How To Get Old Instagram Chat Themes? Back To Basics!!

How To Get Old Instagram Chat Themes

Instagram includes a splash of colors to choose from for changing your Instagram chat themes. Did you also recently change your chat themes on Instagram and now wish to get old Instagram chat themes back? We present to you a detailed guide to changing and getting back to the default or Monochrome chats theme!

Isn’t it great to change your chat bubbles’ appearance as per your mood and style? Well, Instagram is definitely a game-changer for its users as it has introduced the Chat themes feature! Users can download Instagram chat themes and even change their chat bubbles’ color on Instagram. With that, you can get old Instagram chat themes back if you ever change them!

To get old Instagram chat themes back, open the Instagram app, and scroll to the left to open the DM section. Open a chat to change the chat theme. Now, tap on the profile name, and then tap on Theme. Then, tap on the Default or Monochrome option, and get back your old themes.

Earlier, there was a Direct classic option that allowed users to get old Instagram chat themes, but it is no longer available, so users need to change their chat themes to default or Monochrome mode!

Can You Get Back Old Themes For Instagram Chats?

It was quite an easy task to get old Instagram chat themes with a white background chat bubble. However, Instagram has recently removed the Direct Classic option which made it easier for users to change and get back to the default Instagram theme and remove any selected theme easily. 

There are many users who feel that they tried to download Instagram chat themes, and thus this problem began, so now they feel that they cannot get back to their old chat theme. But if you are baffled by this thought, then let us make it clear that you can change and get back old Instagram chat themes through the Default mode or the Monochrome theme option in your chat theme settings! 

How To Get Old Instagram Chat Themes Back?

To get old Instagram chat themes back, open your Instagram app > DM section > Preferred chat > Profile name > Theme option > Colours & Gradient > Default option > Change the theme.

Though you cannot change the theme to the original theme, but you can change it to the default theme with a blue chat bubble or can choose the Monochrome theme to change it. So, here are the steps to get old Instagram chat themes back.

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and swipe to the left side to open the DM section.

Step 2: Next, tap on the Profile name at the top of the chat.

Step 3: Then, tap on the Theme option.

How To Get Old Instagram Chat Themes Back

Step 4: Now, scroll down, and in the Colours & Gradient section, tap on the Default option or just tap on the Monochrome theme, and change the theme to the blue chat bubble. 

How To Get Old Instagram Chat Themes Back

How To Change Theme On Instagram Chat?

To change theme on the Instagram chat, navigate to your Instagram account > DM section > Preferred chat > Profile name > Theme option > Choose a theme > Done.

Instagram includes a number of Instagram chat themes list. You can either download or choose from a range of different Instagram chat themes list and select your favorite color! Follow these steps to choose your preferred theme!

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your device and swipe to the left side to open your Instagram DM section.

Step 2: Next, tap on your preferred chat to open it and change the chat theme.

Step 3: Now, tap on the Theme option to open the Instagram chat themes list.

Step 4: Then, scroll down and choose your preferred color and theme.

Once you choose your favorite theme, you just need to tap on it, and it will be applied to your chosen Instagram chat!

Wrapping Up

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most loved social media platforms for its exclusive features. The chat themes feature on Instagram allows users to choose from a different set of themes that fit right with their style. Earlier people used to switch to a dark mode to make their Instagram chat appearance different from the regular boring one. 

However, with the introduction of chat themes, Instagram has made chats appear even more interesting. So, you can also enjoy changing your chat theme on Instagram, and if you have already changed it, then get old Instagram chat themes back to the monochrome theme or the default theme!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Happened To Instagram Chat Themes?

A. Instagram chat themes are not working for many users as users cannot see the Instagram chat themes option on their Instagram DMs. 

Q2. How To Get More Chat Themes On Instagram?

A. To get more chat themes on Instagram, you can go to the themes section on your preferred Instagram chat, and choose from the available colors and gradient themes.

Q3. How To Remove Theme From Instagram Chat?  

A. To remove the theme from Instagram chat, you can go to your Instagram account, and open your preferred chat. Then, tap on the profile name at the top, and then tap on the theme option. Now, tap on the Default option, to change and remove the previously chosen theme.

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