7 Secret Tips On How To Gain More Followers

How To Gain More Followers

We all know the regular way – to get more followers, you need to produce more engaging content. While good content is the basis for growth, it is unsatisfying advice as it takes a lot of time and effort. All the worthy tips are hidden in the depths of the internet, but we will uncover seven of them.

Choose the right platform

Our advice can be applied to all major social media platforms. They all have certain specifics mainly due to differences in the algorithms and broader business strategies. However, it is also because of the customer base.

Therefore, the first tip is to know where to find your audience. For example, if you are looking for younger people, Facebook is not a good place. According to Statista, most of its users are from ages 18 to 54. Clearly, a presence on platforms like Tiktok is needed to find younger audiences.

The takeaway is that your content, no matter how good, might not be understood in one platform solely because it has the wrong customer base. So, if you are not gaining followers, make sure to check whether you are posting on the right social media site.

Age is just the most noticeable criterion, so make sure to check other metrics, such as gender, occupation, country etc. Instagram is probably the best in terms of the user base diversity, and the content there is easy to produce. Look at this site to find more tips for Instagram specifically.

Use growth services

Good content aimed at the right audience will still take time to attract followers. Growth services can speed up this process significantly. They control large networks of social media accounts and sell likes, followers, comments and almost any other user engagement metric.

It’s a bit of a risky method as such a practice is against the rules of most social media sites. Growth services commonly use bot accounts and if you buy too much engagement too fast, your account might get banned. Still, using such services as MrInsta with caution and organic growth can do wonders.

The main idea behind such services is to take advantage of how social media platforms work. Algorithms usually prefer content that is already popular and show it to groups that have a higher probability of liking it more. Having some user engagement from growth services will keep odds in your favor.

Engage with your audience

You have to interact with your followers to keep the numbers increasing. Gaining them is one thing, but you need to keep them interested. If you lose more than you gain, you are not making any progress.

If someone likes your post, like them back; if someone comments, react with a comment. Such a strategy is more important in the beginning as you have only a few followers. However, even very popular influencers react to at least the top comments below their posts.

Automate your account

Once you gain a lot of admirers, it will get harder and harder to keep your account active by communicating with them all. Time costs will scale even more with multiple accounts.

Various social media automation solutions help to save time by using bots for some tasks. Computer software can automatically like, follow, comment and even respond to messages at any time of day. You only need to give it instructions, and it will do the rest.

Of course, services like Jarvee are not entirely in accordance with social media platform rules. They can be used for illicit purposes, like spamming or spreading misinformation, so websites track and restrict them. To be successful, you will need to change your IP address with proxies. The costs can add up, but it certainly pays off in time.

Utilize trends

Automation software or similar marketing services can provide data about what is currently popular on social media. They use web scraping to collect the data and look for trending keywords and topics.

If you know what is currently fashionable, or, even better, what will be fashionable, you can use this knowledge to join the hype train and attract followers. But before getting into some fancy social media trends service, we recommend starting simple and checking tools like Google Trends.

Schedule your posts

Whether you will use automation or not, there are two reasons for keeping your post schedule stable. The first one is simple convenience – your followers will know when to expect your content and will form a habit of expecting your creations. 

Another reason to schedule your posts is to align with the algorithms – they prefer accounts that post a lot and engage their audience constantly. Such profiles draw people to the platform, and that is what algorithms aim to accomplish.

Always have content ready for at least a month upfront so you won’t be working on edge all the time. It will also help you make urgent updates if some trends develop differently from your expectations.

Influencer marketing

There is nothing better than being recommended by someone else. We all have defense mechanisms against ads and know that they are biased. But when another fellow influencer recommends you, word of mouth defeats the common defense mechanism, and people are more inclined to become new followers.

There are two ways to make other influencers promote your brand or social media account. The first is to contact them and ask – you will be surprised how many influencers are willing to exchange a mention for a mention. Of course, you have to be fairly successful for this method to work.

Another strategy is to use Influencer marketing services, like Seeding Up. They can sell you a mention from a prominent influencer. The only tricky part is choosing the right one with the proper audience. Otherwise, it can be a waste of money.


All in all, every secret tip involves some additional service or know-how. Some of them can be questionable in terms of compliance with social media rules. But with a bit of patience and practice, you will gain more followers.

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