How To Get Old Discord Mobile Layout? Answered! 

How To Get Old Discord Mobile Layout? Answered!

The new Discord mobile layout was launched recently and started getting backlashes from day 1! Most Discord users are showering resentments on popular social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. It’s time to get old Discord Mobile layout back. 

But, can you get old Discord Mobile layout back? Social media is growing crazy over this argument. Apparently, Discord announced on Twitter that the old Discord layout is no longer available, and this is where the debate sparked.  

Many Discord users claimed with video references that you can get old Discord Mobile layout. To get the old UI back, you have to go to your Discord profile and then open the Appearance option. Under Appearance, you can find the new Layout option. Turn off the toggle button next to the new layout and you can get the old mobile layout back! 

However, an official article published by Discord claims that you cannot get old Discord Mobile layout; because the old UI is no longer supported. It may take time to get along with the changes. But, it’s for good! Or is it? 

Can We Get Old Discord Mobile Layout Back?

According to the official disclosure by Discord, users can’t get the old Discord Mobile layout back. 

However, according to other resources, a new feature ‘Appearance’ is added under the user profile, from where users can turn off the ‘New Layout’ and go back to the default layout. 

How To Get Old Discord Mobile Layout? 

With time, Discord has introduced many changes in its web version as well as in the mobile app. However, none of the previous changes made as much fuzz as this one. Considering the social media posts, most Discord users are unhappy about the changes and keen to get back to the old layout. Is this because the new layout is less convenient? Or, is it just because they are more comfortable with the old layout? 

Whatever the reason is, Discord published an official Twitter post addressing the issue, as they commented “We understand the change might take some time getting used to, and we’re here to help make that transition as smooth as possible for you. But with this update, the original mobile layout is no longer available.”

On the other hand, Discord users have discovered a new feature ‘Appearance’ that lets users control layer choice. Here are the step-by-step guidelines to get old Discord Mobile layout:

Step 1: Launch the Discord app on your mobile.

Step 2: Tap on your profile picture.

Step 3: Next, go to Settings.

Step 4: Open Appearance

Step 5: Turn off the toggle button next to “Show New Layout”. 


Although a negative campaign is running against the new look of the Discord mobile app, many influencers on YouTube are sharing comparisons between the old and new Discord mobile layout and the result looks satisfactory. The new layouts include new features too, which are commendable. If you too think that the new layout sucks, just hang out there a little bit, maybe you should get used to the new layout too! Sometimes, it is hard for us to accept ‘changes’; however, we learn how to accept them. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Get My Old Discord Back On My Phone?

As officially announced, the old Discord theme is no longer available. 

Q2. How Do I Change The Layout Of Discord?

To change the layout of Discord, open Discord profile >> Click on the profile picture >> Settings >> Appearance 

Q3. What Was The Old Discord Font?

The old Discord font is called ‘Whitney’.

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