How To Join Hive Social Web App?

How To Join Hive Social Web App

Due to Twitter’s turbulent year, users are starting to look for alternatives. Hive Social is one of the most well-liked Twitter substitutes to emerge recently. A mobile-only site called Hive Social is attempting to imitate Twitter without using any algorithms. Although it has been around for a while, its popularity didn’t really take off until late November 2022. How to join Hive Social Web App? We will show you in this article. 

Hive resembles a hybrid of Twitter, Instagram, and MySpace. It offers the simplicity of Twitter before its demise, emphasizes photographs somewhat more than Instagram (or at least did so before video), and even lets you add music to your profile. It’s intriguing and probably a little less complicated to use than Mastodon. Sounds interesting? Well, let’s explore how to join Hive Social Web App. 

How to join Hive Social Web App? Unfortunately, unlike popular apps, Hive does not launch its web version of the app yet! Yes, that is true! You cannot access your Hive account from the Web. However, popular social media app is available on both iOS and Android. Hive Social allows you to sign up using your phone, email address, Google or Apple account, or with both.

How To Join Hive Social Web App?

Open the app, select Create an Account > select how you wish to register (using a phone or Google account) > Verify your account using a code or link > select three interests and you are all set!

Hive is a mobile-only social media platform, unlike the majority of others. Eventually, a website, according to the makers, will go up, but for now, you’ll have to download the Hive Social app for your iPhone or Android.

How To Join Hive Social Web App

Step 1: Open the app, select Create an Account, and then select how you wish to register. You can log in using your phone number, email address, Google account, or Apple account (if you have an iPhone). 

Step 2: You must also use a verification code or link to verify your identity if you select your phone number or email address.

Step 3: After selecting an option, you must choose a display name and username. Your username is an individual @ handle, however, your display name will appear in the largest type on all of your posts.

Step 4: Finally, the program will prompt you to select a few interests. Despite the fact that your feed is chronological, the recommendations you see on the app’s Discover tab are based on your preferences or interests. You have to select three interests to start with. 

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How To Join Hive Social Web App – Five Icons to Check 

Now that you know how to join Hive Social Web App, let’s learn the following five icons, so that you can use the Hive app without any issues. 

  1. Your Feed is the icon that resembles a beehive on the far left. Posts from the individuals that you follow will appear here.
  2. The Discover page, which allows you to search for posts and other users, is represented by the magnifying glass icon.
  3. The center symbol, which resembles a plus sign, is used to create new postings.
  4. Your Notifications page is shown by the bell icon.
  5. The icon from the far right will take you to your personal profile and display your profile photo.

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What Is Hive Social?

Although you are briefed about Hive, let us introduce you to the app again as you have already learned how to join Hive Social Web App.

Hive Social doesn’t appear to do anything particularly unique at first glance. You can submit messages or photographs and follow other users. It remarkably resembles Twitter. The main distinction between the two is that Hive Social asserts that no algorithms are used to choose which posts you view.

In other words, your feed is completely chronological and only displays posts to you in the order that they had been posted. In contrast, other sites like Twitter prioritize content they believe you’ll like based on your interests and daily routine.

Users cannot pay to boost their posts, and there are no blue checkmarks. The time when the posts go up is almost here. Additionally, you can Like posts to bookmark them for later or Repost other people’s material to your own feed.

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Wrapping Up

Hop, this short guide was helpful enough to introduce you to the Hive app and answer – how to join Hive Social Web App. Let’s create your first account on Hive and share your experience with us. Let me know if you are facing any issues during the signup. Got a question? Leave a note under the article. Follow Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Join Hive Social?

Hive Social allows you to sign up with your phone, email address, Google or Apple account, or with both.

Q2. Is Hive Social Free?

Hive Social is available for download and only requires a few minutes of registration on the iOS Apple App store as well as the Google Play store.

Q3. Is Hive Social On Android?

The software asks you to select from a list of interests when you first open it in order to customize information for you. It is now accessible through the Apple App Store, while Android users can access it through a beta testing program. According to the website, “an Android release is anticipated to launch in the Google Play Store in 2022.”

Q4. Is Hive Social Mobile Only?

Please be aware that Hive Social is only currently offered as an iOS and Android app. Neither a desktop application nor a website is currently available, but they may be in the future.

Q5. Who Owns Hive Social App?

The CEO, 22-year-old Kassandra Pop (@honeyxmua on Twitter), came up with the idea while leading a team of three people that includes a UI designer and two coders. Pop said, “While it’s absolutely exhilarating, I also feel a feeling of serenity,” in an interview with Fast Company regarding the unexpected prominence of her app.

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