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How To Get TikTok Now Feature On Your TikTok

TikTok Now feature news just broke out, and everyone is searching for it, but you can find it on your TikTok app; it’s because it’s just launched but not yet released to use. But you can get hands on TikTok Now Feature. So how to get TikTok Now Feature on your TikTok, keep reading to know. 

TikTok Now is a feature that is available within the TikTok App where the user will get a 3-minute window to click a photo and record a 10-second video from his/her mobile’s front and back camera simultaneously. This feature is however copied to BeReal who was the first one to start this concept.

Every TikTok user will get a notification saying “time to now.” once you tap on it, you will be opened in TikTok Now, and then you can click a photo and post it. You can also check your friends’ photos too in the friends section of TikTok.

The TikTok Now feature is now only available in the United States only and yet to be released. Keep Reading to Get TikTok Now Feature On Your TikTok. 

How To Get TikTok Now Feature On Your TikTok

To get the TikTok Now feature on your TikTok you need to download the TikTok Beta, the Beta version offers all the latest features before anyone. However the beta version of any app contains a lot of bugs so download it carefully and from an authentic site. 

How To Get TikTok Now Feature On Your TikTok iOS

Step 1: Open TikTik 

Step 2: Go to your TikTok Profile

Step 3: Help Center 

Step 4: Scroll down to Bottom 

Step 5: Tap on TikTok for Developer

Step 6: Scroll Down and tap on Get Started 

Step 7: Now Login with your Info

Step 8: You Joined the Beta TikTok

How To Get TikTok Now Feature On Your TikTok Android 

Step 1: Open Play Store 

Step 2: Search TikTok ( Download it earlier)

Step 3: Scroll Down and tap on Join Beta

Step 4: Tap on Beta program link and agree to all rules

Step 5: Join the Beta 

Step 6: Go back 

Step 7: Open TikTok again 

Step 8: You have joined TikTok Beta 

Step 9: Open TikTok

Step 10: Login with all your Info

Joined the TikTok Beta now you can use the TikTok Now Feature 

To Sum Up 
Following the steps above you can easily get TikTok Now feature on your TikTok. Comment if you downloaded the TikTok Beta and keep following Deasilex.

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