How To Get Paramount Plus On Xfinity | 8 Easy Steps To Follow

Stream all-new Kamp Koral, SpongeBob SquarePants series, and much more on your favorite Xfinity! Yes, Xfinity users can now discover Paramount Plus on Flex and X1. Explore more and find all the latest Paramount Plus exclusive original series and find out how to get Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

Paramount Plus is considered a very important subscription streaming service. Viacom CBS owns and operates the service of Viacom CBS streaming and Paramount Plus. But what makes Paramount Plus an extraordinary service? Because it’s an addition to its content library by Paramount Plus, CBS Entertainment Group, and Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks. Hence, every type of viewer has something to stream.

Want to know how to get Paramount Plus on Xfinity? For this, You need to go to Xfinity and select apps. Next, go to Paramount Plus and sign in. Note the activation code from the screen. After that, open the browser on another device and search for and enter the activation code and tap the Activate option. And here, you’re done! But, what do you think? Is this all the post represents? You’re in a big illusion. Read on how to Paramount Plus Xfinity and find yourself.

Is Paramount Plus accessible on Xfinity is a question that most of their users have been searching for. Well, the subscription holders of Paramount Plus can only run on Xfinity XQ and Xfinity Flex. To know how to get Paramount Plus on Xfinity, refer to this post.

Is Paramount Plus Free On Xfinity?

How To get Paramount Plus On Xfinity

Wait! Before getting on how to get Paramount Plus on Xfinity, you need to know whether Paramount Plus is Free with Xfinity? Why to worry? We are here!

Paramount Plus is a famed subscription streaming service. ViacomCBS Streaming owns and operates Paramount Plus. It offers the authentic collection of content from the CVS Entertainment Group, Paramount Pictures Library, and ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks broadcast properties. 

Paramount Plus was first rolled out as CBS All on October 28, 2014. It was spread and modified to Paramount Plus on March 4, 2021.

Now jumping on, if Paramount Plus is Free to use with Xfinity, then the answer is, unfortunately, no. You first need to subscribe and watch it. On Xfinity Flex and Xfinity XQ, the application has already been renamed Paramount Plus. You’ll be able to subscribe to Paramount Plus instantly. If you are already a CBS All Access member, still you’ve to sign in again with the same credentials.

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How To Add Paramount Plus To Xfinity?

How To get Paramount Plus On Xfinity

Xfinity is famous for its TV service and the Internet. Its main motive is to deliver its users as much entertainment as it can. As we know that Paramount Plus is Xfinity-compatible, it provides a huge collection of originals, series, shows, and episodes. In this section, you will find instructions for accessing Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

Follow the given set of steps to Paramount Plus Xfinity:

  1. Select Apps and then open the Paramount Plus or Voice Search for Paramount Plus.
  1. After the app opens, Sign In to your account.
  1. Note down the Activation Code given on-screen.
  1. Now, enter a Bowser on any other device and search for
  1. Enter the Activation Code in the respective place and tap on Activate.
  1. After everything is done and you activate successfully, you may Start Streaming Paramount Plus instantly or whenever you want.

Xfinity offers trustable customer service to its users. In any case, if you face any problem during streaming Paramount Plus setup on Xfinity, you can get in touch with the Xfinity customer service and highly trained agent as soon as possible to get instant guidance.

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How To Sign Up For Paramount Plus?

How To get Paramount Plus On Xfinity

Paramount Plus is a famous American subscription video streaming provider. It is a part of Paramount Global. It provides original collections of content from the CBS Entertainment Group and Paramount Media Networks broadcast properties. 

Being an Xfinity user, signing up for Paramount Plus is an easy task. Follow the given instructions:

  1. Click on the Xfinity Button on your personal remote.
  1. Select Applications according to your choice.
  1. Select the Paramount Option from the drop-down list.
  1. Next, you’ll have to Select and Try it for free if you’re new to this application.
  1. Note down the Activation Number and enter into and next, tap on Activate.
  1. You’re now all ready to start streaming Paramount Plus on your X1 or Flex!

You can perform this registration process either on mobile or a computer.

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How To Get Paramount Plus On Xfinity?

To start you’ve to Sign-up or Subscribe for Paramount Plus, and then stream the series for free. Before that, let’s find out the steps to stream Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

CBS All Access is rebranded as Paramount Plus and is Xfinity accessible. Xfinity is popularly known for its internet connection and TV services. It provides its users with a huge collection of series, shows, originals, and episodes. With Paramount Plus you stream almost everything, from live scores, breaking news, highlights, and many more. Paramount Plus never fails its users. It always tries to provide edge-of-your-seat entertainment on Xfinity. Continue reading to find the installation process of Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

Here is how to get Paramount Plus On Xfinity:

  1. Ensure that your Xfinity TV Streaming Box and Smart TV, both are Turned On.
  1. your devices to a Stable Internet Connection.
  1. Press Xfinity Button from your Xfinity TV remote.
  1. Go on the screen and find the app section, scroll until you find Paramount Plus.
  1. Once found, tap on the Paramount Plus app and sign in with your Paramount Plus credentials.
  1. Make your decision, whether you want to sign in on your TV or the Web.
  1. If you select the Web, then you must enter the verification code. Next, you’ll be redirected to the CBS website page, where you are required to insert the verification code again while logging in.
  1. If you selected the TV option, simply enter the email and password and you’re done.

So this is how you access Paramount Plus Xfinity.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to get Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

Paramount Plus was launched on 28 October 2015 as CBS All Access, then on 4 March 2021, it was rebranded as Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus is a very popular streaming service. Viacom CBS streaming owns and operates the service. The content offered by Paramount Plus is contributed by Paramount Picture, CBS Entertainment Group, and Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks which makes it a unique service provider. On this platform, there’s something for every user.


Q1. What Is The Time Period Of Paramount Plus’s Free Trial?

Ans. Paramount Plus provides a 30-day free trial period. So that you may have a happy month ahead in which you can make a decision too, to continue with the paid subscription or stop it right here.

Q2. Is There Anything Available Free Of Cost On Paramount Plus?

Ans. Paramount Plus is not at all free. You’ll be able to stream Paramount Plus only after buying a subscription.

Q3. How Can One Stream Paramount Plus?

Ans. Paramount Plus application is found on all major devices. You can get it on the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Android TV.

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