How To Get Verified On Tik-Tok? Points to Remember for Best results

How To Get Verified On Tik-Tok

Getting Verified on any social media is a dream of any youth. If you wish to have a star marked against your name on Tik-Tok then this article is for you. In this article, you will read about how to get verified on Tik-Tok.

According to research by deasilex, there are over 800 million monthly users, and the average daily view time sitting at around 52 minutes. Getting verified on tik-tok is easier than getting verified on Instagram or Facebook. You don’t need to be a famous celebrity for the

[,opurpose. We at deasilex had a close look at verified accounts and came up with various points listed below in the article.

 Further in the article, you will read about how to get verified on TikTok with the detailed steps which if followed properly will help you in getting the verified batch against your name.

Why get verified

There are a series of reasons why getting verified on Tik-Tok should be on your must-to-do list  

  • Authority: Once verified, your account becomes officially endorsed by TikTok as a trusted personality, strengthening your authority across social media.
  • Authenticity: Getting verified on TikTok brings a lot of credibilities, improving the way other users perceive and think about your account.
  • Trustworthiness: A badge gives your profile an added layer of trust, allowing you to build trust among other verified accounts and their followers.
  • Exposure: Thanks to the platform’s algorithms, verified accounts have the ability to reach the upstairs and downstairs of TikTok. Your videos get more likes, which leads to organic growth in your followers.

Tips to get verified

Given below are a few tips that will help you get verified on Tik-Tok if followed properly. we have tried our best to get you the perfect information after detailed research.

Have Good Sound Content

This includes finding the right times of posting to yield the best results, measuring the impact of videos posted, staying up-to-date with trends, making the proper use of popular hashtags, and answering all relevant challenges, etc. We can also consult various specialized tik-tok marketing companies for staying focused.

Steady Growth

If you wish to get the batch against your username on Tik-Tok then increasing your users regularly is the key factor. You must increase your number of followers on the app but remember quantity is just a factor. The quality of content also matters, the amount of time a follower spends on your account also counts. The chances of getting verified will skyrocket if you are featured in some online publications. This gives immense credibility to your account and will send a message to tik-tok that you are a notable person.

Interact with Followers

You must interact with other verified people on the tik-tok and make videos with them. To get noticed by more people on the app. Also, you should engage with your followers to generate their interest in you. You can do this by replying back in the comments sections and interacting with them through videos.

Know the Trend

You must be aware of all the latest trends and songs viral on the social media app. You must use the most popular hashtags and create your own original quality content in order to get noticed.

Round-Up your Friends

You must make videos with your friends in order to get more popularity. In case you didn’t know, a bunch of TikTok’s top creators all live together in a rented mansion in Los Angeles called Hype  House, where they collab on a whole lot of TikTok content. Although we cant rent a house to live with our friends but can make sure we make content together.


Consistency is the key actor to excel in any format. You need to post three videos every day to keep yourself on the top but this doesn’t mean you just shoot a video and post. Quality is what matters, tik-tok notices the quality content and this will help you in getting the verified batch against your name.

Production should be up to the mark

If you want to get noticed by the tik-tok the quality of content must be up to the mark. This requires you to use the best equipment, you must use the phone with the best camera, an extra mike or speaker and a Top-notch video editing software also go along with it.

Abide by the rules

If you want to get a batch on tik-tok then you must work along with guidelines issued by the tik-tok. You must not post any content that violates the tik-tok guidelines.

Tik-Tok For Business

Tik-Tok provides a platform for businessmen to endorse their products by making viral videos. Provided the video must not violate the tik-tok guidelines. The platform also lets companies advertise their products by its verified users.

Youtube video on how to get verified on Tik-Tok


Slow and steady wins the race is the key. If you follow all the points mentioned by our team deasilex then you will be verified soon. You must keep in mind Tik-Tok never compromises with the quality of content and user guidelines. You may find out more about TikTok liker app to achieve rapid success. If you find these useful then do write us.

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