbidden Error” can be fixed. To fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” you have to follow some simple steps like refreshing the app, updating your browser and Google Bard. Also you may need to clear browser cache, check Google Account settings, or reinstall Google Bard. 

Why Is Google Bard Showing “Forbidden Error”?

When you find the Forbidden Error message popping up again and again no matter how many times you have refreshed that page, you must be frustrated. Not knowing the reason behind the issue is even more disturbing. 

However, we have found some common causes which are leading to the “Forbidden Error” issue. Let’s dig deep into the issue first so that you can come up with the solutions easily. 

1. You May Not Have Permission To Access Google Bard

Sometimes it happens that we do not have access to use certain tools. If Google has somehow blocked your Google account from accessing Google Bard, then you can be stuck with the “Forbidden Error”. While using Google Bard, try not to break any rules or your Google account could be banned and then whenever you try to login, you will be directed to a pop-up “Forbidden Error”! 

2. Google Bard May Be Experiencing Technical Problems

If you are experiencing “Forbidden Error” on Google Bard, then there is a high chance that Google Bard is going through a technical issue. Although, now we all have access to this prime AI tool, we have to admit that the tool is still at it’’s beta stage. Hence, the AI bot is going through multiple updates at a time, making it vulnerable to the technical issue. Let’s wait it out and check again sometime. If the technical issue is resolved, you can easily access Google Brad without any interference.  

3. There May Be A Problem With Your Internet Connection

If you are coming across the “Forbidden Error” often, then maybe you are having a bad internet connection. Yes, poor internet connection could be a possible reason leading to this problem. Hence, check the internet speed, WiFi connectivity and remove extra devices from the same internet connection. 

How To Fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”?

Fixing the Google Bard “Forbidden Error” is super easy if you have some tricks under your sleeve. Let’s explore how to fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” just in minutes using some simple steps: 

1. Check Your Google Account Settings

The first step is to ensure that your Google Account is all set. The fact is, if there is any issue with your Google Account then Google Bard may prohibit you from using the app. You should go through the account settings and ensure that everything is good to go before moving to the next step. 

2. Restart Your Browser

If you have found that your Google settings are all good, then you may fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” by restarting your browser. This is the simplest step to resolve the issue. Refresh your browser multiple times and then reopen the app again to check whether the solution worked for you!

3. Wait A Few Minutes And Try Again

If this is a technical or app server issue from Google’s end, then nothing is in your hand. What you can do is wait it out and come back after a few hours to check whether they have fixed the error. 

4. Refresh The Page

how to fix google bard forbidden error

Refresh the page to fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error”. As confessed by many Google Bard users, Forbidden Error is not a major issue and often can be resolved by simply refreshing the page. You should try this too! 

5. Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies

Let’s clear your browser’s cache and cookies. In most of cases it is observed that old cache and cookies interfere with app performance. Removing the cache and cookies from your browser can fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” and save your day. 

how fix google bard forbidden error

6. Try Using A Different Browser

If you are using Chrome or Safari as your default browser and experiencing the forbidden error, then it is recommended to switch your browser. Try some other browsers and find out whether Google Bard is working fine or not. If using a different browser is not working for you, move to the next solution. 

7. Update Your Browser

Another super easy way to fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” is updating your browser. If you are using an older browser, which does not support Google Bard, you have to update it. So, update the browser and check whether it fixed your issue or not.

8. Reinstall Google Bard

If your Google Bard is not responding well, you can try reinstalling the tool. Let’s just log out from the tool, wait some time, and reinstall it to check if the app is working fine. Google Bard is going through multiple updates and reinstalling the tool means you are always using the latest version, which is less prone to show errors. 

9. Contact Google Support

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then you should have contacted Google Support. To contact Google Support, you should go to and start with describing the issue. 

How To Avoid “Forbidden Error”?

Now that we have discussed, what are the possible reasons behind the Forbidden Error and how to fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” issue, here are some tips to avoid the occurrence of the issue at the first place: 

Make Sure That You Are Logged Into Your Google Account In Your Browser

Make sure that you are using your own Google account and that your account settings are in good terms. Besides, you have to login Google Bard with a personal Gmail account and not any official mail ID or Student ID. Moreover, you cannot use Google Bard, if you are not 18+, even if you have a legit email account. 

Check Your Google Account Settings To Make Sure That You Have Not Revoked Access To Google Bard

Go to your Google Account settings and check all of the parameters to ensure that you have not revoked access to Google Bard. If you have done the same unknowingly, change the settings before accessing Google Bard. 

If You Are Seeing This Error On Multiple Devices And Browsers, Wait For Google To Fix The Problem

If you have tried multiple devices to fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” and failed, you have to wait it out. When you are sure that everything is good from your end, then Google Bard must be going through some technical issue. Hence, how will Google fix the problem for you!

If You Are Still Seeing The Error After Waiting, Contact Google Support For Help

Wait for a few hours to a day and even after that if you find that the issue is not fixed yet, contact Google Support for help. Wait till you get a response from Google’s end. 

Use A Recent Version Of Your Browser

To avoid the issue you should always use the updated version of the browser. This is the best practice. Using a recent version of your current browser will help you to avoid the occurrence of forbidden errors. 

Keep Your Computer Up To Date

Keep your computer up to date to avoid possible errors in Google Bard and other AI tools for that matter. Google Bard is at the beta stage and vigorously going through technical changes for constant improvement. If your computer fails to meet the Google Bard’s requirements then the occurrence of errors is formidable. 

Avoid Using Complex Or Poorly Formatted Queries

When chatting with Google, Bard always uses short, comprehensive sentences. Google Bard is still learning and going through changes. Processing poorly formatted queries may cause issues and as a result, you might get stuck to the “Forbidden Error” pop-up. 

Breakdown Long Queries

Let’s break down your long queries into short sentences so that Google Bard can absorb the concept easily. Even if you are experimenting with this AI tool, you should not use poorly constructed long queries that confuse Google Bard.


Google Bard is a very new member among the AI tools and it is already throwing challenges to ChatGPT, which has been ruling for quite some time. Facing Forbidden error is common, so the fixings. You can fix Google Bard “Forbidden Error” super easily with the tricks that we have shared in this article. Still, got a question? Drop it in the comment box! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Bard Give Accurate And Safe Responses?

Bard is still in the experimental stage. As claimed by Google, this AI tool is still learning, so there could be some mistakes while answering your questions. It’s still in the early days and Google Bard is constantly improving itself to become a trustworthy nerdy companion. 

Q2. How And When Does Bard Cite Sources In Its Responses?

Bard, like other LLM experiences, is continuously trying to answer questions in a more personalized manner. The developers are trying to make Google Bard answers more customizable. However, If Bard is stating factual data or quoting from some book or somebody, then Bard should cite sources in response. 

Q3. Can Bard Help With Coding?

Yes, Bard is well known to help with coding. However, Bard is still at the experimental stage and the responsibility of using the codes that are generated by Google Bard goes to you. The codes may not be error-free and also subject to an open-source license. 

Q4. Why Doesn’t the Bard Know What I Said Earlier In A Conversation?

Bard’s power to hold onto the context is limited now. It is expected that Google Bard will soon be able to process a larger amount of data and can continue conversation while keeping with the same context. 

Q5. How Many Languages Does Bard Speak?

For now, Google Bard is now available in US English, Japanese and Korean. However, developers are working on more languages to teach Google Bard. 

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