Instagram Safety Tools For Parents | What You Need To Know?

Instagram Safety Tools For Parents

Being one of the most extensively used social media applications, Instagram is popular among teenagers and youngsters. Along with its popularity come the negativities that can affect your kids mentally or emotionally. And, to be able to keep checking on your children, Instagram has set in motion some Instagram Safety Tools for parents.

Instagram, an app owned by Meta, now has a new feature which it has named the “Family Center” on Instagram. As it has become really hard to control our children’s social media usage, it had become really necessary to introduce new features on Instagram to help parents keep checking how their child’s social media life is going on. And, keeping the same thing in mind, Instagram has led to the release of its new features specially designed for parents who want to assure the safety of their children. 

The new safety tools for parents on Instagram help them to control what their child will be able to view and what not? These parental controls will prove quite useful as parents will be able to know almost everything going on in their child’s Instagram account. 

What Are The Features Of Instagram Family Center?

Family Center on Instagram is the core of all the safety tools designed for parents to take control of what their children can see and do on their Instagram. Through these safety features on Instagram, there will be transparency on what the youngsters are doing on Instagram which will help parents take all the necessary precautions accordingly. 

Here are some of the important features of these Safety tools on Instagram.

  1. Through the new Safety Tools on Instagram, parents will be able to monitor the amount of time their children are spending using the Instagram application. They can also set up the usage limit for their kids on Instagram. 
  2. Parents will also be able to find out the users their children have followed. 
  3. The safety tools for parents will also allow the parents to find out all the users their children are being followed by. 
  4. If their children have reported any account on Instagram, parents will receive a notification about that too. 

Things You Need To Know About The Instagram Safety Tools For Parents

There are certain things abot Instagram Safety Tools for Parents that you need to be aware of before using the Family Center features on Instagram. 

  1. These safety tools have been specifically designed for parents whose kids fall in the age range of 13 to 17 years. In case your child is younger, you should simply delete your child’s Instagram account as he/she is not meeting up with the terms of service of Instagram. If they are in the mentioned age group, then you can set up these parental controls. 
  2. Moreover, in order to be able to use the parental controls on Instagram, you need to have your own Instagram account as well. So, in case you don’t have any, create one. 
  3. These special features of parental control have currently been rolled out in the US only. People from other countries will not be able to have access to these tools. 

How To Activate Instagram Safety Tools For Parents?

If you want to use the features of the new safety controls on Instagram to keep an eye on your teenage child’s activities on Instagram.

  1. Sign in to your kid’s Instagram account. Go to the profile page and tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the page. 
  2. From the menu that appears, tap on Settings
  3. Select the “Supervision” option from there and send a supervision request to the account that you own.
  4. Now check your Instagram account. You will have received a notification for the supervision request that you sent from your child’s Instagram account. Accept the request.
  5. Now your child’s Instagram account has been linked to your account. On your account, you can go to settings> supervision option, and there you can make all the changes and have a look at all the things happening in your child’s Instagram account.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for the Instagram Safety Tools for parents.

The introduction to the safety tools on Instagram is a great initiative by Meta in order to help parents keep an eye on their children. Although there are not many features available yet, Instagram will soon improvise the tools and make it further easier for parents. This is just the start. Meta will soon imply these features to its other applications as well and will make these tools accessible globally. Meta is already planning to launch these tools on Meta’s VR platform in the month of May. so, there’s a lot more to see in the coming months. 

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