How to Get Started With Influx?

How to Get Started With Influx

Influx is building the largest remote-first CX team in history for companies preparing to develop and grow. It alters the dynamic by assisting businesses in developing long-term relationships with their customers by providing 24-hour global customer support.

A leader in the “Support as a Provider” business, Influx provides elastic, pay-as-you-go support teams. Additionally, this provides a source of assistance to brands and technological firms.

A complete operation, including agents, management, training, quality assurance, data, and insights, is included in the latter.

Every Customer Receives Prompt Attention

They train their team to respond quickly to customer issues, questions, or complaints. You can have more time to grow your business with a committed and flexible support team.

Provided with Management and Training

Influx uses three different kinds of automated management that improve the ownership of channels, coverage, and quality. They follow the steps wherein the agents must report to a local manager and need to undergo specific training, quality assurance, and other included processes that their manager is observing. 

Additionally, they use customized reports to monitor agent accomplishment and compare it to their standards.

Make your current team much better

Influx only offers aid when it is considered necessary. While most clients prefer that they serve as the first point of contact for all queries, Influx also brings service through gaps in coverage and, if there is a situation wherein they are in high demand, if an employee files a leave for sickness or on vacation.

Utilize Your Current Help Desk

Their system communicates directly through your help desk. Its team can adhere to any of a company’s current practices employed, including some escalations and bug reporting. Influx responds to all tickets using their accounts within your current help desk, enabling you to see everything they do. 

Flexibility Designed for Growing Brands

Where most businesses start, they begin small and slowly grow as needed. Influx can start with email and quickly expand to voice chatting, customer onboarding, and even social media. Most businesses begin to have a service team for their support and then move forward to adding agents when they are ready for team members to take on more responsibility.

How Does Influx Work?

It is simple to start with Influx. You can establish a highly flexible support operations team in just six easy steps:

1. Make a Call

Consult with their team quickly and easily to obtain a customizable plan that is fit for the business.

2. Prepare Your Team

Influx collaborates with your business to learn more about your business’s CX strategies and assesses based on your business needs.

3. Establish KPIs

You can plan your onboarding training with the management layer of Influx. Influx collaborates with your business to establish measurable goals.

4. Train Once

While they test your helpdesk and workflow, you may train your workforce on business operations.

5. Go live

You will go and live with them as you agree. Your multi-channel team is now prepared to start and manage your queues.

6. Review

Regular quality assurance and feedback from team members guarantee that the systems you have and the workflow you have established are constantly improved.


While some businesses have tried to employ robots to handle all customer inquiries, Influx thinks the technology could be used as an additional layer to aid support managers in answering their customers’ questions. This restored face-to-face engagement instead of having technology respond to them.

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