How To Jailbreak A Wii | In 7 Steps

How To Jailbreak A Wii

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your Wii? Do you know that you can softmod it to enhance its performance like the new Nintendo PS4 or an Xbox One? So let us go ahead and see how to jailbreak a Wii.

Wii U is a home video game console that was developed by Nintendo and officially released in 2012. It is one of the top 5 most sold out gaming consoles to date. It is also the first ever Nintendo gaming console to support 1080p with high-definition output and an all-new touch screen controller.

The most important thing that you should know about before you begin to jailbreak a Wii is that it is absolutely essential that you do it right. If you fail to jailbreak a Wii, you will end up bricking the console, and you can do nothing about it but to dispose of it. So start the jailbreak process only after you have collected all the necessary information, and you are absolutely sure that you will jailbreak a Wii.

1.Know the MAC Address of your Wii

2.LetterBomb Website

3.Format the SD Card to FAT32

4.Download Modpack

5.Jailbreak a Wii with SD Card

6.Back Up your data

7.Install Loaders and mods on your Wii.

When you jailbreak a Wii you are going to turn it into a whole new Nintendo entertainment center, which you can use to not only play games but also stream online movies, if you do it right. You also need not have to worry about losing your warranty when you jailbreak a Wii, as it is probably already way past the expiry date.

How To Jailbreak A Wii?

Nintendo Wii is a comparatively underutilized console when comparing it to recent gaming consoles like PS4, PS5 and Xbox One. So, when you jailbreak a Wii you will be able to improve its features to way beyond what was intended by the developers.

To jailbreak a Wii is a very long and complicated process. Make sure that you have studied all the steps in detail before you begin to jailbreak a Wii.

Before You Start To Jailbreak A Wii

·   Know that you will be using a third-party homebrew software to jailbreak a Wii.

·   You must be using Wii firmware version 4.3 for this jailbreaking to work.

·   Disable updates to stop future software updates on your Wii.

·   Jailbreak a Wii will make your warranty void.

·   There is no 100% guarantee that this jailbreaking will work.

·   The process to jailbreak a Wii varies between devices and firmware used.

·   You will face the high risk of bricking your device.

However, there is no need to worry about any of this if you follow our instructions well and succeed to jailbreak a Wii.

Things You Need To Jailbreak A Wii

·   Nintendo Wii console

·   A computer

·   Good internet connection

·   SD card reader

·   SD card formatted in FAT32 or FAT16

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#1 – Know the MAC Address of your Wii

The very first step to jailbreak a Wii is to input the MAC address of your Wii in the LetterBomb website, to exploit Wii. Doing this automatically downloads the customized exploit package for Wii.

To find the MAC address of Wii to exploit it,

Step 1 – Open Wii System Options > Internet Menu.

Step 2 – Click on Console Information.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - Console information

Step 3 – Notice the MAC address of your Wii.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - MAC address

#2 – LetterBomb Website

Open the LetterBomb website on your computer and follow the instructions given below.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - LeterBomb

Step 1 – Open LetterBomb website.

Step 2 – Select 3E for System Menu Version.

Step 3 – Enter the MAC Address from Step 1

Step 4 – Select to check the box Bundle the HackMii Installer for me.

Step 5 – Select to check the box near I’m not a robot.

Step 6 – Click on the Cut the red wire button.

#3 Format the SD Card to FAT 32

Now you will have to format your SD card and the external hard drive to FAT32 to save the Modpack and other games and apps.

Know that you will lose all the data saved to the SD card when you format it. So have a backup if it has important content stored in it.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - Format SD card

Step 1 – Connect the SD card to a computer.

Step 2 – Open Files Explorer by pressing Win + E keys.

Step 3 – Right click on the SD card.

Step 4 – Select format.

Step 5 – Click on FAT32 from the File System drop down menu.

Step 6 – Tap on Start.

#4 Download Modpack

Now, extract all the contents from the Modpack and the LetterBomb to the SD card. You will have to unzip all the contents before transferring the files to SD card. The Modpack is a zip file that has mods and a loader to jailbreak a Wii. You will have to save only the contents to the SD card without the zip files.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - Download Modpack

Step 1 – Right click on the Modpack/LetterBomb file.

Step 2 – Click to Extract all.

Step 3 – Select Browse.

Step 4 – Click the SD card to unzip the files to.

#5 Jailbreak A Wii With SD Card

Let us see how to jailbreak a Wii using your SD card. Make sure to follow the instructions very carefully henceforth.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - jailbreak Wii

Step 1 – Insert the SD card into your Wii console.

Step 2 – Open the Wii System messages to see one new message.

Step 3 – Click to browse yesterday’s messages to notice the red LetterBomb icon.

Step 4 – If you do not see it, open the Calendar to see all the messages.

Step 5 – Click the red LetterBomb icon using your Wii remote.

Step 6 – This will install Hackmii and LetterBomb.

Step 7 – You will see the display message “Press 1 to continue”.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - install homebrew

Step 8 – Follow the instructions given on screen. You will end up on the HackMii Installer Screen.

Step 9 – Click on Continue to exit the installer.

Step 10 – Locate Homebrew channel and press 1 to install

Step 11 – Click on Exit when the installation is complete.

Step 12 – Open BootMii and press the A button to install.

Once installation is complete, exit the HackMii installer and you will be redirected to the Homebrew Channel.

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#6 Back Up

This is a very important step. If you skip it you might end up loosing all your data on Wii. Have a backup on an SD card, so that you do not loose your data in case something goes wrong when you try to jailbreak a Wii.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - launch Bootmii

Step 1 – Open the Homebrew channel

Step 2 – Click on the Home button on your remote.

Step 3 – Select Launch BootMii.

Step 4 – Press the Power button on your console 3 times and then click the Reset button.

Step 5 – Click on the Reset button again and then follow the onscreen prompts.

Step 6 – Copy the backup files to another storage unit for safety.

#7 Install Loaders and mods on your Wii

The final step to jailbreak a Wii is to install loaders and mods on your Wii.

How To Jailbreak A Wii - install loaders

Step 1 – Open the Homebrew Channel.

Step 2 – Install Wii Mod Batch.

Step 3 – Click on Load. You will see a black screen with mods installed.

Step 4 – Open the Priiloader > Install it.

Step 5 – Press the A button on your console remote to install.

Step 6 – Press the Reset and Power button on your console at the same time to open Prilloader.

Step 7 – Click on the D-Pad on your remote to go to System Menu Hacks.

Step 8 – Enable the necessary hack > Save Settings > Exit.

You can now install and run the backup loaders or any desired app and games in your Wii. We have thus successfully jailbroken Wii.

Wrap Up

Jailbreak a Wii is not a simple process. It takes lots of effort and understanding of the whole process to successfully jailbreak a Wii, with lots at stake. However, once you succeed, you will be able to upgrade your Wii to perform as good as the new Nintendo products like PS4 and PS5. We hope that you were able to find your answers and clear your doubts to jailbreak a Wii, with the help of this article.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can A Nintendo Wii Be Jailbroken?

Yes. You can jailbreak a Wii into a Nintendo entertainment center by jailbreaking it. You can softmod it to crack open the Wii to unlock the console’s unknown abilities.

Q2. What Happens If You Jailbreak A Wii?

When you jailbreak a Wii, you will be able to extend its functionality way beyond the intended, as set by the developers.

Q3. What Does A Bricked Wii Look Like?

To check, press the + and – while pressing A. If your system does not boot, then it is a banner brick. If you see “Error 003” then it is an Error 003 brick. If you see an Opera error, it is a System Menu brick.

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