How To Fix Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen? Top 6 Easy Fixes!

How To Fix Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen

Being a Valorant must have been painful nowadays as their screens are getting stuck on loading which sucks!! No need to tolerate any more, learn how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen and you will be good to go!

Valorant is one of the much popular and most played games in the present generation. Despite of being this popular and stable, sometimes gets attacked by bugs and glitches that interrupt and hinder the app performance on the user’s end. The most recent glitch is getting stuck on loading screen. But not to worry as we know how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen which we will be sharing with you today!

Restart app, update drivers, run game as administrator, switch to stable internet connection, reinstall Valorant. These are a few of the fixes for how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen. To what to do in particular go through the details mentioned below!

This article explains how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen and reasons why this glitch occurs and how one can get rid of it! If you are done being interrupted in middle of game or are unable to even load the game then this article is for you!

How To Fix Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen?

Valorant getting stuck on loading screen as soon as you launch the game? A random bug or an anonymous glitch might be the reason behind this. Doesn’t matter how well Riot is taking things forward or is launching new updates back to back to stay bug-free! But gaming apps always have a thing that attracts such bugs, no matter what one do to keep it free from errors and issues! So, if you are also suffering from the same and are being prevented from playing the game then its a serious issue and you should look into it!

In case if you don’t know how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen or need guidance for it then here is a detailed guide on the same! We have mentioned and detailed a few potential fixes below, just go through them and get rid of Valorant stuck on loading screen!

Fix 01: Relaunch The App

How To Fix Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen?

Restarting the app is the first thing that pops into ones mind whenever they encounter any glitch and ideally this should be the first thing that one should one do! If the Valorant app shows loading for a long time, just force exit the app and cancel the app from the widgets and wait a couple of minutes and the relaunch the app on your device. This will not only give the app a fresh start but also will speed-up the process of loading the game. 

If you are using a desktop or a PC for playing Valorant then press ALT+F4 key on your keyboard altogether and will work fine from there! Now you will be able to play the game peacefully!

Fix 02: Upgrade Graphic Drivers

The stuck on loading screen in apps like Valorant can also occur because of internal software issues going on! To fix this, just make sure that the graphic drivers ad operating system that is in your device is up to date. To achieve this, update both the OS and graphic drivers instantly. Look out for pending updates and install as soon as you get any once you login to your Valorant account.

Outdated game client, drivers or Windows versions are mostly the reason behind Valorant stuck on loading screen. So, you better check all three and update them to make your experience better before coming to any conclusion. 

In minor cases, where little glitches are making the app stuck on the loading screen, Riot covers your back and solve the glitch at their end by rolling out hotfixes. 

Fix 03: Use Valorant CPU Less

A few of the times, games start using the CPU more than the actual need which brings your PC’s capacity to an end and you end up staring at the loading screen forever and it won’t end until you learn how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen.

One can fix this stucking on loading screen issue just by disabling every other program or tool using the CPU while using Valorant. But the best thing to do would be launching the Task Manager and tapping on the Details option and then right-click on Valorant and set it as number one on the priority list.

Also limiting the CPU usage would still be at first to prevent the glitch form happening again. For this you can limit your FPS to 30 from the main lobby and head back to launch the game.

Fix 04: Operate Valorant As Administrator

How To Fix Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen?

Users are frequently getting stuck on the Valorant loading screen because of the lag in the Administrative privileges. To fix this issue in the easy way you have to run the Valorant app as an administrator. Here is how you can do it:

Launch Valorant > Properties > Compatibility > Run This Program As An Administrator > Apply > OK 

Step 01: Select Valorant on your desktop or PC and select Properties after that.

NOTE: If ypu haven’t added Valorant as a shortcut on your device then launch the File Explorer and head to the executable file of Valorant. Next select Valorant and select Properties.

Step 02: From the pop-up, toggle the Compatibility option and check mark Run This Program As An Administrator.

Step 03: At last hit the Apply and OK button to save the changes made by you!

And done, now launch the Valorant app and run the game to see if the issue still exists. If yes, then hop on to the next fix. 

Fix 05: Switch To Stable Network Connection

Poor internet connection is the most common cause of all type of in-app issues. If you have an unstable internet connection, then getting stuck on the loading screen is the definite situation for you! We will suggest you to witch to a more stable and strong internet connection. If you are using mobile data then switch to a strong WiFi and if you are already accessing a WiFi then restart your network by unplugging and plugging in back the modem and router to troubleshoot the major-minor issues popping in between.

Make sure you are giving a time-gap of at least two minutes before plugging it back in. This will power supply a better and stable connection and also refresh the RAM and renew the IP address.

Moreover, you can also take help from VPN softwares to get rid of poor internet connection issues.

Fix 06: Uninstall And Reinstall Valorant App

If Valorant getting stuck on loading screen has not resolved till now even after trying all of the above given fixes then this is the only one that can help you learn how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen. You can try uninstalling and the reinstalling the Valorant gaming app back in your device and try relaunching the app and see if the problem still persists.

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Here is how you can reinstall the app on your device: 

Step 01: Press Win+S key to launch the Windows Search option and then Search for the Control Panel and launch it.

Step 02: Next, under the control panel, select View By Category from the to right corner of the screen. Once results appear, hit Uninstall.

Step 03: Under the list of installed apps and programs, look for Valorant and select it as soon as found. Now select Uninstall. Once you do this, you have to follow the on-screen prompted instructions to end the process.

Step 04: Next, select Riot Vanguard and hit the uninstall button unistall it too.

NOTE: Vanguard is an anti-cheat software installed right after Valorant by defautlt, but still you need to uninstall it by yourself seperately.

Step 05: At last, Download and Install Valorant Game once again and launch the app to play!

If it still stucking on the loading screen then we would recommend you to contact the Valorant support and seek for advice to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen.

And that’s it! That was all we had for how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen! If you are a dedicated Valorant player then you may also like reading the below suggested publishes from Deasilex.

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Wrapping Up

Getting stuck on the loading screen is one of the worst nightmares for all the Valorant players. But to prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality we have mentioned a set of 6 fixes for how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen. 

Let us know whate are your views on Valorant and which one of the above mentioned fixes worked out for you in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why MY Valorant Is Stuck?

Loading screen issues occurs only when you are accesing a weak internet connection or if the source of internet is unstable. To fix this issues we will recommend you to switch to a stable wifi connection or just restart the current one that you are using.

Q. How Can I Fix Valorant Fast?

You just need to shut all the apps and programs running in the background to fix the Valorant issues instantly. Because apps running in background interferes with the app performing primarily and also hinders the internet connection as multiple apps might need a stable connection to run at the same time which causes issues in playing valorant.

Q. How Do I Fix Valorant Stuck On One FPS?

Disable the “Instant Replay” feature of AMD Radeon as it is the main cause of getting Low Client FPS. Switching it off will automatically fix the glitch.

Q. How To Restart Riot Client?

Press ALT+F4 console or Ctrl+ALT+Del and end the Vlaorant meeting on the Task Manager. Also you can leave the client in mid, it will reset the game before sending it off and done!

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