How To Fix ‘You Are Being Rate Limited’ On Discord?

How To Fix ‘You Are Being Rate Limited’ On Discord

How to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord? There have recently been numerous complaints of people encountering the error message “You are being rate limited” when attempting to access channels that demand mobile authentication. The user is not permitted to repeat the text verification process after seeing this notification, which appears during the procedure.

Discord is a popular tool for making friends and, really, anyone looking to socialize with others who share their hobbies. Discord has millions of active members from all around the world. Discord may legitimately restrict account access and display a “You Are Being Rate Limited” error when and if there is a security question. But, do you know how to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord?

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve seen the Discord message “you are being rate limited” and are wondering what it means. This article walks you through the reasons why the Discord message “You are being rate limited” appears as well as how to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. 

What Causes The ‘You Are Being Rate Limited’ Error On Discord?

We decided to look into the issue after receiving numerous customer complaints, and here’s the fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord based on our findings. Additionally, we explored the cause of its triggering, and here are the findings for you.

This Discord error is brought on when a user tries to enter the text verification message more than once but the application forbids them from doing so. This is carried out as a security measure to stop users from “guessing” the verification code. Numerous “hacking” programs use various code combinations in an effort to get beyond security measures. The Discord application blocks access when you enter the code more than once to prevent you from doing so again. We can move on to the fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord, now that you have a basic knowledge of the nature of the issue. To prevent any dispute, make sure to implement it precisely and properly.

How To Fix ‘You Are Being Rate Limited’ On Discord? 9 Ways

You can remove the “You Are Being Rate Limited” problem on Discord using some of the methods given below. These techniques consist of-

1. Wait It Out

Here is the first step to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. If you’ve made several online tries, it might be the case. Stop right away. Retry after an hour or two (24 hours is advised). Multiple unsuccessful attempts to flood the website will only end in a suspension. In the worst instance, you might get completely banned. It is advisable to wait out the ban as opposed to making repeated attempts that would eventually result in an IP ban.

2. Use A Mobile Hotspot

This is the second method recommended to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. You may want to try connecting using a new IP address and a different network since the rate constraints act as an IP block. To achieve that, adhere to the steps below:

  1. You should log out of Discord.
  2. Turn on your mobile data and disconnect from the Wi-Fi.
  3. Turn on your hotspot on your mobile device, then use your computer to join that network.
  4. Retry the activity by logging into your Discord account on a computer. It ought to go smoothly this time.

3. Restart Your Router

The error may have been issued an IP ban if it still occurs even after waiting. You can experiment with various workarounds to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. The majority of ISPs don’t give their clients static IP addresses (not for home usage anyway). Rebooting your router will therefore give you a new IP address.

Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to reset the router. Plug the power cord back in after a few minutes after unplugging it. Activate the router once more. If the router needs to be reset, you might have to enter the default password (usually written on the router). You’ll receive a brand-new IP address. Try to log in your Discord account again and check if the method fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. 

4. Use Incognito/Private Mode

You can avoid having your browser data tracked and saved by using Incognito/private windows. Your cookies, browsing history, and similar data won’t be visible to Discord. In order to access Discord to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord, try using Incognito. You must access this through the web app. You can also try using a different browser to see if the restriction has been lifted.

5. Use Different Network Connection

You can try connecting to a different network to see if it helps to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord on your internet connection. For a number of the players, this has resolved the problem. As an alternative, you might try using mobile data to connect through the “Mobile Hotspot.”

6. Use A VPN

By hiding your IP address behind a VPN, Discord won’t be able to tell that your account has been rate-limited when you log in. A VPN has reportedly helped several users to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. Unfortunately, even the greatest VPN will cost you money each month to subscribe. You might be able to find services that provide a free trial that you can join up for just for this reason and then cancel before the monthly fees start. This would be an additional method to get around the ban if you were already debating buying a VPN account.

7. Use A Different Browser

Your web browser may potentially be the cause of the issue, for whatever reason. Numerous individuals claim that executing the same action from a different browser also assisted them in finding a solution to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. You can test using different browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, etc., if you’re using Edge or Chrome, to see whether it works for you.

8. Contact Discord Support

If you’ve seen this error message before, it’s possible that Discord has blacklisted your devices. The solutions listed above to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord would not work in this situation, so you would need to contact them via their Discord Support form so they can check into it for you.

9. Third-Party Software

Many software clean-up programs and applications make the claim to be able to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. And while they are effective in removing malware and repairing computer issues, they might not be useful for Discord. We, therefore, are unable to endorse any of them. However, if you happen to use an app that utilizes the messaging platform, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Wrapping Up

A straightforward router restart usually solves the problem for typical users. Additionally, the wait is necessary for your safety, therefore you should comply. You may or may not need to try all the nine methods discussed here to fix ‘you are being rate limited’ on Discord. Let us know which solution worked for you. 

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Q1. How Do I Fix the Discord Rate Limit?

If you see Error 1015, it signifies that your connection is being restricted because of a rate cap. Your router can be easily fixed by unplugging it, holding down the power button for 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. If your router doesn’t have a power button, just unplug it, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.

Q2. Why Is Discord Rate Limiting Me?

If you are rate restricted on an action, which implies you have performed it too frequently in a short period of time, you must wait until the rate restriction timeframe expires before you are allowed to perform it again. There is, regrettably, no exact ETA for the timeout period.

Q3. What Is Being Rate Limited?

Rate restriction is a technique for restricting the volume of requests processed by the website’s API (Application Program Interface). The website advises you to slow down if you see an error message like “API rate limit exceeded” or “You are being rate limited.”

Q4. What Is Rate Limited Error?

If you get the “Rate Limited” or “429” error, it signifies that you—or someone using the same network as you—tried to send our service an excessive number of requests. This might imply anything from repeatedly trying the wrong password to making an unusually high number of connection attempts.

Q5. How Do You Find Rate Limiting?

Before a request reaches the API, rate-limiting is commonly applied through a reverse proxy, API gateway, or load balancer in order to apply it to all incoming requests to a cluster of servers. Additionally, you prevent your application servers from experiencing an excessive amount of traffic by processing this at a proxy server.

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