How To Leave A Review On Uber? 5 Easy Steps!

how to leave a review on Uber?

Considering that you’ve travelled in an Uber for at least once in your life. How was your experience? Was it good? Is there something that you want to share about that ride? Well then share it fearlessly by learning how to leave a review on Uber with us.

Uber is a fair and affordable pick and drop service which is of great use for those who don’t know how to drive or don’t have vehicles with them and have to reach somewhere urgently! Uber allows you to travel nearby and out station journeys with them. Uber also allows users to rate and review their service after every ride with Uber. If you think that your ride was nice and worth reviewing then here is something that you would consider learning: how to leave a review on Uber.

Open App > Home Page > White Screen > Rate Or Top > Select Number > Add A Tip > Save. This was how to leave a review on Uber. To know more about Uber and its rating, read the entire article.

How many Uber drivers liked and disliked you on Uber find out in this article along with exploring how to leave a review on Uber.

How To Leave A Review On Uber?

Reviews let others know what kind of experience you had with that particular brand. In the case of Uber, you have to review rides and drivers. Your reviews matter a lot over here! In case if a driver receives negative or bad reviews continuously, then there is a huge chance that they may lose the platform and get themselves banned from Uber.

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In order to learn how to leave a review on Uber you have to follow the given instructions. You can rate a driver at the end of your trip or you will be asked directly to rate your driver through an email sent to you from Uber.  

In a few cases, travellers are asked to review the driver while travelling in Uber only to ensure that they submit a review and save time.

Here is how to leave a review on Uber: 

Step 01: Open the Uber application on your device and login to your Uber Account if not logged in already.

Step 02: From the Home Screen of the application, click on the White Screen displayed at the centre to view your trip details.

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Step 03: Next, click on the Rate Or Tip button near by How’s Your Ride Going? option.

Step 04: Now select the number of stars according to your experience from one to five that you want to give your driver and write a comment if you want to mention anything specific or else it’s completely optional.

Step 05: At last, add a tip if you wish to and click on the Save button to confirm the additions and editions made!

This is how to leave a review on Uber. Moreover, if you give five stars to a driver, you will find an option to give them an additional compliment. Almost every rider gives five star rating until unless there is a particular issue created or occured during the ride/trip.

Giving less than five star to a driver will bring you to provide and explain a particular reason and you have to provide the review about your trip or the driver from that particular list of common problems occuring during trips. A one star ratings basically shows that there must be a serious issue with that driver. Trip charges, application errors or inconvenient pool pairs are not the driver’s fault. So you should would not consider the over all rating.

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A rider is allowed to submit the ratings and reviews under a time period of 30 days from the day of ride. However, the driver won’t ever be able to view your review on them. So chill!!

Wrapping Up

Every Uber driver finishes their rides and rates their passengers afterwards. Many of the passengers submit a review  for their Uber ride’s driver. Other than a regular or ordinary rating, if you feel like the driver did his best to help you with your ride then you can also send them complimentary add-ons as well as.

In this guide we have shown how to leave a review on Uber. Share your experience with others in our comment section and for more hacks, solutions, tips and tricks follow and visit @Deasilex

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Leave A Review On An Uber?

At the end of every trip, you need to rate the driver from 1 to 5. Or you can access this by clicking on the reviewing portal mentioned at the bottom of your screen.

Q. Do Uber Drivers See Your Review?

At the end of every ride, riders and drivers get a fair chance to review each other from one to five stars depending on the experience. These ratings are kept secret.

Q. Can Uber Drivers Review Passengers? 

Drivers receive a notification after the trip ends asking them to review that service under the given timber period. Then you can go for a text message based review additionally. 

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