How To Leave A Review On Glossgenius? Easy Steps 2022!

How To Leave A Review On Glossgenius

Reviews are a very crucial portion of enhancing your business and promoting it. If you get a chance to learn how to leave a review on Glossgenius, will you grab it? Yea! That’s the spirit. 

Despite all if it’s great and good services, there are few of you who have also gone through some bad 5hit5 and want to share it with others to make them aware of it. Then you must learn and tell them how to leave a review on Glossgenius. 

Open App > Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Client Notifications > Ask Clients To Review > Switch It > Turns Pink > Done!! So this was how to leave a review on Glossgenius. 

Deasilex is now giving your customers the opportunity to learn how to leave a review on Glossgenius and show their love towards your business.

How To Leave A Review On Glossgenius?

Now you can ask your regular customers to review your service by learning how to leave a review on Glossgenius and show every other customer how wonderful your service is! To hit that 5-star rating from any prospective custom you have to turn on reviewing features from the settings.

By allowing your customers to leave reviews you will be increasing awareness of your services for new customers. 

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Every customer will receive an opportunity to review your service after making an appointment when you will send them a copy of their receipt in the form of a text or email. In this text/email they will get a link which will take them to a fresh tab where they can give their review by rating your service from one to five stars and then give a text -based feedback related to their visit.

You will receive a notification after customers upload the latest reviews and other customers will be able to view them by heading to your “About”  section of your official website of Glossgenius booking.

If you are a customer and in case you don’t remember to review your last appointment, don’t panic! Read further to know how to leave a review on Glossgenius.

Step 01: Open Receipt

Once you finish an appointment or at the end of an appointment you will receive an email or a text based receipt of your appointment, sent by your host. You have to open that email to proceed further.

Step 02: Leave A Review

After opening the email/text, you can cross check your appointment details and other information. Then you can scroll down and click on the “Leave A Review” button.

After that you need to explain your experience in words and fill in all the data that’s been asked in their respective fields. 

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Step 03: Submit

At last, once you fill the form and wrote everything about your experience, you need to cross check your review whether it’s meeting the terms and conditions and rest of the policies and make sure it’s not containing any foul language or not hurting anyone’s sentiment.

After making sure of all of this, you can click on the Submit button at the end of the form to successfully send and post your review on the page for others to view.

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This was how to leave a review on Glossgenius. Moreover, if you want to grow your business then you need positive reviews which you can get by offering satisfying services to your customers and making sure that they are not being uncomfortable or facing any trouble.

Wrapping Up 

Deasilex makes reviewing Glossgenius very easy and quick with this guide on how to leave a review on Glossgenius. You just need to share a copy of receipt through text or email to your customer and ask them in the same message to review your services. Through those reviews, you can increase the marketing of your services and can attract more customers.

In case of any doubts or suggestions, you can let us know in our comment section and can visit our website @Deasilex for more important content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can A Client Leave A Review On Glossgenius?

By opening the email sent by the host and clicking on the Leave A Review button. Next they can fill in their experience and provide all the data and click on the submit button. And done!!!!!

Q. How Do I Book An Appointment With Glossgenius?

Calendar > Add Icon > New Appointment > Add Details > Book.

Q. Can You Take Deposits With Glossgenius?

Fortunately, yes. Glossgenius takes deposits .

Q. How Do I Add Add-ons To Glossgenius?

Settings > Products > Add Icon > Enter Details > Add Products > Checkout.

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