When Does TikTok Now Reset? Know Everything!!!

TikTok Now Reset

Do you know when Does “TikTok Now” reset? Well, if you are a BeReal user, then you must know what does this means. TikTok has recently launched a new feature “TikTok Now”, which is an exact replica of BeReal. Just like BeReal, TikTok Now also resets. But when??? If you have this question in your mind, you are on the right track. Read this article to know the answer. 

TikTok Now is a hot topic these days. Its popularity is increasing just like BeReal. Well, that’s the point. TikTok wanted to take advantage of that and beat its competitors by being the first one to launch BeReal on its platform in the form of TikTok Now. The newest TikTok feature, TikTok Now, is a daily photo and video experience that allows you to share your most genuine unfiltered moments with the people who matter most to you.

Many people are still confused about when does TikTok Now reset? Let me tell you, TikTok Now Resets Everyday After 24 Hours. You are notified Once a day at random times to post your “Time to Now”. You will get a three-minute countdown to click and post the picture and video at TikTok Now.

This post will discuss when TikTok Now reset. So, without any further ado, let us jump right into the post and find out when does TikTok Now reset.

When Does TikTok Now Reset?

TikTok Now been gaining popularity just like BeReal in the last few days. Many users are quite confused and looking for answers to when does TikTok Now reset. “TikTok Now” Resets Everyday, After 24 Hours” It asks or notifies users every day at different times to post their “TikTok Now”. But unlike BeReal, you will get a three-minute time frame to click their still pictures and 10-second long videos from the front and back camera. 

The app notifies users every day at random times by displaying a notification that says it is “Time to Now”. Users can click their unfiltered pictures and videos from their front and back cameras and then send them. If you haven’t posted your TikTok Now, you can even send it late. There isn’t any serious consequence, but If you miss TikTok Now your picture will be marked late on TikTok and it will be displayed on your TikTok Now. 

But do remember one thing you are only permitted to remove a post from your feed once per day. After pressing “post,” you can only erase and retake your TikTok Now once. You can take another TikTok Now as many times as you’d like within the three-minute countdown.

TikTok Now Notification Time

TikTok Now Notification at 06:45 PM. 

Everyday you will get TikTok Now Notification at 6:45 PM. TikTok Now was launched on 16 September 2022 across the United States but it is not released yet for the public, but it’s driving TikTok users mad. So, be ready to try this amazing newest Feature and find out what your friends are doing all day.


Here ends the post on when does TikTok Now reset. In this post, we have provided you with all the details related to when the TikTok Now reset and how you can use it. You can also try the app without any filters and enjoy it along with your friends. Share your experience with us in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and others to help them in knowing when does TikTok Now reset and enjoy this newest “TikTok Now’!

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