How To Fix Google Bard “Internal Error”?

How To Fix Google Bard “Internal Error”

Google Bard is the rocking AI alternative to ChatGPT. Yes, the AI fight is intense and as expected Google has launched Bard to compete with OpenAI’ChatGPT. However, expectations were ruined as Google Bard is showing an internal error. If you have also faced the issue and are searching for solutions to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”, you are at the right place. 

The stock market bubble is rising around AI tools. As we speak Google Brad has already cost Google $100 Billion for repetitive internal errors! It is easy to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”; however, experiencing frequent internal errors was nnot expected from  this long-awaited AI tool. 

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To fix Google Bard “Internal Error”, you can start by updating Google Bard, refreshing the AI app, checking the internet connection, and logging in using different devices. 

The fever for AI tools is high. Now that Google Bard is also available to the common people just like ChatGPT, it is expected that we are going to witness a close fight between the tech giants for the betterment of their AI tools. OpenAI has already launched ChatGPT Plus and Google is working on the fixes of Bard. Which one  do you think is more appealing between ChatGPT vs Bard

What Does Google Bard “Internal Error”?

Google Bard is supported by a limited number of accounts. The number of users has increased in the past couple of months, and now the app is publicly available!. In this short time, people who are using Google Bard have already pointed out many flaws including biases, factual errors, and Internal Errors.

Google Bard is often blocking the users from using the app by sharing a pop-up – “Internal Error”. Unlike other Google tools, this message does not come up with any elaboration of what is really wrong with the app. However, the frequency of “Internal Errors” is rising as many users are sharing their experiences on Twitter. 

Can You Fix Google Bard “Internal Error”?

Yes, Google Bard “Internal Error” could be fixed easily. To fix Google Bard “Internal Error” you have to start from the basics. As we are unable to detect what actually went wrong when viewing the pop-up, we have to try multiple ways to fix Google Bard “Internal Error” issue. 

To fix Google Bard’s “Internal Error”, you can start by checking the internet connection, refreshing the app, and updating the app. Most of the users have shared these generic tricks on Twitter and other social media which helped them to resolve the issue. 

Why Is Google Bard Showing “Internal Error”?

Now that you are looking forward to finding out how to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”, we suggest you first try to understand what might go wrong with the app that is causing the issue so that you can remove the issue from the root. 

Here are some of the possible reasons that may have stimulated the “Internal Error” in Google Bard: 

Google Bard’s Servers Is Down 

One of the most common causes that we have encountered so far is that Google Bard’s server is down. When the server is down, you are bound to see the pop-up “Internal Error”. Now, in that case, you just have to wait it out, till the server is available again.  

Weak Internet Connection 

If you have a poor internet connection, you can frequently get stuck to the “Internal Error” pop-up. Many Google Brad users have confessed that using this AI tool requires a strong internet connection. It is always better to be connected with broadband while using the app. If not, always check your mobile net connection when you are confronting the issue. 

There Is A Problem With Your Browser

Now, the performance of Google’s Bard is also highly dependent on the browser you are working on. If your browser has a cache problem or is going through some issues, then the “Internal Error” in Google Bard will persist.  

The computer Is Not Functioning Well 

The issue might be hidden in your system. If your computer is not working properly, then there is a fair chance that you will face an “Internal Error” pop-up on Google Bard. You should check the system’s condition once you encounter the “Internal Error” pop-up. 

How To Fix Google Bard “Internal Error”?

As we have discussed already, the “Internal Error” issue might be the result of simple errors that we usually overlook. It’s not always the app’s problem that you are showing the “Internal Error” pop-up. Hence, to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”, you have to start with checking the basics like app update, page refresh, internet connection, and more. Here have a look at the possible methods to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”.

Make Sure That You Are Using The Latest Version Of Google Bard 

The first and foremost thing to fix Google Bard “Internal Error” is checking whether you are using the updated version of the app or not. Google Bard is still at the Beta stage and Google made it available to the selected people so that they can work on flaws and make the tool perfect. Now, as we admit the tool is not perfect, and going through updates now and then, always keep your eye if new updates are rolled out by Google. 

Try Again Later

If Your Google Bard is showing “Internal Error” repeatedly, even after you have the updated version, log out from the app. You should try logging in again after a significant break. Trying later is proven as a feasible solution to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”.

Refresh The Page

Refreshing the page is one of the oldest yet most effective methods to fix any app or website-related issue. Refresh the page a couple of times and the “Internal Error” pop-up should be gone.

Try Using A Different Browser

Another practical way to fix Google Bard “Internal Error” is using a different browser. Sometimes, if there is any issue in your browser, it may not serve well while loading heavy AI tools like Google is always recommended to try a new browser. You can also try the Incognito or the Private mode to access Google Bard AI

Check Your Internet Connection

Having a poor internet connection is one of the legit reasons for the “Internal Error” occurrence. If you are witnessing the pop-up “Internal Error” frequently on Google Bard, you should check the internet connectivity. Check the internet speed. If you are using broadband internet, check the router settings and ensure the connection is good. 

Try Using A Different Device

It is suggested to try a new device to log in to Google Bard to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”. If this is occurring due to your device issue, then it will be fixed as soon as you log in from other devices.

Avoid Using Too Many Devices At The Same Time

Now, if you have access to Google Bard, it is recommended not to stay logged in to multiple devices at one time. Sometimes, when you are logged in to the same tool/app from multiple devices, it may lead to internal errors. 

Try Using Bard In A Different Location

This is rare, but sometimes the location of your device may have an impact on the performance of the Google Bard. So, if you have already checked your internet connection and device status, let’s just move from your seat. Try another location and log in again to find out how to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”.

Contact Google Support For Help

If none of the above solutions are working for you, let’s connect with Google support for help. Google Bard is going through random updates and the Google support team knows how to guide you in resolving the problem. 

How To Avoid “Internal Error”?

Now that you are familiar with the possible reasons why “Internal Error” is occurring, you can certainly avoid the possible causes that preventing you from enjoying this amazing app! Here is how to avoid the possible reason to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”:

Keep Your Browser Up To Date

The first thing you should do is, keep your browser updated. If your browser is not updated you will certainly have to suffer from the Google Bard internal error. So, keep your browser updated and cache free to enjoy Google Bard uninterruptedly. 

Use A Stable Internet Connection

Internet connection plays a critical role when you are trying to fix Google Bard “Internal Error”. It is found that people using mobile net connections or poor network connections are often facing internal error issues. So, be careful that you have a stable internet connection to enjoy Google Bard. 

Close Any Unnecessary Programs Or Applications When You Are Using Bard

When using Google Bard, if you have other tabs open where multiple social media or apps are running, then the action might interfere with Google Bard’s performance. You need to close all the unnecessary tabs to avoid possible issues with Google Bard. 


Wish to plant your garden? Or open a bakery? Ask Google Bard! Yes, Google Bard is considered the smartest AI tool that helps people create flawless plans to accomplish any task. We were all longing for this amazing AI tool and now the day has come. Unfortunately, the app is still in its Beta stage and going through multiple iterations. So, if you find “Internal Error” is occurring too often, then try all the fixes that we have discussed here. Besides, we are expecting to observe and use Bard to the next level. So, sit tight and embrace all the updates patiently while tolerating minor errors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Purpose Of Google Bard?

Google Bard is a conversational AI chat service, which is similar to ChatGPT. Although the basic functionality is the same, Google Bard comes with different features. The biggest difference is that Google Bard has access to internet data, unlike ChatGPT. Google Bard can pull information from the web and answer any of your current questions. 

Q2. Is Google Bard Better Than ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT answers your question based on limited data, whereas Google Bard has access to the online data and can provide you with current information on any topic. You may find that ChatGPT is responding faster than Google Bard; however, when it comes to factual data, Google Bard will take the cake. 

Q3. Will Google Bard Be Free?

Well, the good news is that Google Bard is Free! It is expected that Google Bard will launch fully with a price tag; however, there will be a free version available for testing just like ChatGPT. 

Q4. How Is Bard Different From Google Search?

Google is describing Bard as “Bard is a complement to search”. This is the relationship that works and defines Google Bard and Google Search. Bard can access the internet to find the answer to your question, but unlike the search engine, it is more creative and generates more personalized answers. 

Q5. Can Google Bard Write Code?

Yes, Google Bard can write code! Bard can assist you with writing codes in different languages, and can even write functions for Google Sheets. Also, now you are empowered to export Python codes to Google Colab. While generating codes for you, Google Bard can also explain code snippets for you. 

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