How To Fix Meta Quest App Crashing? 3 Easy And Effective Fixes

How To Fix Meta Quest App Crashing

Playing games on your VR headset can be amazing until the Meta app keeps crashing! To prevent your mood from getting spoiled, learn how to fix Meta Quest app crashing the easiest way possible. 

The Meta Quest app is of great use! It allows you to browse and buy VR games from the Quest Store to be played on your VR headset. But what if the Meta Quest app starts crashing continuously and does not let you perform any of these activities? Not good, right? Learn how to fix Meta Quest app crashing and not let such minor experiences spoil your gaming experience. Don’t let the Meta Quest 2 app crashing on startup affect your mood!

How to fix Meta Quest app crashing: Access the Oculus menu, update software, charge the headset, hard reboot and factory reset are a few of the fixes that you can try to get rid of the Meta Quest app crashing again and again. Find the rest of the details in the below-mentioned sections. 

This article helps users out with instructions for how to fix Meta Quest app crashing and the root causes that make the Meta Quest app crash frequently. Find how you can get rid of the Meta Quest 2 app crashing on startup.

How To Fix Meta Quest App Crashing?

If you are also encountering the Meta Quest 2 app crashing on startup, then pay attention, we have something useful for you down there!

Recently it was reported too frequently by the Meta Quest users that the app has been found crashing more than often. This issue is taking place in almost every Roku, Panasonic TV, Android, iOS, Windows 10, Samsung TV, FireStick and others. The sudden crashing of the Meta Quest app is preventing users from installing apps from the Quest Store and playing them. If you also have the question “why the Meta Quest app is crashing” or “how to fix Meta Quest app crashing” then keep reading to get answers to your questions.

Find the below-mentioned solutions for how to fix Meta Quest app crashing and follow each of them:

Fix 01: Access The Oculus Menu

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that a few times, accessing the Oculus menu, even if the app is crashing can help you in getting rid of the black screen or the app crash! However, this trick won’t work if the VR headset is turned on, but still, you can give it a try! 

Press the Menu button from the left sidebar and then the Oculus button on the right side! This will launch the menu. Now try loading an application. Usually, the error should get addressed, but if it doesn’t, follow the next fix!

Fix 02: Update Software

Running outdated software can make the app crash; hence, you will not be able to access the app for the next couple of hours if you don’t try to fix this issue. A software update is all the Quest app needs. The previous version of the software might be containing a bug because the app crashed.

Launch the Oculus menu and head to “Quick Settings”, and tap on the Settings option. After that, select “Software Update” and allow the Quest to browse and install updates. Make sure you are giving the Quest to download the updates completely and aren’t pausing the process in between!

Fix 03: Charge The VR Headset

Charging your headset instantly is the best thing one can do how to fix Meta Quest app crashing. A headset in a low battery state can lead to the app crashing, a black screen, a grey screen or a complete shutdown!

Just plug your Quest into its charger and allow the headset to charge completely. If the battery doesn’t charge, then get either your headset or the charger checked! If the problem still persists even after this, then hop on to the next fix!

Fix 04: Hard Reboot

A hard reboot is an ultimate fix for all of your problems like a black screen, grey screen, the Meta Quest 2 app crashing on startup etc. Long press the power button for a couple of seconds which will eventually shut down the Oculus Quest entirely.

Let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then turn it back on by long pressing the power button. This will remove all the minor glitches, like the screen getting stuck or the Meta Quest app crashing.

Fix 05: Factory Reset

This is the last thing one can do how to fix Meta Quest app crashing to wipe all the glitches off of the software. This will delete all your saved data, installed apps, preferences, files, folders, and basically everything! 

But if nothing works out, then it’s the only option that can help you get rid of all the Meta Quest glitches. To factory reset, long press both power and volume buttons altogether until the Menu appears on the Oculus Quest. As soon as it does, move around the menu with the volume button and select the Factory Reset option. Tap on the Power button for confirmation. This will take around 10-20 minutes or even more to work based on the cache of your software.

Now download all the apps again and login to your account. Now the Meta Quest 2 app crashing on startup must have been resolved for sure!

If you need such useful fixes for other glitches like black or grey screens then read the below-mentioned articles. They will help you with detailed guides!

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Wrapping Up

The Meta Quest app has been found crashing more than often nowadays, bothering the users with poor performance. In order to relieve users and help them with how to fix Meta Quest app crashing, we have rolled out this detailed guide, where we have explained fixes through which you can get rid of the Meta Quest 2 app crashing on startup.

Let us know your thoughts on the Meta Quest app’s performance and suggestions in the comment section below! Queries and doubts are most welcome!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why Is My Meta Quest Not Working?

Look for updates and install the latest version if available. Restart your phone and access the Meta Quest app with a gap of at least 10 minutes, or you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app back again from the App Store.

Q. How Do I Fix The Crashed Oculus Quest?

How to fix Meta Quest app crashing:
Disable headset
Uninstall and reinstall the Meta Quest app
Reboot headset
Factory reset

Q. How Do I Stop VRChat Quest From Crashing?

How to stop VRChat Quest from getting stuck on screen: Verify game files, reset your avatar, update Windows & Drivers, and use VPNs.

Q. Why Is My Oculus App Not Working?

In order to fix the Oculus PC app: Head to and find the Oculus Rift S, and hit the download Software button. Select the Repair option and hit the Yes button confirmation, and done!

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