How To Fix Keyboard Light Not Working? Try These Ultimate Fixes!

What Is A Backlit Keyboard?

Keyboard lights are a necessity nowadays if you are operating your desktop in dark or dim surroundings, but a huge number of users submitted queries that the laptop keyboard lights of their desktops are not turning on! This issue is a serious problem because you would not be able to find the desired keys on your desktop. To prevent such obstacles, let’s learn how to fix keyboard light not working altogether.

Keyboards with Backlit features are the ones that have keys with in-built LED lights beneath them. They offer a better appearance than that regular keyboards in terms of typing in dark environments. Owning a backlit keyboard on your desktop is not that rare in today’s time.

This issue may occur because of your incomplete knowledge about the keyboard settings of your desktop, but we can fix that by providing you with fixes for fixing the keyboard light not working. Keyboard backlighting is managed by in-built software. There might be multiple factors behind the ill-functioning of the backlit keyboard. 

Here, we will be describing the solutions for you all to know how to fix keyboard lights not working issues. Reasons like, hardware causes or bad software updates might cause the errors. But no worries, we will provide a number of solutions which will be enough for you to know how to fix keyboard light not working issue.

What Is A Backlit Keyboard?

It is a keyboard that includes a LED lighting system under the keys of the board. The backlit enlightens the keys, symbols, and the letters on the keys to outshine them in dark/dim surroundings or rooms. The print on the keys comes semi-transparent by default, because of which the light below the key makes the letters and symbols shine through it just as a window. 

Many times, the backlight also makes the minor gaps all around the keys shine, which then makes the entire keyboard shine. Most of the backlit keyboard lets you modify the brightness level of the keyboard. Maximum backlit keyboards impart white light from the keyboard, whereas there are many others who offer other colors too. This backlit feature is mostly found in gaming laptops. 

What Is The Need Of A Backlit Keyboard Laptop?

How To Fix Keyboard Light Not Working

So, do you have any plans to buy a laptop in the future? Well, it’s been only a few minutes and you are already obsessed with this feature, nice. There are a number of factors to verify and cross! Processors to be gauged, hard drives to be considered and displays to be evaluated. 

And it’s not even the artistic stuff. You need to make sure, if you are wishing to influence trusties in your next presentation, then this backlit keyboard is a must for you to look professional. 

How To Check If Your Laptop Has A Backlit Keyboard?

This can be made sure by checking your keyboard physically or by reaching out to your seller for inquiry. The main reason behind this is that even keyboards in the most popular and high-tech laptops might not have a backlit keyboard because of inserting other features in place of it.

Or else, you can look for the illumination symbol on the F10, F6, or the right arrow key, to verify if your laptop is equipped with the backlit keyboard and if none of the above keys contains one, then consider your laptop’s keyboard doesn’t have this feature.

How To Fix Keyboard Light Not Working Issue?

How To Fix Backlit Keyboard Not Working Issue?

While operating your laptop in dim light you can enable the backlit keyboard function of the keyboard. This will prevent the darkness from affecting your typing speed and will help you do your work smoothly. Although sometimes, a few factors affect the feature causing hurdles in functioning and operating. 

If the same is happening with you, read the below ways on how to fix keyboard light not working issues to resolve the issue:-

1. Verify Whether The Keyboard Application Exists

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Enter Backlit Keyboard in the Search field, here you will see the Backlit Keyboard Settings.
  3. Cross verify whether the keyboard backlit is on or not.

2. Press The Keyboard Shortcut

  • Long press on the Function key (Fn) from the left side of your keyboard and then hit the Spacebar.
  • Tap on the F12 key.
  • Next, press the F5 key along with the key having the backlit icon on it. 

3. Troubleshoot Your Keyboard

  • Launch the Control Panel and head to Troubleshooting.
  • Select View All option after which all the troubleshooters will come-up on your screen.
  • Look for the Keyboard in the list, and once found, hit it.
  • A scanning will be done just after that on your screen, and all the keyboard errors will be fixed.

4. High The Lighting Of The Backlit Keyboard

  • Enter the Control Panel.
  • Head to the Windows Mobility Center.
  • Steer to a Keyboard Backlit Window will pop up. Select On below the Keyboard Lighting. 
  • To modify the keyboard brightness, click either Dim or Bright option.
  • Tap OK to secure the changes made.

So here we are, with all the solutions that can let you know how to fix keyboard light not working issues. 

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for the guide on how to fix keyboard light not working issues.

Keyboard backlit not working is a common phenomenon nowadays. That ends up making every desktop user confused. Many keyboards allow their system to automatically toggle on the keyboard backlit feature ON, depending on the surrounding, whether bright or dim. Although, You do not need to be scared of it. In the above post, we have talked about every single factor of this issue and its solution along with the issues that may arise because of the same. 


Q1. How Can One Reset Their Keyboard Light?

Ans. To reset the light of your keyboard :

  1. Detach your keyboard from the system.
  2. Long press on the ESC key in that same state.
  3. Attach the keyboard back into the system in the same state.
  4. After a couple of seconds, release the ESC key.

And you are done.

Q2. What Is The Fn Key? What Does It Mean?

Ans. This Fn key is responsible for Function of your keyboard. Fn enables the secondary purpose of other keys on the keyboard. 

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