How To Leave A Review On DHgate? Updated Info 2022!

How To Leave A Review On DHgate

Ordering online can be quite a task sometimes. There can be some doubts about the authenticity or quality of the product being displayed by the seller. So it’s better to make others aware of how to leave a review on DHgate before buying anything from there.

So, should this stop you from ordering online? This is where DHGate comes in with the best suppliers.The first thing to do is to check the reviews of end-users who have got first-hand experience with the product and give honest and true reviews. Best way to do so is by checking the reviews on DHgate. 

Here’s how to leave a review on DHgate: Open DHgate > Go to your Account > My Orders > Awaiting Reviews. Read more for further information.

Reviews really help you out viewing the reality of the sellers and the product. In order to learn how to leave a review on DHgate, follow the below guide.

How To Leave A Review On DHgate?

DHgate helps the customers to leave reviews showing what they have experienced and how the service was to help seller’s and future customers realise what they are offering and buying. If you have ever shopped from DHgate then learning how to leave a review on DHgate can be worthwhile for you!

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Here are the instructions that can help you in knowing how to leave a review on DHgate: 

Step 01: Open DHgate and login to your account.

Step 02: From the home screen, head to your account and open your orders section.

Step 03: Find the products yet to be reviewed under the Awaiting Reviews section.

Step 04: Leave comments about the product and click on the Submit button.

So this was how to leave a review on DHgate. Now you can freely review the products on DHgate that you like.

How Do I Edit Or Delete Reviews On DHgate?

How To Leave A Review On DHgate

Sometimes, customers feel that they may have submitted wrong information about the product, service or the seller and feel the need to correct it, which makes them to either remove or edit their review.

So here’s how to edit or delete Reviews from DHgate:

Login to your DHgate account and open it. From there head to your accounts and open My Orders. From the edge of the list, click on the View All button. Once the entire list comes out, click on the product whose review you want to remove or edit. Once the product appears click on the view review button and next find and tap on the Edit or Delete button to correct or delete the review.

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And done! So after knowing how to leave a review on DHgate, learning how to edit a review is a must know thing!

How To Contact DHgate Support

This service is exclusively for US sellers inquiries, other inquiries like buyer’s inquiries or Non-US seller’s inquiries will not be entertained here.

DHgate Contact Number

+90 212 296 4569

Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm Turkey Time

DHgate Official Email Address


Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm, Turkey Time

Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm, Beijing Time


Your review can only be modified or deleted within 90 days of leaving it. You will be reminded about that through a notification in your DHgate account.

You can only modify or delete your review twice. Once deleted, it cannot be modified.

How To View DHgate Reviews And Make Safe Purchases?

How To Leave A Review On DHgate

Are you trying to figure out what the DHGate reviews mean? Searching for reliable sellers on DHGate? This along with other such queries about DHGate will be discussed in this guide. Reviews can be important markers of the authenticity of products and websites.

People who have used the website go ahead and know how to leave a review on DHgate; it could be either negative or positive, it totally depends on the user’s experience.

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It’s the same with DHGate. You will find tons of  users who know how to leave a review on DHgate

 and posts reviews about the website as soon as they buy something.

Winding Up

To start with, DHGate is a third-party marketplace that does not have products of their own. In a way, DHGate is comparable to AliExpress and Ebay in that it gives a platform to  others to sell their products online.

Since it is nearly impossible to watch over every product listing, you might come across dishonest sellers who will try to sell cheap and worthless junk to customers.

But DHGate is a reputable company founded in 2004 generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every year. To sum up, DHGate is a successful company because they provide honest and authentic services to their customers.

As with any marketplace, you need to  understand how to navigate through the ocean and take the necessary precautions while shopping online in order to not get scammed.

This guide on how to leave a review on DHgate helps you to shop from DHGate safely without getting ripped off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Review A Seller On DHgate?

To know how to leave a review on DHgate: Log in onto “My DHgate”. Click on the “Feedback” link at the navigation on the left side of the page. And enter your experience. Once done, click on the Submit button.

Q. Does DHgate Have Reviews?

Overview. DHgate has a consumer rating of 3.51 stars out of 5 stars from 6,739 reviews pointing towards the fact that most of the customers are satisfied with their purchases. Satisfied consumers most often mention good quality, fast delivery and reasonable prices.

Q. How Do I Complain To DHgate?

WhatsApp Number: +86 131 6725 2273, Mon-Fri, 9am – 7pm, Beijing Time.

Email Address: USseller@dhgate, Mon-Fri, 9am – 7pm, Beijing Time.

Q. Can DHgate Reviews Be Fake?

How to identify if a review is genuine or fake on the Website? As mentioned before, fake reviews are pretty easy to identify. Sellers with near perfect 5-star or 1-star reviews are needed to be investigated cautiously. Multiple or duplicate reviews by the same person for the same product might be fake.

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