How To Get Sturdy TikTok? Try Out The Viral Trend!!

How To Get Sturdy TikTok

Hey, what’s up TikTok lovers!!! If you are spending most of your time on Tiktok, you must have come across the get Sturdy TikTok dance going viral! People are getting sturdy by dancing. Would you like to be a part of this amazing trend on TikTok? Try out the viral get sturdy TikTok dance!

TikTok has always been popular and ahead of many other social media platforms due to its viral videos and trends time after time. Well, this time it is the getting sturdy TikTok dance that is going viral. Across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more platforms a lot of videos of people dancing go viral. Well, it is the hip-hop dance that originated in New York known as getting sturdy going popular these days.

What is this get sturdy TikTok dance? Well, it is hopping from foot to foot, dropping spins, and testing the limits of the knees, all to the bassy beats of drill music. Anyone can try getting sturdy by trying out these moves. Many TikTok lovers have tried out these trending moves and many have just started trying them out.

Are you excited to get more information related to this getting sturdy Tiktok dance trend? Well, you can also try this out when you find out more information related to this trend. So, without further ado, let us get started and find out all the crucial details related to what is this get sturdy TikTok and how to try it!

Get Sturdy TikTok Dance

Still, have no idea about what is going on and what this get sturdy TikTok dance is. Well, getting sturdy is the evolution of the Woo Walk that was popularized by New York’s Pop Smoke. If any of you have seen someone dancing to the Dior song of Pop Smoke will know that the dance included one hand outstretched and the other on the foot of your belt and basically stepping in the rhythm. When the dance is done properly, it does look fairly sturdy. 

In the get sturdy TikTok dance, the torso of the dancer remains rigidly upright. It includes dancers adding on a series of drops, spins, hops, and several other moves, and some even matching with the voguing of the 1980s. So, as we have got enough details related to what is this latest get sturdy TikTok trend all about, let us move ahead and find out how to get sturdy TikTok!

How To Get Sturdy TikTok Dance?

Looking to get sturdy TikTok dance? Well, try out the same steps that are displayed in the video above. Try learning the same steps and start getting sturdy TikTok!! You can choose the best song and moves to get sturdy. You can even try to make videos along with your friends while trying out this super-cool getting sturdy TikTok dance. Seems amazing right? Are you ready to learn these moves? So, let us find out more about this by having a look at what songs can be tried out to start getting sturdy TikTok!!

Best Songs To Get Sturdy TikTok Dance

The default anthem for getting sturdy and the Woo Dance is Dior. The song has got all that is needed to try out this trend. This song says ‘sturdy’, and ‘woo’, and also has got a heavy and underlying bass that is required for the smooth stepping. If you are not willing to try getting sturdy with the Dior song, you can choose those by the New York drill artists Rah Gzz and Kay Flock. 

Now that you have got to know how to get sturdy TikTok dance and the best songs to choose from for trying out this trend, so what is stopping you from trying out this trend? Hurry up and learn the super-amazing move and give this trend at least a try!!


Here ends the post on how to get sturdy TikTok. In this post, we have discussed all the crucial details that one can ask for related to this trend on the TikTok app. We have discussed all about what this trend of getting sturdy is, how you try it out, and what songs can be the best choice for trying it out! 

So, what are you waiting for now? Get up and try out the same moves as shown in the video. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and ask them to try this trend together!! Also, share your views regarding this trend and did you try it out or not, share all your views with us in the comments section below!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does It Mean To Get Sturdy TikTok?

A. Getting sturdy is the evolution of the Woo Walk that was popularized by New York’s Pop Smoke. It is the latest trend that is tried out by various people from around the world. One needs to hop from foot to foot, drop spins, and more on the beats of the drill music.

Q2. Who Created Getting Sturdy?

A. The getting sturdy TikTok dance seems to be choreographed by the late rapper TDott Woo. He rapped a verse in the song Dior and it also contained lyrics saying sturdy and Woo. So, it is considered to be related and he is considered to be the choreographer of the song.

Q3. When Did The Sturdy Dance Start?

A. The origin of the getting sturdy TikTok dance can be seen in the 2019 music video of Pop Smoke for Dior. This song went on to peak at number 22 on Billboard Hot 100. It seems to be started at that time.

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