How To Join Mastodon? Everything You Need To Know!

How To Join Mastodon

Mastodon, the project of Fediverse gained 500,000 new users in just a week and there is no looking back for Mastodon. Mastodon is an alternative to Twitter, ever since Elon Musk took over the Twitter the users are switching on to Mastodon. So are you also thinking about how to join Mastodon and is the switch to Mastodon worth it? Well, here in this article we’ll solve all of your queries. 

Mastodon was released six years back in 2016 but is getting the hype now. As of 12 November 2022, there are a total of 6.63 million accounts in all Mastodon instances. This compares with 5.65 million on October 28, before the November signup spike began in earnest. Mastodon can be considered the same as Discord because they both have servers, but Mastodon doesn’t work like that. 

To join Mastodon first you have to create an account on Mastodon. Mastodon app is available on iPhone and Android, also you can use Mastodon on browser too. After creating an account you need to choose a server which you want to join. Once the server is chosen and you have join Mastodon, you can write or post a video or image on Mastodon. 

Mastodon works through the Activity Pub which means the server you will join is not owned by a single person but is decentralized. The best feature of Mastodon is that it is decentralized and supports open source social network. You can also crosspost between Twitter and Mastodon. Let’s know more about Mastodon and how to join mastodon. Keep Reading! 

What Is Mastodon? 

Mastodon is an open source network which is not controlled by a single person or organization. Instead you can make your own server and people can join that server. You can not fully control the server and you can not earn profit from the server ; instead you can take donations to run the server. You can also enable two factor Authentication on Mastodon for privacy.  

Mastodon might look like a Twitter clone but is far different than Twitter, it’s a “federated network which operates in a similar way to email.” You need to join an instance/server once you join Mastodon which further has servers to which you can communicate, just like Gmail and Yahoo. Mastodon servers can be run by individuals, groups or organizations that each have their own set of rules regarding how users can sign up, as well as their own moderation policies.

How To Join Mastodon?

How to join Mastodon- it’s very easy, just as easy as joining any other social network. 

You need to provide a username, email address and password, check the box agreeing to the terms of service and server rules, and click “Sign Up.” You can also add relay on your Mastodon server. 

You’ll then see a notification asking you to check your email for a verification message. Click the “Verify email address” in that email message, and you’re done. 

You can now start posting on your Mastodon server and follow anyone in the Mastodon.

Mastodon supports replies, retweets, favorites, bookmarks and hashtags. The retweets are called ‘boosts’ and Mastodon tweets are called ‘toots’. Facing too many Mastodon Request messages. 

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How To Download Mastodon?

You can download Mastodon on your iPhone from the app store as it’s free there. On Android you can download Mastodon from the play store. You can also use Mastodon on the browser by logging into Mastodon official site. 

To install the Mastodon you can use Docker on a server running Ubuntu 18.04. You will need a server running Ubuntu 18.04 with a sudo user who is not root and also make sure your system is current. You can  turn off the animated avatar in Mastodon.

Users of Mastodon receive email notifications. Setting up your own mail server is one way to make it work. On the same server where you will be installing Mastodon, or on a different server.

How To Join Mastodon

How To Create An Account On Mastodon?

To Create an account on Mastodon you need to first decide in which instances or communities you want to take part. For this reason, the first step is that you enter the web “ and then click on the find a server option.

Here you will find a list of all the available servers in Mastodon, you can filter this list both by subject and language. You also need to look at how many users are involved in each of these instances.

There are many users to make their first steps on the first steps on the network they register on The most popular instance can give us an interesting sample of the network in general. You will see the homepage of the vast majority of the instances that do have a similar organization. 

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Choose The Username On Mastodon?

You can use your own name or can be as creative as possible on Mastodon but choose carefully because you can not change your username on Mastodon. But you can create a new account and set up a migration (like a redirect) to your new one. Get to know how to turn off animated emojis on Mastodon. 

Go to: settings/migration to setup the migration.

How To Join Mastodon

How To Get eMail Configuration On Mastodon?

Due to over account creation on Mastodon, lots of users are facing ‘Mastodon confirmation email not received’. You can go to the Downdetector website and check for server issues,  disable public WiFi and try cellular data, clear Mastodon cache data, delete and reinstall the app, clear the email spams and cache data, wait for confirmation email to be received.

How To Add Metadata Profile On Mastodon?

Profile metadata is a way to add extra information to your profile that is easy to skim. When users search for your profile, they do see your profile metadata along with your bio, avatar, and display name. You can even add your website’s link in the Mastodon profile metadata. It will help you get verified on Mastodon. Know how to change notifications settings on Mastodon. 

To setup Mastodon profile metadata, Launch Mastodon > Select any server > Fill in username, email and password > Verify link sent to email > Fill in your credentials in the profile metadata page, Age > Country > Pronouns > Website > Click on Ok.

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How To Join Mastodon Server?

Which Mastodon server to join? The process is easy. There are ten categories to choose from. Mastodon offers ten major categories; from which you can choose your interest. These major categories are General, Regional, Technology, LGBTQ+, Activism, Music, Gaming, Art, Food, and Furry. 

Here are some of the servers you can join! 

To join the Mastodon Australia Server 

To join the UK Australia Server 

To join the Europe Australia Server 

How To Change A Server On Mastodon?

Mastodon is a decentralized system because of the idea of “federation”; anyone can download and install the software and run their own server, as opposed to relying on a single individual or group to run its infrastructure. Know how to filter posts on Mastodon server.

To change server on Mastodon, Register new server > Account > Moving from another account > Type old account handle > Account > Moving to another account > Type the new account handle. Find your friends on Mastodon. 

How To Get Verified On Mastodon?

Looking for verified Celebrities on Mastodon. 

Who doesn’t want their social account to be verified not just for showoff but for privacy reasons too. Well you can verify yourself on Mastodon by – open Mastodon > Go to your Username > Click on Edit info > About > Type “ :verified:” or Check Mark emoji ☑️after your username > Click on Done. You’ll get a Mastodon blue tick in front of your account. 

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How To Create A Server On Mastodon? 

These are some of the server requirements you need before creating a server on Mastodon. To create a server on Mastodon you just need a domain name, a VPS, an Email provider, and an object storage provider. 

How To Post On Mastodon?

To post on Mastodon there are six steps: 

Step 1: Write your post and add emojis, mentions and hashtags to it.

Step 2: Attach images, videos and audio files.

Step 3: Conduct polls.

Step 4: Publish post.

Step 5: Select Language.

Step 6: Add content warning.

How To Join Mastodon

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How To Send A Direct Message On Mastodon?

On Twitter, when you DM someone, a separate folder appears that makes it quite clear that the message you’re composing is a DM. That’s not the case in Mastodon. 

On Mastodon, pressing the DM button takes you to the same text field where you regularly submit updates for everyone to see. Choose the server. 

To send a direct message on Mastodon, open Mastodon > user profile page > 3 dots > select Direct message > create message > mention username with @ > click on the world button > Select “mentioned people only” > click on Toot.

Errors You Will Encounter During Joining Mastodon? 

There are many errors you will come across while joining Mastodon or after joining the Mastodon. 

Error 500 might be due to some issue with the website server. It can easily be fixed if you refresh the page once or twice. So, in case you find this issue or error while using the Mastodon app, you can try refreshing the page.

Error SSL is a glitch error where you can use a different WiFi connection if you are facing an SSL error on the Mastodon . If you are using it on your smartphone, then the first thing you can do is to change the wifi connection or the internet connection. Switch to another wifi or internet connection and then try again. This will most probably resolve your error.

Error 403 Forbidden could be mainly due to two reasons. It could either be due to the owner of the web server, or having been denied access to the webpage. You require the owner’s permission to fix Mastodon Error 403 – Forbidden, as you have been denied access. Or, it could be due to the changes in the default settings that you have made, that denies access to relevant content.

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To Sum Up

This was all about Mastodon and how to join Mastodon. We have covered everything about the Mastodon so you don’t need to look anywhere. This is the one stop query for all your issues related to Mastodon. Please write to us if you need any more information regarding Mastodon and Keep following Deasilex. Thanks for reading. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Does Mastodon Make Money? 

Mastodon make money through: 

1. Sponsors

2. Patreon Sponsors

3. Fediverse subscription

4. Community fees

5. Storage fee

6. ElasticSearch fee

7. Crowdfunding

Q. How To Set Up A Mastodon Instance On Linux?

To set up a Mastodon instance on Linux, establish an SSH connection and install docker, configure with Docker compose, install mastodon, add your Mailgun configuration, enable Nginx, get an SSL certificate and run Mastodon.

Q. How To Join Multiple Instances On Mastodon?

The answer is No. it’s unfortunate but you cannot join multiple instances on Mastodon using the same user name.

Q. How To Delete A Mastodon Account? 

How to delete a Mastodon account? You must sign in to Mastodon and visit the settings page if you want to remove your account. An URL to remove your Mastodon account can be found on the settings page.

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