How To Fix Snapchat Error Saying Could Not Record Video? 7 Easy Fixes!

How To Fix Snapchat Error Saying Could Not Record Video

Snapchat is famed due to its snap and video recording feature. But what if the only feature that made it popular doesn’t work. Learn how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms where users exchange their real-time snaps and videos. But sometimes because of bugs and internal errors this action cannot be made possible even after hundreds of tries. So, in order to make you learn how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video, we have 7 super easy and effective fixes for you below!

To fix Snapchat error saying could not record video, Check Snapchat server status, free storage, update app, clear cache, uninstall and reinstall app, and switch internet source. Find the details in the section mentioned below!

This blog post summarizes 7 easy ways for how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video. So if you are looking for ways to save your Snapchat lens and start recording videos like before then this article is a must for you! Read.

How To Fix Snapchat Error Saying Could Not Record Video?

Snapchat app comes in first place when we talk about influential social media apps! There are a huge number of factors that keep Snapchat as the user’s go-to social media app for interaction and communication! But as we all know, no social media is perfect, smooth or bug free forever! Snapchat also gets bothersome when bugs attack or some internal glitches take place resulting in an improper and disturbed performance at the user’s end!

Such errors mostly affect the video recording process where users are unable to record one and see an error. If you don’t want this to happen again whenever you record a video then learn how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video. But first, let’s see why this error comes or what are the potential causes of this error! 

Why Error “Could Not Record Video” Occur?

Being a Snapchat user and facing this issue every time you start recording a video must have made you think why is this happening or how to fix the Snapchat error saying could not record a video, if yes, then don’t worry! You are not the only one suffering, there are many! And for the sake of you all, we have filtered and presented you the most common reasons why this error pop-up on your Snapchat screen.

01: CPU Overload

CPU overload can be one of the external factors causing the “could not record video” on Snapchat. The reason behind the CPU getting overloaded is that you might be running multiple programs and apps while accessing Snapchat on your Android’s background. It’s pretty usual with people and it’s not something you need to worry about! All you need to do is take exit from all the other apps that you are running in the background. 

02: Bug Attack

Bugs are the most common and major reason why Snapchat lags in feature functioning. Mostly, bugs attack the tool without being noticed by anyone and as soon as one notices, the matter gets extended by then! However, bugs are coding errors caused by minor mistakes, they can still be pretty problematic for your software. 

In order to gain a smooth operating experience, you have to resolve this error as soon as possible!

03: Unknown Glitches

Glitches are uncertain mishappenings occurring with the application. However, glitches are also one of the error codings which are usually hectic to crack! One has to make sure that the app in their devices is glitch-free. In case, if the camera feature of the app consists of any glitch then your camera won’t be able to perform the way it should! 

04: Outdated Versions

Accessing outdated versions of the software can be one of the reasons why the features of the app are not working or are crashing mid-way! So, updating your app time-to-time would be the best idea to get rid of the Snapchat error saying could not record video!

So, these were a few of the potential causes of Snapchat’s error saying could not record video, now it’s time to learn how to fix Snapchat’s error saying could not record video. Let’s take a look at the fixes for the same!

How To Fix Snapchat Camera Not Recording?

Due to the high number of reports regarding the Snapchat error saying could not record video, we have detailed a number of effective fixes in the sections below that can help Snapchat users resolve this issue as soon as possible. Follow each instruction carefully for how to fix the Snapchat error saying could not record a video!

Fix 01: Turn The Microphone Off And Back On 

The first factor that you need to make sure of while recording a video in Snapchat is if the microphone is properly working or not! If you find any issue with the microphone then turn it off and back on and then try recording video for once. Also, make sure that you are not recording the video with your device in silent mode.

Because the microphone is disconnected from the app can make the video recording without background audio or sometimes can entirely disable the camera and won’t let the video record. To make sure this doesn’t happens, check the video settings and enable the sound if it wasn’t already.

Fix 02: Check Snapchat Server Status

Snapchat might be experiencing this error saying “could not record video” due to its official server being down at the management’s end. Server down is not a direct factor affecting the video recording feature of the app but still, it has a direct link to its server from your device. This means, if the Snapchat server goes down then the app installed on your device may experience issues and glitches like the video won’t record.

To confirm if the server is the only reason, you can navigate through the Downdetector and see if Snapchat’s server is facing any technical issues. If yes, then sit back and wait for it to resolve on its own because there is nothing that you can help with in this case.

Fix 03: Free Up Storage Space

If your device is running low on storage then this can play a big role in preventing Snapchat in your device from recording videos any further. You need to clear unaccessed files, large files, or unwanted media stored in your device to resolve the lack of storage issue and start recording videos on Snapchat once again. 

If your Snapchat is overflowing with memories including snaps and videos then you need make some space for the new ones by deleting the unnecessary memories in the app.

Fix 04: Update Snapchat App

Updating the software or apps installed in your device helps you keep all the tools away and free from bugs and glitches. So, if you find an updated version of Snapchat on either the Settings app or the Play or App Store then download one instantly! The app developers simultaneously keep launching updates of the apps to fix bugs and major/minor issues in the app.  

So, if you wanna know how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video, then just download and install an updated version of Snapchat and then try recording a video through it! You will succeed for sure! Follow the below given instructions to update the current version of Snapchat in your device:

Google Play Store > Snapchat > Update > Install > Open Snapchat

Step 01: Launch Google Play Store app on your device and search for Snapchat. Once results appear, click on the icon and open the app.

Step 02: From the next page, click on the green Update button and allow it a couple of minutes to download. Once it gets downloaded, launch the app and try recording a video.

NOTE: You can also set your app on Auto-Update so that the app may get updated itself without bothering you.

Fix 05: Clear Snapchat Cache

If you are using Snapchat for a long time and haven’t cleared the cache from a long time on your device then you are doing nothing but contributing to and increasing the issue. Every app, especially social media apps stores your cookies and caches for you to access later which at a point in life gets piled up and creates a huge bunch altogether and causes glitches and errors like could not record video on Snapchat.

Clearing cache can be done to enhance your experience and make it seamless with Snapchat. Although, if you don’t clear data on a regular basis then start doing now only, or else you will be inviting not only one but multiple errors which can then affect the app’s performance like it’s doing now! Follow the below given steps to clear Snapchat cache on your device:

Settings > Apps > Search > Snapchat > Clear Cache

Step 01: Launch the Settings App on your device and navigate through the App Section. 

Step 02: Next, search for Snapchat under the Apps tab, and once found, click on it.

Step 03: After opening Snapchat under the apps section, click on the Clear Cache button and confirm your action if asked.

Fix 06: Uninstall And Reinstall Snapchat App

Sometimes even updates cannot fix the in-app glitches causing malfunctioning of the app’s features and resulting in poor performance. In such cases, giving the app a fresh-start is the best way to fix bugs or resolve errors. Reinstalling apps in your device can help eliminate issues in the app and can make the features work like before!

To resolve the issue, just delete or uninstall the Snapchat app from your device depending on the OS that you are using, whether iOS or Android. And then download the app once again from the Play Store and install it successfully. Once done, Sign In through your account and try recording a video! If successful, the well and good and if not then switch to the next fix.

Fix 07: Switch Internet Connection

Most of the time the internet is found out to be the guilty factor causing all of the errors in the app including the Snapchat error saying could not record video. So if you are accessing your mobile data or any WiFi then make sure that the connection is strong enough to support the app functioning. If it’s not, then try to switch the WiFi or the mobile data off and wait for a couple of seconds and then turn it back on and see if the video is being recorded or not!

If it still doesn’t work then switch to WiFi from mobile data or vice versa and then try to record video through the Snapchat app. This can be an effective way to resolve any issues going on with your internet source. 

As, in most of cases if a user is accessing their mobile network then their service provider goes down in case of facing difficulties which can be fixed by going for a stable and strong WiFi connection. Or you can also reboot your internet connection or restart your WiFi router if the problem still persists. 

Another reason for Snapchat error saying could not record video is because the internet can be of slow speed which then might be a barrier preventing the app from connecting. We would suggest you to conduct an internet speed test and see if the internet that you are accessing is fast enough or not!

And if you think that the Snapchat in your phone is consuming too much data then you can turn on Data Saver mode to save some data. If you have no idea how to do so, then follow the below given instructions:

Snapchat > Login > Profile > Settings > Additional Services > Manage > Enable Data Server

Step 01: Launch the Snapchat app on your device and Login to your account with your authentic credentials.

Step 02: Now, click on your bitmoji at the top-left corner of the screen and head to your Snapchat Profile page.

Step 03: From the profile page, click on the Settings icon and scroll down to Additional Services. Once found click on it!

Step 04: From there tap on the Manage button and then click on the Enable Data Server button and done!

Now you have successfully enabled Data Saver for Snapchat. It won’t consume much data now!

NOTE: Turning on the Data Saver mode for Snapchat can make Snapchat take more time in loading data and content like filters, snaps, memories etc. 

And those were the 7 effective ways for how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video. If you have any other Snapchat related query, then find their fixes and solutions in advance through the below mentioned articles!

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is popular because of its fun snap and video sharing feature which lasts either for 24 hours or until the receiver views them! But what if the only feature that makes Snapchat one of the best platforms won’t work? Not good right? But that’s exactly what’s happening around! Many of the Snapchat users are found reporting that their Snapchat is facing some error saying could not record video! If you are also one of them and are trying to find ways for how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video, then this might be the place where you can ever be! As this guide explains the factors like low storage, piled up cache, outdated app etc causing this error along with their 7 best fixes. 

Deasilex hopes that this guide on how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video has helped you in getting rid of this error. We will be looking forward to your suggestions, reviews and doubts in the comment section below. Don’t forget to drop one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Snapchat Saying I Can’t Record A Video?

There can be a number of reasons causing the Snapchat error saying “could not record video” including multiple apps running in background, cache, low storage, poor internet, outdated app etc. learn different ways for how to fix Snapchat error saying could not record video and reverse the error.

Q. How Do I Fix My Recording On Snapchat?

You can clear cache to fix Snapchat saying “video could not record” this also enhances your experience and makes it seamless with Snapchat. Although, if you don’t clear data on a regular basis then start doing now only or else you will be inviting not only one but multiple errors which can then affect the app’s performance like it’s doing now.

Q. Does Snapchat Have A Recording Limit?

One can record videos for 60 seconds max to max at once by long pressing on the camera shutter button. Once the circle completes at 6, consider your 1 minute long video recorded successfully! Go and save it!

Q. Does Snapchat Block Screen Recording?

Unfortunately, yes. If Snapchat finds anyone screen recording someone else’s snaps or stories, then it will immediately let the poster know about the recording by displaying a double green arrow next to your name in the story view list.

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