How to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error on Your Android Phone?

How to Fix Google Keeps Stopping Error on Your Android Phone

Today you may have been hit by the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ pop-up while scrolling through Google Search or downloading from Google Play Store or launching GPay or some other Google app. Well, it’s annoying as well as a little unnerving as the pop-up on your android phone does not really come up with a solution hint. 

Thanks to Google Apps always running in the background and updating multiple times, is leading to the error. The most frustrating thing is that rebooting the phone is not an option to stop the error message from popping up repeatedly. 

Mostly, the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ error takes place due to caching issues, which makes failing Google apps load in the background. While clearing the Android cache helps in resolving most of the issues, you may need to explore more ways to fix the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue in Android. Here are the 7 easy steps that do not cost a dime or ask you to download any other app to fix this issue: 

What Does ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error Mean? 

The pop-up describes it as Google Keeps Stopping. However, the pop-up does not contain any other additional notes like why the Android user is experiencing the issue or which Google app is the culprit! 

Sometimes it’s so bad that, if you are going through a Google search or hopping the Google Play store, your Android phone will show the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ pop-up and kick you out of the app instantly. Moreover, the message will pop up repeatedly, till you fix the issue. 

Some may confuse this error with the Google Keep note-taking app. However, in this case, Google Keep note-taking app has nothing to do with the error. The occurrence of the error is due to the failure of the Google app, which needs your attention. 

7 Easy Steps to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Now that you know Google Apps is not working correctly in the background, it’s time to focus on the possible solutions:

1. Clear Cache to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Clearing the cache is probably the easiest way out and the very first step to resolving the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue. If the issue is because of the Google app’s cache, deleting the cache files is the way out. 

Steps to reset the Google App’s Cache:

Step 1: Tap the Settings app button on your Android phone

Google Keeps Stopping Error_clear cache
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Step 2: Go to Apps & Notifications > Google

Step 3: Open Storage and Cache on the Google App

Google Keeps Stopping Error_clear cache
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Step 4: Choose the Clear Cache option 

Step 5: Open Google App

Now, go through the app, and check whether the pop-up is appearing again and kicking you out of the app. If not, you are all set!

2. Restart Your Phone to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

A quick way to address the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue is to reboot your phone. Rebooting the Android phone deletes most of the temporary files, which may also delete the problematic file leading to the issue. 

Google Keeps Stopping Error_restart phone

Restarting the Android phone is easy as you just need to press the power button long enough and click the Restart/Reboot option on the screen. 

When it turns back on check the Google apps, if it is not displaying any ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ again, you are good to go!

 3. Uninstall Recent Updates to Fix the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Have you installed any Google updates recently? Then the update must be the culprit you are looking for. Hence, it is suggested to uninstall the recent Google app updates and check whether the action helps you to fix the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue. 

Following are the steps to uninstall recent Google updates on your Android phone: 

Step 1: Go to the Settings

Step 2: Click on Apps & Notifications > Google

Google Keeps Stopping Error_uninstall updates
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Step 3: Click the three dots at the top right corner of the Google App page for more options 

Step 4: Click Uninstall Updates

Step 5: Click OK and remove all the recent updates 

However, it does not mean that all Google updates will lead you to malicious problems. Whenever Google notify you of their next update, always update and install the same. 

4. Force Stop Google App to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Considering the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue is directly related to the malfunction of any Google apps, it is ideal to force-stop the app and reopen it. This approach is helpful in dealing with most of the issues related to the Google app by building fresh temporary files. 

Here are the steps to force closing the Google app and relaunching it without deleting personal data:

Step 1: Go to the Settings

Step 2: Click on Apps & Notifications > Google

Step 3: Click the Force Stop option on the Google App Page

Google Keeps Stopping Error_force stop google app
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Step 4: Select OK as the final step

Step 5: Relaunch the Google app by tapping the icon on your phone display

You may find this step is helpful to resolve the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ problem. If not, you need to explore more options. 

5. Update Your OS to Fix the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Most of the Android issues are the result of outdated software. If you forgot when you last updated your Android mobile and the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ message is popping up, then it is time to update your Android phone. 

It is always recommended to keep your Android version updated so that the Android version remains compatible with the latest apps. Here is what to do:

Step 1: Go to the Settings

Step 2: Click on System > System updates

Google Keeps Stopping Error_system update
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Step 3: Give it a moment to check for the available updates

Step 4: Install the updates and do not click any button during the installation. 

It is recommended to use a reliable internet connection while downloading and installing the updates so that it is not interrupted.    

6. Reset Your Phone to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Well, you may need to consider resetting your phone if none of the previously discussed methods helped you to deal with the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue. Resetting your Android phone will clear all the unwanted files and restore the factory settings. Make sure you have all the backups of important files before resetting the phone. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Settings

Step 2: Click on System > Reset options

Step 3: Click Erase all data (factory reset)

Step 4: Follow the steps as directed on your mobile screen 

This step is considered one of the most helpful steps as it restores to the factory setting; however, it leads to deleting important files; which is why backup is recommended.

7. Uninstall Android System WebView Updates to Fix ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Error

Uninstalling Android System WebView can save you from resetting your Android phone while dealing with the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ problem. Sometimes Android System WebView updates can lead to the malfunctioning of the phone if not done properly. Here is how to roll back the updates: 

Step 1: Go to the Settings

Step 2: Click on Apps & Notifications > See all apps

Google Keeps Stopping Error_uninstall Android System WebView Updates
Image: Helpdeskgeek

Step 3: Click Android System WebView, if the option is not available click on the three dots at the top right corner of the page and chooses Show System.  

Step 4: Again the three dots at the top right corner of the page and choose Uninstall from the list. 

Step 5: Choose OK and restart your phone. 

Wrapping Up 

It is always frustrating whether you are facing the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue or any Android issues that don’t come with any warning or hint on how to deal with it. It is recommended to keep your Android version as well as all apps updated. Updated apps will keep the ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ issue at bay along with many others. Also, it is recommended to download apps from authentic sources only to mitigate the issues and stay safe from unwanted Cyber threats. 

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