How To Download Meta Quest App?

How To Download Meta Quest App

What more a lover of games can ask for, than a VR device? When the device is Meta Quest itself, then you probably don’t need anything else. Just select your favorite game from its large library, head it on, and launch yourself into the world of reality which is virtual we say but still way ahead of its time. To experience this you surely need to understand how to download Meta Quest app.

Meta quest has been launched by Facebook Research Laboratories. It has been breaking all boundaries since then because it’s limitless. It gives you a ride that you can’t disconnect from for many hours to come. Great devices like Meta Quest come with great complexities also, but once you understand them and their features and properties, then you can easily use them however you want to. So, don’t limit yourself, they are devices after all, and you don’t need a lifetime to understand them like humans.

To download Meta Quest App, go to the Meta App download page > Meta Quest app > Download > Download folder > Open Oculus setup > Get started > Terms and Conditions > Agree > Select drive > Install now > Run app > Login with Meta Quest account.

In this article, we will help you with the complete process of how to download Meta Quest app for PC, Mac, Windows, Phone, and Tablet. Read the full article to avoid any confusion and try the process broken into simple steps. We hope you get the information you need and enjoy playing with your new VR device. Come, Let’s start with the process of downloading Meta Quest app.

How To Download Meta Quest App?

In this simple and easy-to-understand guide, we will proceed with different devices. To put it another way, we will guide you in different sections for PC, Mac, Windows, Phone, and Tablet for the process of how to download Meta Quest app. This will just avoid any confusion and make the whole process smooth. We will start with PC, which will be followed by Mac, Windows, Phone, and Tablet. Okay, so let’s give it a go now.

How To Download Meta Quest App on Windows PC?

Meta has made the whole process very easy so that any user can start using it in a single go. In order to connect your Meta Quest device to your PC, we suggest you check the basic requirements for the application to get downloaded and installed without any obstruction.

Make sure that there is 9.29 GB of free disk space on your machine. Along with this, Meta has also recommended 4th Gen Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X CPU, 8GB of RAM, and modern GPU from NVIDIA or AMD. Don’t worry, even if you have something close to the configurations mentioned then even you can run the Quest application on your PC. You just download Meta Quest app and run the installation and check.

If you are connecting through the Meta Quest link cable or with Meta Quest Air Link, you first need to download Meta Quest app. In the case of the Meta Quest Air Link, make sure that both devices are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection and that no interruption is caused.

Step: 1 

Visit the Meta app download page. Make sure that you are downloading the software from trusted sites only, to avoid any damage from malware attacks or spam and there could be many imposter applications that ask for money, be aware that the application is completely free to download and run.

How To Download Meta Quest App?

Step: 2

Find the product you are looking for, there will be many on the download page. Look for the Meta Quest application and click download. The application will start downloading in the system.

Step: 3

The software has been downloaded to your system by now. Go to the downloads folder on your computer, open the Oculus setup, and click Get Started.

Step: 4

Like any other software you install in your computer system, this will also show you an agreement with the Terms and Conditions. Read the agreement and Agree to the terms and conditions to continue.

Step: 5

Select the drive in which you want to install the software. This is totally your choice but make sure that the drive which you are selecting has enough space to accommodate the new software. You can select the drive from the dropdown which is just below the location.

Strep: 6

Click the Install Now button and wait for the installation to get completed. After the installation is complete, run the program and log in with your Meta Account, if you don’t have any yet, it’s easy and quick to create a new one.

If anytime later, you want to change the Oculus software’s location on your machine, then you need to uninstall and install the application. Change the drive at the setup page screen.

After the set-up is installed on your machine. Now, you can quickly connect your Meta quest device with your pc. Follow the below steps:

Steps To Be Followed For Completing the Meta Quest Set-up On Your Computer

Step: 1

Make sure that download is complete and if your machine is asking for a reboot then don’t delay to avoid any error.

Step: 2

After the software has been installed successfully on your computer. Click the app icon to open the app.

Step: 3

Keep the application open on your computer and avoid any interruptions from other programs running on your PC.

Steps To Be Followed For Completing the Meta Quest Set-up On Your Meta Quest Headset

Step: 1

Head on to the Meta Quest device and turn it on. Please make sure that your VR Headset is fully charged.

Step: 2

On the right side of your headset, press the Touch Controller to bring up the universal menu on the screen.

Step: 3

On the left side of the Universal Menu, click over the Clock icon. Quick Settings will appear on the headset screen, select it to open the Quick settings panel.

How To Download Meta Quest App

Step: 4

Now, if you see the Quick Link panel, then jump to step 8, otherwise continue with step 5.

Step: 5

After selecting the System, you need to scroll down to Quest Link.

Step: 6

You need to click on Launch Quest Link or can go to the Quick Settings menu and then try selecting Quest Link to open the Quest link dialog box.

Step: 7

You now need to enable access to the link. Select the toggle which is next to the Quest Link. 

This will enable the quest link and this must also appear in the Quick Settings Menu.

Step: 8

To use Air Link, select the toggle which is next to Use Air Link at the top of the Quest link dialog to switch to Air Link from the USB link mode.

Step: 9

Select continue after reviewing the Air Link requirements. Return back to the Quick settings menu, then on the left side click the Air link button to start pairing.

How To Download Meta Quest App

Step: 10

Look for your PC in the Available PCs list, which is showing on your headset screen. Select your PC and Select Pair.

Step: 11

A Pairing Code will show on your VR headset screen, note this code to avoid mistakes and enter this code on your computer application of Meta Quest to complete the pairing process.

Step: 12

Click Confirm from your desktop application after entering the pairing code. Put your headset back on now.

Step: 13

Select Launch from the VR headset to start accessing Air Link. 

If you are connecting for the first time then after the first pairing process, in the future you can quickly launch the Air link from the Quest link dialog. You can manage your VR headset device settings and many more things like library from your computer from now on. It’s always good to install the connecting applications of any gadgets you use on your computer, this will just make access easier.

How To Download Meta Quest App On Mac?

Well, this has remained in talks since the launch of Meta Quest. Many users have reported that they can easily connect their Meta Quest with their iPhones. But connecting the same device with their Mac is not happening with any application. Download Meta quest app for Mac is under many questions.

The one option which Meta has given to its users is the Meta Quest link cable. It’s a USB cable which enables you to connect your VR headset with your Mac. Although the options are very limited when you access your device from Mac or vice versa, still many tasks can be performed.

How To Download Meta Quest App

Who knows when Meta will come up with an application, it’s just a matter of time. A decade back from now, no one has even imagined the best possible thoughts about a device like VR Headset to which Meta has given a new definition and has added really much to the greatest invention.

How To Download Meta Quest App On Android Phone?

Have you ever imagined streaming your smartphone on a device that is way more closer to your eyes? Think about browsing your phone gallery on a VR headset and browse your photos of your last trip to Cantabria. Wow, it will really be a revisit. You can watch your favorite web series and feel like sitting next to your favorite character from it. These all are the experiences that a VR Headset gives you access to.

To experience this you need to connect your Meta Quest with your phone and for this, Meta itself has developed the application which is available at the play store. An easy link for it has been given here. You just need to simply download Meta Quest app and install it on your phone. Check if your phone is updated because an outdated version of the operating system may cause interruptions, however, Android version 5.0+ has been reportedly working fine for this. 

Meta Quest mobile application is so well designed with many features, with which you can really do wonders. Some of the features and their roles are elaborated below:

  • It keeps you notified of sales and upcoming releases.
  • You can easily buy and then remotely install VR apps.
  • Browsing your Meta Quest library, which helps you to manage the same.
  • You can customize your VR headset device’s settings and change preferences anytime. Parent control is one of the most appreciable ones among many.

How To Download Meta Quest App On iPhone?

Some of you may still think this way. It’s out of context to overlook an operating system that has driven technology to a road never taken before. Sometimes we as technology geeks, do wonder what if Steve had not visited this planet, things for the technology world would have been different and Apple would have stayed a fruit only.

How To Download Meta Quest App

It’s unaffordable for any app developer to release any application for some gadget or anything else without keeping the iOS concern as primary. It may take some time for many developers to launch an application for iOS and then launch the same for Android. It does happen because of the secure nature of Steve’s imagination. But it can never happen that there will never be any iOS supported application for any trending device. By visiting the link given here you can download an application for your iPhone as well. After installing and filling in the details you are all set to go!

How To Download Meta Quest App On Tablet?

It’s still confusing for many. No worries, when technology is escalating to new heights of achievements every other day, it’s quite common to miss many new features of any newly launched gadget. We are here always for you to guide you through all the odds and clear the clouds of complexities.

The operating system of a phone and a tablet is actually the same and belongs to the same category. It’s just the difference between some of the features and one major thing which draws the line between them is the screen size.

When tablets were launched initially, they were not supported with sim cards, which means that you can’t make calls from them. As the technology evolved many developers came up with tablets that are sim card supported. So, they are actually large-sized phones.

You just need to visit this link and download the application to your tablet and then install it. Log in with your credentials and go gaming.


Technology can never be concluded. By the time you finish reading this piece of knowledge, many more inventions have been set into motion. A successor for Meta Quest was Meta Quest 2 and its Successor is Rift S, which was launched some time ago. It’s loaded with many features and paths, which lead you straight to a place where you can satisfy your craving for gaming!!

One tip is to observe the working or operational nature of any of the gadgets you buy. This will just help you to get more familiar with the device more easily and later you can solve small issues quickly and who knows who among our readers is writing articles someday to help many to go parallel with the technology. This is only knowledge that comes with hours of proven research and experience with any technology-based application or gadget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Download Meta Quest App On LG Smart TV?

LG smart TV is an Android-based device. You just simply need to download the app from the Play store and follow the link at the top of this article. After the download is completed, log in with your credentials. Check before establishing the connection, if your TV is Chromecast supported or not.

Make sure that your TV and Meta Quest are on the same Wi-Fi network to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. 

Q2. How To Download Meta Quest App on Chromebook?

When Chromebooks were first launched in 2011, they were very limited in terms of features and functionality. Now, they stand at a greater distance from where they have started. They are still limited and may not turn the eyes of many. It’s really hard to get over the operating systems like Windows and mac and specifically when Chrome is offering less from them.

Many Chromebooks have been reported by users which do not support the Meta Quest headset because you cannot install the Meta Quest app in them. For some high-end chrome books which support the google store from where you can download Meta Quest app and connect your Chromebook with your VR headset.

Q3. What Devices Can The Quest App Use?

It’s a hit-and-trial method for many devices you intend to connect with your Meta Quest headset.

Although the developers claim that they cover a vast range of devices like smart TV, smartphones, laptops, and Chromebook along with different operating systems, many of the users have reported that it is still sometimes stuck while the connection is being established.

Just read the configurations and specifications of your Meta Quest headset and check if they support the device you are trying to connect with. Many times it happens that the device which you try to connect is either outdated with its operating system or the operating system does not support the connection. It’s always good to understand the specifications and then try to establish the connection, this will avoid any unnecessary waste of time and disappointments.

Who knows what is next in the list of VR headsets, gaming is experiencing an all-new and different era, may God bless the good gaming developers. They are always packed in their research laboratories to come up with something which has never been seen before.

Technology is not only reducing human efforts, but it’s also asking us to explore it more widely before this planet perishes. It can give us anything we want, but it needs countless number of sleepless nights and the hard efforts of the technology experts, researchers, and their community. With technology evolving, it’s also our responsibility to evolve accordingly and give wings to our dreams and create something which will be used and appreciated by many generations to follow. Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments box below, your words can only make us better!!

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