How To Fix Instagram Black Screen Issue On iPhone And Android? Useful Fixes 2023!

How To Fix Instagram Black Screen Issue On iPhone And Android

There are more than one billion active Instagram users. Instagram itself has more than 32 languages for both Android, iOS, and Windows. The application has had amazing and smooth performance throughout the years, but recently many users have been reporting the same issue of how to fix Instagram’s black screen issue on iPhone and Android.

This black screen issue is very common among Instagrammers. This issue generally occurs in the Android operating system. Throughout the years, Instagram app keeps adding one by one amazing features which has made Instagram prone to a number of bugs. Let’s discuss one of them today, “how to fix Instagram black screen issue on iPhone and Android”. Although Instagram is one of the most accepted social media platforms, still it has approximately 1520 million users all over the world who have their own bunch of issues with the platform. 

The method to learn how to fix Instagram black screen issue on iPhone and Android, either you need to toggle the internet connection or close all the tabs, also you can log out and login again to bring your normal Instagram screen back. 

Stick to the post till the end to find everything in detail.

How To Fix Instagram Black Screen Issue On iPhone And Android?

How To Fix Instagram Black Screen Issue On iPhone And Android

The recent cases that are troubling the Instagram users with their experience on Instagram is its screen turning black and white along with getting stuck every time when one opens their Instagram in their devices for a period of time. 

It is based on the theme of the Instagram downloaded on your phone. Usually, while signing or logging into your Instagram account one encounters a blank black or white screen immediately after the Instagram logo. Recently Samsung mobile holders are complaining much about their Instagram screen getting stuck and turning into black or white screen.

Few of the methods that you should try your hands on in order to learn how to fix Instagram black screen issue on iPhone and Android are mentioned below:

Solution 01. It Might Be A Result Of Some Bug From Instagram Itself

It Might Be A Result Of Some Bug From Instagram Itself

Instagram displaying a stuck black-and-white screen can be a result of some bug interrupting the backend of Instagram. In such a case, one can either report this bug to the Instagram team or they can wait until the team resolves this issue on their own.

One has no control over this one, they have to wait for the Instagram team to work on this.

Solution 02. Toggle Your Internet Connection

Toggle Your Internet Connection

If you are facing the black and white stuck screen again and again on Instagram while logging in or out, then the first step you should take is to make sure that your internet connection is strong enough to help you run Instagram flawlessly.

If the signals are weak and interrupted, then join some other internet connection, such as Wifi. This will aid you to resolve the issue if it is being caused due to a bad internet connection.

Solution 03. Exit All The Open Tabs And Apps

Exit All The Open Tabs And Apps

If you are running multiple social media, heavy applications side by side on your device, then it may cause trouble for your Instagram in functioning properly. Either you can free up some space by uninstalling all the unnecessary applications like games etc. Or you can close all the tabs that are running in the background continuously.

Here are the instructions for how to fix Instagram black screen issue on iPhone and Android through deleting all the unnecessary applications:

For Android

Step 01. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your Android device.

Step 02. Find the Close All option from the bottom of the screen and then click on it.

For iPhone

Step 01. First of all tap a couple of times on the homepage of your iPhone. 

Step 02. Next, swipe each of the applications upwards of the screen to cancel each of them.

Solution 04. Log-Out And Log-In Again To Your Instagram Account

Log-Out And Log-In Again To Your Instagram Account

There are a number of negligible issues in Instagram that can result in blank screen errors which can be solved by learning how to fix Instagram’s black screen issue on iPhone and Android.

To resolve this error, try to log out of your Instagram account and then login again. Remember to memorize your login credentials like username and password before attempting this solution.

Here’s how you can resolve the blank stuck screen by logging out and in:

Step 01. Launch Instagram and go to your Instagram account.

Step 02. Click on your profile and the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 03. Head to the Setting after clicking on the Hamburger icon.

Step 04. Next, scroll down and tap on the logout button.

Step 05. After that login again to your Instagram account by giving all the required information.

Solution 05. Ensure That Power Saving Mode Is Disabled

Ensure That Power Saving Mode Is Disabled

One can turn on the power saving mode in the background in order to consume less data and battery life of your device, but are you aware that this also results in poor performance of your device causing several minor issues?

Hence, the power saving mode is enabled on your device, turn it off quickly so that your Instagram can function properly once again and stop displaying a blank screen to you.

In order to solve this issue, you are supposed to switch off the power-saving mode of your device with the help of given instructions:

For Android

Step 01. Go to the Settings application on your Android device.

Step 02. Select the battery and Device Care buttons from the Menu.

Step 03. Now turn the Power Saving Mode off.

Step 04. Or you can simply swipe down the Notification Panel and then tap off the colored Power Saving Mode switch option to switch it off.

For iPhone

Step 01. Head to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 02. Next, scroll down to select the battery option.

Step 03. Switch it off to the low power mode.

Solution 06. Reboot Your Device

Reboot Your Device

If any technical glitch is taking place in our device then the operating system gets affected quickly as a result we get to see this blank screen getting stuck on our Instagram.

Rebooting your phone can remove most of the minor glitches from your device. You need to follow the given steps to reboot your iPhone and Android:

For Android

Step 01. Long press the power button of your device for at least 2-3 seconds.

Step 02. You’ll get three options next to it, select Restart among them.

Step 03. Re-select the reboot button to confirm that you want to reboot your device.

Step 04. Long press the power button to restart your Android.

For iPhone

Step 01. Long press the side button with the volume button and then wait for the power slide button. 

Step 02. Once the power slide button appears, release both the side and volume buttons.

Step 03. Next drag the slide to power off button to the right side. Your iPhone is now in switch-off mode.

Step 04. Press and hold the side button to restart your iPhone. 

After following this process, turn your internet on and head to the Instagram app and check if the black screen issue is still taking place. If yes, then practice the next solution to know how to fix Instagram black screen issue on iPhone and Android.

Solution 07. Clear Instagram Cache

Clear Instagram Cache

Corrupted cache files might be responsible for causing the Instagram black screen error. To resolve this issue do what the given guide says:

Step 01. Open Settings app on your device and next to this open Apps option.

Step 02. Then, you’ll find the Storage Option under the App Info section, select that.

Step 03. Then from the base of the screen, select the Clear Cache option.

Solution 08. Uninstall & Reinstall Instagram

Uninstall & Reinstall Instagram

Other than your device, the problem can exist in the Instagram app itself. So, first you need to ensure that your Instagram application is updated. If not, then do so from Google Play Store or App Store.

And if you are a user of the latest Instagram version and are still facing the black screen issue on Instagram, then uninstalling and reinstalling the application is the only method left to resolve this issue.

The dedicated instructions are as mentioned:

Step 01. Long press the Instagram application icon until you see the menu on your screen.

Step 02. Next, select remove App from the given list of options if you’re an iPhone user or else directly drag the icon to the uninstall option at the top of the screen.

Step 03. Next confirm that you want the delete the app by clicking on Delete/Uninstall/OK

Step 04. After this, go to App Store/Google Play Store to reinstall the Instagram application by searching Instagram on the search bar and clicking on the lens.

Step 05. Once found the desired result click on download and then install it.

Step 06. After installing, you can open the application and login to see if the error has been resolved.

Wrapping Up

We understand how irritating this becomes when suddenly a black screen gets stuck in between scrolling through your Instagram account or logging in that too repeatedly. That’s why we have brought you some of the unbeatable and 100% working solutions, so that you can learn how to fix Instagram black screen issue on iPhone and Android.

Few of the times the error is caused because of glitches occuring at the Instagram backend and sometimes it’s because of our device. So through this blog post you will get to learn what you should do in which situation to prevent such errors from occuring.

Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box.


Q1. When I Open Instagram It’s A Black Screen Android?

Users must download and install the Instagram application in parallel and dual applications if your device has it, kindly turn on the switch for the application.

Q2. How Do I Get Rid Of Black On Instagram?

Android users can enable or disable the dark mode for Instagram. Click on your profile picture and head to your profile. Click on the Hamburger icon and go to the setting and from there click on the theme. 

Q3. Why Has My Instagram Screen Gone Black?

It generally mimics your device’s settings, if your device is in light mode, it’ll generally be white and vice versa.

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