How To Fix Video Call Option Not Available On Instagram?

How To Fix Video Call Option Not Available On Instagram

Were you feeling excited the whole day to see your loved one on video call but are disappointed on seeing the video call feature unavailable in your chat screen? Well, do not worry. We are here to explain how to fix video call option not available on Instagram.

Instagram is a great app not only for creating content, sharing posts and reels with your friends. With the app, you can also send messages, share photos, and videos, and also make use of the calling feature by making voice calls and video calls when we are unable to use any of these features, we tend to get upset. 

To fix video call option not available on Instagram, follow each other on Instagram, update the app, uninstall and reinstall the app, enable push notifications on Instagram.

If you are unable to find the video call option on your friend’s screen check whether you both follow each other. If you are still unable to fix the problem, go through the solutions that we have provided and fix video call option not available on Instagram.

How To Fix Video Call Option Not Available On Instagram?

To fix video call option not available on Instagram, grant camera and microphone access, contact customer support or wait until the feature is made available to you. 

Though there are a lot of social media platforms with the video calling feature, Instagram’s video calling is popular among youngsters as a majority of them are connected within the app. The Video call option is available to both group conversations and individual conversations. In recent times, there has been an issue going on among the users that the video call option not available on Instagram. Though there might be various reasons for this issue, we have come up with a few fixes after a lot of research and discussion with our experts. 

Fix 1: Follow Each Other On Instagram

You must follow each other on Instagram for the video chat feature to function. Simply said, you must follow the person you are attempting to video call, and the other person must follow you back. Hence, make sure that you both follow each other on the app to fix video call option not available on Instagram.

Fix 2: Update The Instagram App

Every application must be updated from time to time as new features are constantly being added to the app and existing features are improvised. So, it is necessary to update the app every now and then to enjoy all the latest features. To update the app, go to the App store and Google play store and click on the “Update” button. You can also enable the “Automatic Update” option, so that every time the app releases new updates, the update automatically takes place. Hence, by updating the app, you can fix video call option not available on Instagram. 

Fix 3: Uninstall And Reinstall The App

If the video call feature was available to you in the past and if it has suddenly become unavailable, it must be due to a bug in Instagram. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to fix video call option not available on Instagram. 

Fix 4: Enable Push Notifications On Instagram

Launch Instagram > Select the Profile icon > Click on the three horizontal lines > Go to settings > Choose Notifications > Go to messages > Select ‘From Everyone’ under video chats

Instagram push notifications are message pop-ups or alerts that appear when you have an update regarding the app’s features. Hence it is necessary to enable push notifications for video calls to get instant notifications regarding the video calling feature.

Step 1: Launch Instagram app and select the Profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: At the top-right corner of the screen, tap on the three horizontal lines or the hamburger icon.

Step 3: Go to the Settings menu.

Step 4: Choose Notifications.

Step 5: Go to the Messages section.

Step 6: Next, select ‘From Everyone’ under Video Chats.

Fix 5: Grant Permission To Access Camera And Microphone 

Go to settings > hit on Applications >  Choose Permissions > Permissions > Click on the camera and enable the Instagram toggle > Enable microphone

At the time of app installation, Instagram must have asked you for permissions for camera and microphone. With complete access to your camera and microphone, an app may possibly capture pictures or record your voice for security purposes at any moment. By following these instructions, you can quickly enable Instagram access to your camera and microphone:

On Android:

Step 1: Go to your device’s Settings and then hit on Applications.

Step 2. Choose Permissions, then select Permissions again.

Step 3. Under app permissions, tap on the camera and enable the Instagram toggle.

Step 4. Return to the app permissions and enable the microphone. Switch on the Instagram toggle.

On iOS:

Go to settings > Privacy > Choose the Camera option > Toggle the switch next to Instagram on > Click on ‘Microphone’ 

Step 1: Go to the Privacy section of your Settings.

Step 2: Choose the Camera option.

Step 3: To grant Instagram access to your camera, toggle the switch next to Instagram on.

Step 4: Similarly, under the privacy area, tap on ‘Microphone’ and make sure the toggle next to Instagram is turned on.

Fix 6: Contact Customer Support

If none of the above fixes work, the most possible reason for the issue might be due to a server related issue. You can contact the Instagram customer support and highlight the issue that you are experiencing and there are chances that the team may get back to you. 

Fix 7: Wait Until The Option Is Made Available To You

If you are unable to see the video calling feature from the moment you installed the application, it must probably be due to a backend issue. In this scenario, you have no other option than waiting patiently until the video call option is made available to you. 

Wrapping Up

It is definitely frustrating when you are about to call a person and you find the video call option missing! Relax and try out the above-mentioned fixes to fix video call option not available on Instagram before you switch over to another app. Visit Deasilex for many such informative articles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why Do I Not Have Call Option On Instagram?

Ans. You might not be able to call someone on Instagram if they don’t follow you back. If you don’t follow someone but accept a direct message from their account, they can make a video call to you.

Q2. When Did Instagram Add The Call Feature?

Ans. Instagram introduced a new function in 2018 that allows users to make video calls to one another. An Instagram video chat is an easy medium to call and communicate with your pals in real time.

Q3. Is Instagram Video Call Private?

Ans. In an end-to-end encrypted chat, the content of your messages and calls is protected from the minute they leave your device until they reach the receiver’s device. This implies that no one, even Meta, can see or hear what is communicated or stated throughout the delivery process.

Q4. How Can I Change Instagram Video Call Settings?

  • Enter full screen mode. To expand your call screen, tap in the upper right corner.
  • Change the camera and audio settings. To adjust your camera and audio settings, tap in the upper right corner.
  • Stop a video call. To end your video call, tap the button at the bottom.

Q5. Why I Can’t Video Call On Instagram Pc?

Ans. If you were using the Instagram calls feature on your PC and it suddenly stopped working, it is possible that you are running an outdated version of the software. Check to see whether this is the case, then download and install the most recent version in order to make calls.

Q6. Why Is My Instagram Video Call Black Screen?

Ans. Sometimes a fault in your device’s operating system produces the black screen error on Instagram. This temporary problem can be removed by rebooting your device.

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