How To Leave A Review On Booksy? Updated Solution 2022!

How To Leave A Review On Booksy

Suddenly felt like reviewing Booksy? But don’t know how to leave a review on Booksy? Don’t consider it a problem anymore! We are here to help you out. 

You have come to the right place if you want to know how to leave a review on Booksy. In this blog post we will be exploring how to give feedback and reviews on Booksy. Afterall reviews have become so important to know what are you going for? What are you stepping into! Is it safe and worthy? All of this can be found out by viewing each other’s reviews. 

Here’s how to leave a review on Booksy: Login Booksy > Menu > Select Appointment > Write A Review > Submit. Seek further for details.

If you think why learning how to leave a review on Booksy is so important, then my dear you should know that these feedbacks and reviews are a very important part of a business men’s business or entire selling or marketing strategy. Read further to know more! 

How To Leave A Review On Booksy?

One can make a perfect decision in booking any appointments from Booksy with the help of your honest reviews and can get full satisfaction from the Booksy service only if they get the proper guidance that they want. That’s why every brand demands for their customer’s honest reviews. Your decent and positive reviews can help such business mens to gain a good reputation in the market and industry for their good service.

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These reviews are beneficial not only for others but for you also. Whenever you will make your next appointment from Booksy you can look for reviews and can get desired details before investing a single penny.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to leave a review on Booksy:

Step 01: Open Booksy on your device and login to your account using your credentials.

Step 02: Click on the Menu at the top right corner of the screen to access your old appointment history.

Step 03: From the list of your previously booked appointments, select the Appointment which you want to review.

Step 04: Scroll down and click on the Write A Review button below your recent appointment.

Step 05: Enter whatever feedback you have to give for their service.

Step 06: At last, click on the Submit button to send and post your review publicly.

And here’s how to leave a review on Booksy successfully. If the above given instructions are not helping you then there is no need to worry. Booksy will ask you to leave a review by default just one hour after booking your appointment through Booksy through a notification on your app.

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This notification will ask you to drop a review. If you didn’t receive this notification after one hour then Booksy will again send you a notification after 24 hours. You just need to check your inbox for an email from Booksy including a portal of reviewing your experience with Booksy.

Contact Booksy Customer Service

How To Leave A Review On Booksy?

In case you have any concern related to the service or product and are unable to get it resolved with usual methods then you can try contacting the Booksy customer care and get a solution of your problem through their Live Chat service.

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Here is how you can contact Booksy’s support team through their Live Chat feature:

Step 01: Head to the Booksy’s official website and click on the Start Live Chat button from the home screen. 

Step 02: Now, enter your registered Email address.

Step 03: From the resulting page, find the empty box and fill in with your concern or problem.

Step 04: At last, complete the Captcha and verify yourself. Once done, click on the Submit button.

And done! Now the support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. With this, you have successfully learnt and hopefully implemented how to leave a review on Booksy and contacted the support team.

Final Words

Deasilex hopes that you have understood how to leave a review on Booksy from this article. In this blog post we have also tried to discuss how to contact the Booksy support team. If you find any difficulties in booking or reviewing Booksy service then you can ping us in our comment section. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do You Have To Pay On Booksy?

There are no additional charges for registration on app, cancellation fees, maintenance fee or monthly charges. The only amount that you need to pay is the transaction processing fee.

Q. How Does Booksy Make Money?

Booksy charges are very affordable to the service providers, letting customers utilize the service for free. Salons are allowed to opt-in and pay a one-off commission for Booksy’s primary generation and service.

Q. How Does Booksy Work For Business?

Booksy allows business users to build their own company profiles, accept online transactions and manage staff efficiently. Booksy also allows customers to schedule, cancel and pay for appointments effectively. 

Q. Do You Pay On Booksy Or In Person?

Users can pay online for services through the Booksy mobile application. After saving cards to the user’s Booksy account, they can instantly charge them while checking out. 

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