How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working | 5 Fixes To Try Out!

How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working

Errors are actually very frustrating when you watch your favorite shows on Kodi genesis, isn’t it? It can become troublesome coz it is difficult to find the actual cause of the problem. With these errors showing up, you will not be able to watch your shows at peace. Urrrgghhh!! No worries, you need not get angry, here’s a post on How to fix Kodi genesis not working which will help you.

Kodi is a one-stop service that can be used on your smartphones, tablet, PC. This service has won many hearts of the people and has many millions of users. Moreover, this is a self-proclaimed ultimate entertainment center and tops the list which was launched 19 years ago.

So, if you want to know How to fix Kodi genesis not working, then you have come to the right place. Well, there are many reasons why you may face the issues with Kodi genesis. Since these causes are not specific you can try out some of the fixes. For instance, using a VPN, updating the add-on, trying to update or reinstall the Kodi app, etc.

Well, the fixes have been discussed below in deets. So, check them out as they will surely help you to fix the Kodi and genesis, not working issues. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Why Is Kodi Genesis Not Working? 

How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working

Well, there might be many reasons why you are facing Kodi issues. It could be that your Kodi has crashed while loading. Your add-ons are not getting deleted. You are facing problems with hardware acceleration. Moreover, there could be a buffering problem in Kodi, video stuttering.

You may face a black or blank screen while you use Kodi. Your Kodi may freeze while playback. You may see that your add-ons don’t work on the add-ons. Your video may stutter while you stream on HD and 4K.

How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working?

Now, that you have read the possible problems that cause this issue, it’s time to discuss How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working, which will help you to fix your issue.

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1.    Use A VPN With Kodi

How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working

The first step on How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working, is to use the best VPN. VPNs are used to hide illegal streaming from any user’s internet service provider (ISP). Besides that, when you use the VPN, it can actually serve as a great advantage for you. Do you know why? Coz you can work on the official streaming sources. Most of the time the servers and the sources have been geographically blocked. This means that there are some apps that have been restricted in some places by the ISPs. This in return results in the add-ons not working.

In such a situation VPNs come really handy as it helps to hide your IP address and at the same time will help to enable the users to access the servers from all over the world. So, if you see that your genesis is not working because of geo blockage, then you can use the VPN to resolve this issue.

2.    Clear The Cache And Provider Of The Add-On

How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working

If you see that your Kodi genesis is not working or if you face any display problems, then you can try to clear your cache when your Android applications stop working or display errors. Well, a cache is the storage space where this data is temporarily in store. It will help in loading the information quickly. When you clear the cache of the add ons, it will help to resolve the problem such as buffering, errors, etc. you will be able to clear the cache and source of genesis with the help of the given steps:

  1. First, go to my add-ons, from the add-on option on Kodi’s main screen.
  2. Now, click on the video add-ons.
  3. Next, you have to go to the genesis and then, tap on the tools from the given options.
  4. Click on the clear cache and then choose yes from the options.
  5. Tap on clear providers and choose yes from that same list.

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3.    Update The Add On

Update The Add On

There are many cases when the add-ons are not updated to its latest version and suddenly stops working. This in turn leads to Kodi genesis not working issue. Hence, it is better that you check whether the genesis is on its latest version or not. If you see that it is not updated, then update it.

If you want then you can even uninstall the add-on and then again install the updated version that is available. After you have installed again, see whether you are getting the same error or not. If you are not getting it, then you can go ahead and watch your shows.

4.    Update Or Reinstall The Kodi App

Update Or Reinstall The Kodi App

There are times when the Kodi app can itself be the cause for all the issues that you are facing. Hence, you can try to update the app if it is not in its latest version. Now, see if the problem is solved or not. If you still see that the issue is not fixed, then you can uninstall the app and then install it again. If you want then you can even reset the app by going to the app settings and then deleting the data. You can even reset the app by installing all your add-ons repositories and skins all over again.

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5.    Install The Add-On From The Different Repository

How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working

It could be that you are facing this issue because of some bug in the genesis add-on. So, you can try to install it from a different repository. You can try pout this step if you are not able to find the updated version from the repository that you have downloaded the add-on. When you do so you might get a bug-free genesis to add on which has the latest update. The repositories that have the genesis add-ons are:

  1. Kodil repository
  2. Kodi UKTV repository
  3. Super repository.

Download and then install the genesis add-on from any of the given repositories that you have used before and then see if it works or not. And that’s How To Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working.

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Wrapping Up:

This is How to fix Kodi genesis not working. You can try to fix these issues with the help of the fixes that we have mentioned above. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Genesis Of Kodi?

Well, genesis is the add-on of Kodi that has a simple interface along with different categories of content. It is a very famous add-on then might stop working for the time being. Now, that this is back and has regained its popularity again. This add-on can work with Amazon Fire TV.

Q. How To Install Kodi Pulsar?

A few other great multi-source Kodi add-on that will replace genesis is Kodi pulsar.

  1. To install the pulsar, go to the system, followed by file manager. Then, click on the add source option and then tap on none on your Kodi system.
  2. Now, you have to add the URL from where you will be able to download the zip file for the add-on.
  3. Here you will find the URL that you need to add.
  4. Type that and then click on it once it’s done. Then you will be able to install that zip from the add-on section where its source will be named something like fusion.

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