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How To Like A Live On TikTok

If you have an account on Snapchat then it must be obvious that you know what a TikTok Live is and what factors affect it the most! Well, if not then let us tell you that likes are one of them. If you don’t know how to like a live on TikTok, then we are at your service as always. We will tell you how in this article.

If you regularly stream others live on TikTok and wonder from where these red hearts are popping in between then my dear, let us tell you that these are the likes being sent to the host by the streamers. These are totally free of cost for you to send them to anyone going live on TikTok. So if you wish any of your favorite creators over TikTok should rank or grow, you can send them likes every time they come live on TikTok. If you don’t know how to like a live on TikTok, then no worries, we will help you out.

Here is how to like a live on TikTok, open the desired live session to whom you want to send likes and double tap on the live screen for the same. But how to send likes in bulk? Is one like enough to show your love to them? Read the article to know how.

Other than likes a viewer can send many other gifts like a Rose which costs one coin. To send these gifts to any streamer you have to pay a fixed amount, let’s find out how to like a live on TikTok for free and the costly ones too.

How To Like A Live On TikTok?

How To Like A Live On TikTok

You must be familiar with the live sessions of your favorite creators on TikTok, have you noticed those red hearts flying all over the screen, why so? What are they? They are from the viewers of that live being sent to the host. They show their appreciation by sending likes.

Through this one can come in notice of their favorite creator more easily, whom they are sending likes. They also go on higher ranks in the Live Feed with the help of your likes. Overall, it helps them gain reach and growth. Ever imagined how you can do this? How to like a live on TikTok? 

Well, it’s not that difficult to be honest, there are just a couple of steps that you need to take to learn how to like a live on TikTok. Sending likes to someone on live doesn’t cost you anything nor offer the receiver anything! It’s just a way to show your gesture of support to the host. 

Here are the instructions to learn how to like a live on TikTok:

Open TikTok > Search Live Video > Double Tap 

Step 01: Launch TikTok application on your iPhone or Android device.

One can simply find the App Gallery in their device and search for the TikTok application with a music sign made on a black background icon. Once found click on it and enter the Home Screen of the application.

From the main page, head to the TikTok Live Feed from the Live Television button at the top left corner of the screen. Once the feed page launches, scroll downwards to get the live video for which you want to learn how to like a live on TikTok. From there, swipe left side of the screen to get more live videos on a fresh page. 

Once you find your desired video, watch it for confirmation whether it’s the same video which you want to load with likes or not!

Step 02: Double Tap on the Live Video Screen to send likes.

After getting the desired live video that you were searching for, you can start sending likes on it. To send likes, you can just double tap on the live video screen on TikTok. After doing so, you will find red hearts popping up from the screen and getting dissolved slowly.

When you observe these hearts coming below your fingertips, consider yourself liking the live video successfully. You can also view likes by other viewers also at the bottom right corner of the screen. But you won’t be able to view the video if you hide the chat during any of the live sessions on TikTok.

Step 03: Keep Double Tapping to send Likes in bulk.

As we already told you that likes on TikTok are free of cost, one can send as many as you want to anyone coming live on TikTok.

To send someone likes in bulk, keep tapping on the live video screen faster and you will observe the hearts popping much faster.

In order to help your creators you can do this. You can also view the number of likes at the top left corner of the live video screen through an animation next to the host’s profile picture. Other than you, only the host can view how many likes you have sent to them, nobody else. 

How Does Sending Likes And Gifts On TikTok Live Is Different From Each Other?

How To Like A Live On TikTok

You might have noticed how popular this TikTok Live feature has become nowadays that everyone is going Live here. There’s a major reason behind this. That’s earning, yes! The hosts are also earning a good amount of money through coming Live on screen on TikTok. Wondering who’s paying them? Where is this money coming from?

Well, let us tell you that these hosts or creators are earning money from the Live gifts that you all are sending them during their live streams. If any creator’s content pleases you on TikTok while watching their Live sessions you can send them Live gifts to reflect your affection or appreciation. The TikTok team then converts the gifts into real money which then gets transferred into the receiver’s bank account which they can withdraw later on by using PayPal or any other third party application.

The likes that you send anyone on TikTok as your support to them and their content are free of costs and don’t charge or offer any money to either of the sender and receiver. But the TikTok Live Gifts are worth a coin on TikTok. Whenever a sender sends a rose or any other Live gift to any host or creator they get charged in terms of money accordingly which is then converted into coins and later on in real money which at the end is withdrawn by the host.

Wrapping Up

Live Video TikTok is one of the most popular and most accessed features of this social media app in the present. These live sessions by the TikTok users give the utmost level of engagement and usually most of the users spend their time in this section only. The most amazing part of the feature is that it allows users to play games and battles against each other in between their live streams. At this point the session becomes much more interesting. 

At such moments when you enjoy the live video till the edge your creators deserve a like or a gift. Well giving them a Live gift causes you a money transaction but like doesn’t! So we suggest you send loads of likes to your favorite creators and if you don’t know how then follow the detailed guide above on how to like a live on TikTok and share it with your TikToker friends too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does Tapping The Screen On TikTok Live Do?

One can send an unlimited number of likes by double tapping on the live video screen. Creators get ranked every week on the Live feed on the basis of their Live likes that they have received. Your likes can help them get a higher rank there.

Q. Why Can’t I Like Videos On TikTok?

The reason behind this is that your TikTok has liked a number of TikTok lives under a short period of time which is considered as a suspicious action which is not supported by TikTok. Such activities are considered unhuman-like behaviour hence the application prevents you from doing so.

Q. What Happens When You Tap The Sound On TikTok?

Users tap on a sound on TikTok when they wish to use that particular sound in any of their videos. After tapping on it, you will be reached on the sound page, where you can either tap on Use This Sound or on Add To Favorites.

Q. Can You See Lives You Liked On TikTok?

Yes one can, by heading to the Liked Videos one can visit their favorite videos again and again to re-watch them.

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