How To Fix Quick Start Not Working? 4 Best Ways!

How To Fix Quick Start Not Working

If you have been facing trouble while working because of Quick Start not working issue then let’s get it fixed today by exploring how to fix quick start not working in today’s session.

Well, many of you have been reporting the malfunctioning of the Quick Start function in your iPhones for the past couple of weeks. It may make daily tasks like sharing documents and media files more difficult. This feature is causing problems in transferring the data in the latest iPhone 14 series as of now. If you have been wondering how to fix quick start not working then the solution is here in this article. So, if you are holding an iOS 14 set, then pay attention! Because this is gonna be of great use to you.

How to fix quick start not working: Download And Run iToolab FixGo > Fix Now > Connect iOS and Computer > Select Folder > Download > Repairing > Restarting > Disconnect Device And Computer. That’s all you need to do to fix Quick Start not working. Read more for details.

If you pre-booked an iOS 14 for yourself in excitement then hold on! Cuz here is something you need to know. First of all you have to set your base up to transfer all the data and files to your new device. But that can be a little problematic! As the other iPhone users are reporting that Quick Start is not working properly on iOS 14. Don’t panic, we will help you in how to fix quick start not working.

How To Fix Quick Start Not Working?

iPhone 6,7, X, XR, 11, 12, 14 are not coping well with their Quick Start feature lately. But if you own one and are in need to transfer any data to another device then hold one a minute because we have brought you a detailed guide on how to fix quick start not working. But before that we meet to know why is this actually happening? Why is your device not supporting the feature or vice versa? 

Basically, transferring data from the previous iPhone to a latest one through Quick Start is pretty simple. Although, if you ever accessed an iPhone 14 Quick Start not working issue then the primary reason can be its weak connection.

Other than that, the first thing that should bother you is minimising the distance between both of the devices and seeing if the problem still persists or not. Moreover, there also can be internal system errors with your old iPhone which is still hidden.

Here are some of the easy and straightforward solutions through which you can learn how to fix quick start not working and get rid of it! 

Method 1. Fix Quick Start Not Working With iToolab FixGo

If you are getting a fishy vibe that there’s something going wrong with your device’s internal system making the Quick Start not functioning properly, then getting it fixed with an expert could be a little expensive for you! Although, if you want to repair the iPhone Quick Start not working issue without a big fat bill on your name then we’d recommend you to install iToolab FixGo app. This software will make an old iPhone device as fresh and brand new as a new one.

Apart from fixing Quick Start, the software can fix more than 200 heavy errors occurring at the system’s end like Boot Loop, Update Failure, Frozen Screen and many more. Additionally, it will finish the task without causing any harm to the data and file stored in your iPhone.

If you don’t know how to fix quick start not working through iToolab FixGo then follow the given instructions carefully:

Step 01: Download and install iToolab FixGo software on your Mac/Windows system and launch it.

Step 02: Now, select the Standard Mode and move forward by clicking on the Fix Now button.

Step 03: After that, link your Mac/Windows with your iPhone  and select a Folder in which you want to download the microcode for the iPhone/iPad on your Mac/Windows.

Step 04: At last, click on the download button and wait for it to download and unload completely. 

After that your device will be repaired by default in the recovery mode. Once you complete the entire process till here, your iPhone will go under restarting mode. 

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After which you are supposed to detach or unlink both the iPhone and computer devices and try transferring the data with the help of Quick Start.

Method 2. Fix Quick Start Not Working On iPhone\iPad

If you don’t find iToolab FixGo as your go to solution, then you can follow these instructions for how to fix quick start not working on your iPhone issue. 

First make sure that both of your devices are up to date to iOS 16 or later or iPads 13.4. Both the devices should be updated to iOS 16 at least for Quick Start to function like new. In the case of iPads, their systems should be updated to iPadOS 13.4 or later. If you haven’t updated your iOS or iPadOS, then just navigate to the Settings app and hit the General button. Next, click on the Software Update option and install the latest one.

  1. Enable Bluetooth On Both Of Your iPhones

You must turn on the Bluetooth of both of your devices to switch on Quick Start! Or else, you will keep thinking why the Quick Start is not functioning in your device.

  1. Shuffle The Lightning Cables

If you are making use of a lightning cable to transfer data from one iPhone to another and still facing the Quick Start not working issue, then there might be some problem with the USB cable or lightning adapter. 

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In such situations, you can try switching to a completely different cable or adapter to transfer files from one to another device.

  1. Restart Your iOS Device

Restarting your device just solves the issues for most of the users. You just need to long press the power button to restart the iPhone. If you are using an iPhone X, 11 or 13 then you need to long press the power and volume down button at the same moment to restart the devices.

How To Use Quick Start On iPhone Properly?

How To Fix Quick Start Not Working?

Many of the times people use a few features wrong and end up messing with the system entirely. Turning on the Quick Start on your new iPhone 13 is pretty simple. You will get the instructions for the same in the below section: 

Place Both Sets Close > Turn On Devices > Connect Both Devices > Continue > Enter Password > Set Up Touch Or Face ID > Data  Backup > Recover Data 

Step 01: Place both the new and the old iPhone close to each other and turn them On.

Step 02: When you find the Quick Start screen on the old iPhone screen, connect the latest iPhone with the old iPhone device’s Apple ID.

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Step 03: Now, click on the Continue button and enter the Password after the device finds another new one to pair up with.

Step 04: After that, you are supposed to set up a Touch ID or Face ID on the new iPhone.

Step 05: At last, navigate through the old iPhone’s backup data, iCloud or iTunes to recover every little data that you had in the old iPhone device to the new one.

Wrapping Up

There are a couple of methods for how to fix quick start not working that we have mentioned in detail in our post for your help that can instantly resolve the Quick Start not working issue. The methods that are explained above won’t cause any damage to your device or the data stored in it.

Although there can be a few internal system glitches that can still interrupt Quick Start feature from functioning properly and transferring data from your iPhone. You can save yourself by going through this situation again by making use of iToolab FixGo software and following the other solutions given by us.

Deasilex hopes that you found what you were looking for in this article. If there’s anything you feel like sharing with us, then feel free to drop it down below!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Is Quick Start Not Working?

If you have an iPhone X/14 in which Quick Start isn’t working properly, then you need to make sure that both the devices are operating on iOS 11 or later. So, head to the Settings app on both the iOS devices and click on the General tab. Next, click on the Software Update button and look of there is any update available to download and install.

Q. How To Turn On Quick Start On My ipad?

Long press the Power button at the top right side of the phone until the Apple logo appears  on the screen. At last you will find Hello in multiple languages. Then you have to click on the phone button in the bottom center of the iPad to start setting up.

Q. How Do I Activate Apple Quick Start?

Ensure that the current iOS is connected to WiFi and the Bluetooth is turned on, on your device. For this, place both the devices close to each other and follow the prompted instructions on the device screen.

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