How To Leave A Review On Grubhub? Important Tips 2022

How To Leave A Review On Grubhub

The search for how to leave a review on Grubhub is over as we are going to explain the same in this article. We are going to discuss how you can give your feedback to Grubhub without going against their policies and terms of regulation. If this interests you, keep reading!

Grubhub is connected to Just Eat Takeaway which is a worldwide online food delivery service which is linked to more than 320,000 restaurants in more than 4,000 U.S cities. Grubhub aids restaurants to grow their sales and marketing and help them in trying new concepts. Grubhub offers freestyle career opportunities to work and earn. If you have ever interacted or ordered something from them, then it’s the best time to leave a review on Grubhub and give feedback to tell them how amazing their services are!

Here’s how to leave a review on Grubhub: Open App > Login > Restaurant > Menu > Review > Write A Review > Submit. And done! There can be some glitches that might occur while reviewing. Find their solutions below.

We will also be giving Grubhub’s support contact along with how to leave a review on Grubhub at the end of the article so that you may not need to visit other sites seeking for help when something goes wrong! You can directly contact them to get your concern resolved.

How To Leave A Review On Grubhub? 

Usually customers love to give feedback and reviews and let you know how their experience was with you or your brand and especially when it’s digital! Online reviews make sharing their thoughts more convenient and easy! But sometimes leaving a review for a brand which is new to you or is complex in operation becomes a little difficult for their users. 

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If you are also finding anything difficult in learning how to leave a review on Grubhub then we will be providing you with a set of problems explaining how you can review Grubhub services.

Follow the instructions below:

Open App > Login > Restaurant > Menu > Review > Write A Review > Submit

Step 01: Open the Grubhub application or website on your device and login to your account.

Step 02: Next, click on the Restaurant page from the home screen of the app and move forward.

Step 03: Now, select a Restaurant from the given list and click on the Menu tab of that specific Restaurant.

Step 04: After that, tap on the Review button on its Menu page to leave a review on Grubhub.

Step 05: At last, write a review with respect to the restaurant or the Grubhub driver and click on the Submit of Post Review button to upload your thoughts publicly.

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And done!! You have successfully learnt how to leave a review on Grubhub. 

How To Fix Review Button Not Showing On Grubhub?

How To Leave A Review On Grubhub

While learning and practicing how to leave a review on Grubhub, if you can’t find the review button, then you can use the email service offered by Grubhub as an alternative method for how to leave a review on Grubhub. 

All you are supposed to do is to place an order and wait for the email sent by Grubhub asking you to express your reviews. Once you receive that email, click on it and after scrolling down a bit you will find a Review button, click on that. Next you will be directed to a fresh page where you have to fill in your personal data like email and order number etc. On the same page, you have to write your thoughts in a dedicated box asking “Write A Review”. Once you are done with that, click on the submit button to upload your reviews on the restaurant or Grubhub’s driver account.

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If you are not okay with reviewing Grubhub through your email for some reason, then you can review them by using a review link as an alternative method of how to leave a review on Grubhub. You have to share your experience with the food offered by the restaurant over here. You can send stars as ratings accordingly through this review link and write a review too! 

Now we are successfully aware of how to leave a review on Grubhub. Let’s take a peek into what you should and shouldn’t mention while writing a review to prevent it from getting disapproved.

How To Write A Review On Grubhub – Tips & Tricks

How To Leave A Review On Grubhub

In this blog post we have already told you how to leave a review on Grubhub! If you have not gone through it yet then please read it thoroughly first to understand what and what not can be mentioned while writing a review to meet the standards of Grubhub.

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Focusing on the instructions for how to leave a review on Grubhub is very important as Grubhub prioritizes user content too much.

Tip 01: Mention Personal Experience

You need to mention your own experience with the restaurant without mixing it with some false ones. You can also share your experience with the delivery service.

Tip 02: Don’t Lie Or Brag!

Honesty is the best policy! As we all know, being honest is the most important thing while reviewing anything because that can impact someone else’s experience with the same brand! 

Tip 03: Feedback Reliability

This solely depends on the series of your order. Grubhub wishes to make sure that you have good food from the restaurant and have a good and true experience with them.

Tip 04: Review Length

The review that you post should be of two or more sentences based on how your experience of dining with Grubhub was. Too small and too large reviews won’t be of any use to anyone.

Tip 05: Obscenity

One of the most important things that you have to take care of while writing a review on Grubhub or any other platforms is that you are not using any offensive or foul language. If you have had a bad experience you can say that the service was disappointing, unpleasant or unappetizing etc.

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This was all about how to leave a review on Grubhub. Once you complete writing a review, wait for at least 48 hours to get it published. If your review is still not posted after completing this period then look at it once again and dgit your review once again matching to the guidelines. 

Contact Grubhub Support

How To Leave A Review On Grubhub

 If anything goes wrong you can reach out to the Grubhub Support team using the below mentioned details!

Grubhub Contact Number

(877) 585-1085

Grubhub Restaurant Care Number

(877) 799-0790

Grubhub Official Email Address


You can also send an email to Grubhub regarding any query or complaints. 

Expect the restaurant to answer from 8 AM  – 9 AM daily.

Wrapping Up

Reviews are very crucial for every customer and business owner for their business to grow. Customer’s reviews will also create a decent or sometimes a bad reputation of your business or restaurant. One can also aid them by letting them know what they can improve on. Your reviews will allow the future diners to know what are the specialities of Grubhub along with the downs of them.

Rating and reviewing Grubhub can be very useful to all of the customers. Know how to leave a review on Grubhub through this guide in detail and share your experiences hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Give A Review On Grubhub?

In order to leave a review on Grubhub, head to the app and open the restaurant tab. Then open the Menu page and click on the review button. Now click on the review button and enter your experience in the field and click on the submit button.

Q. Can Grubhub Drivers See Your Rating?

Grubhub does not allow drivers to view your ratings. But many restaurants let their drivers know personally that they are being rated up or down to improve their performance.

Q. How Do I Leave A Review On A Takeaway?

Grubhub sends you a message with a portal to review their orders. Or you can rate or review a restaurant from your account alternatively.

Q. Does Grubhub Rate Their Drivers?

Grubhub Drivers earn ranks under their Recognition Program based on their performance, attendance, acceptance and block drop rates

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