How to Make a Portal in Minecraft | A Complete Guide!

How to Make a Portal in Minecraft | A Complete Guide

While you explore Minecraft’s caves & cliffs, mountains, plains, and jungles and admire all apparently endless virtual beauty, a menacing dark side is waiting for you. There are forts to discover, chests to raid, turtles to breed and unusual materials to collect among the demons and unearthly creatures. And you need to make a portal in Minecraft to access them.

Even though you want to avoid the darkness, you just cannot avoid it. Most Minecraft users are aware of how laborious it may be to build a Nether portal. Players are more susceptible to mob attacks when mining obsidian since it takes so long.

Hell itself served as inspiration for the Nether in Minecraft. In creative game mode, you can construct Nether’s portal from your inventory because you already have all the necessary materials; however, in standard game mode, you must gather various materials in order to do so. This article demonstrates how to create a portal in Minecraft so you can enter these sinister worlds.

Build a Nether Portal

How to Make a Portal in Minecraft_Nether Portal

Make a portal in Minecraft to enter the Nether- it is not only toilsome but also a complicated process. Here are the four steps to building a portal to Nether Portal. 

Step 1: Mine Obsidian Blocks

Your Nether Portal’s frame is made of obsidian blocks. A water bucket, a diamond pickaxe, and a puddle of scalding lava are required to obtain obsidian.

  1. First, prepare your water bucket by filling it with supplies.
  2. Locate a lava puddle and spray it with water.
  3. After the lava has cooled, use the empty bucket to retrieve the water.
  4. Use a diamond pickaxe to mine the resulting obsidian in step four.

Step 2: Create Flint and Steel

You’ll need this to illuminate the obsidian frame and establish the Nether Portal in Minecraft. Gravel and iron ore are the two types of ore required here. Simply dig gravel with anything, even your hand, until flint appears. To produce iron ingots, iron ore must be smelted in the furnace.

  1. First, turn on your furnace.
  2. Fill the top square with iron ore.
  3. Add fuel to the bottom square. Fuel can be anything that burns, such as wood, charcoal, or coal.
  4. Drag the resulting iron ingot into your inventory in step four.

Step 3: Create a Fire Charge 

This way of lighting the obsidian frame is optional, but it calls for a substance found in the Nether. This is what you require:

One blaze rod must be inserted into the Crafting Table’s central square to produce blaze powder. A Blaze that watches over a Nether Fortress drops a blaze rod.

Killing a Creeper or uncovering chests yields gunpowder.

Coal is extracted from coal ore, which is found four to fifteen blocks below the surface.

  1. Open your crafting table as the first step.
  2. Put one piece of gunpowder in the top row’s left-most square.
  3. Put one flame powder in the middle of the top row’s center square.
  4. Insert one coal into the top row’s right square.

Step 4: Build Your Nether Portal

There are a total of 14 obsidian blocks needed for the frame. Once the Nether portal in Minecraft it is constructed, fire any obsidian block with the inside facing out.

  1. Lay four blocks of obsidian on the ground.
  2. Place four obsidian blocks on top of the left block that is presently on the ground. A five-block column is produced as a result.
  3. Place four obsidian blocks on top of the right block that is presently on the ground. A five-block column is produced as a result.
  4. Use two blocks of obsidian to join the two columns.
  5. Drag your fire charge or flint and steel from your inventory to the Hotbar, then select it.
  6. To light the portal, carry out the following actions:

PC: Right-click any obsidian block’s inside surface.

Console: Press the left trigger button after choosing the inner side of an obsidian block.

Mobile: Tap any obsidian block’s inside side.

  1. Continue to Minecraft’s shadow realm.

Be careful how far you venture from the Nether Portal because one block in the Nether is equivalent to eight blocks in the Overworld.

Build an End Portal

How to Make a Portal in Minecraft_End Portal

You cannot build an End Portal in Minecraft while in Survival Mode. The piece of the Eye of Ender needed to construct the portal can be crafted, but there is no other method to get the End Portal Frame blocks without going to Creative Mode.

Invading a stronghold underground in Survival Mode is the only way to gain access to an End Portal. By launching Chunkbase on your web browser and entering your world seed number, you can find a Stronghold. You may find each Stronghold’s coordinates with this web software.

There is no other way to make an End Portal Frame block. Only the Creative Mode inventory contains these. The portal might technically be built-in Creative Mode for a short while before being switched back to Survival Mode. The two components you need to construct this portal in Minecraft are 12 Eye of Ender and 12 End Portal Frame blocks

Step 1: Create an Eye of Ender

You can craft this part of the End Portal requirement.

What you’ll need is:

One Ender Pearl – This is left behind by an Enderman who has fallen.

One blaze rod must be inserted into the middle square of the crafting table to produce one blaze powder. This object is left behind by a fallen Blaze, who usually keeps watching over a Nether Fortress.

  1. First, access your crafting menu.
  2. Step 2: Insert one Ender Pearl into the middle row’s center square.
  3. Put one flame powder onto the right square of the middle row in step three.
  4. Drag the resultant Eye of Ender into your inventory in step four.
  5. You can create 12 Eyes of Ender by repeating these methods.

Step 2: Build the Frame

You will arrange 12 End Portal Frame blocks on the ground in a 25 × 25 square grid, three on each side while standing or floating in place. These blocks must be positioned in a particular way in order for the End Portal to ignite.

  1. Imagine that you are on block 0 right now. Put your initial End Portal Frame block in the “two” area after counting two block spaces forward as illustrated above. On either side of the initial block, place the second and third blocks. You should now be positioned with an empty block space — denoted by the number 1 above — standing between you and the End Portal Frame blocks.
  2. Repetition of Step 1, but this time without moving.
  3. Repetition of Step 1, but this time without moving again.
  4. Lastly, without moving once more, turn 90 degrees while standing still and repeat Step 1 to put the last three blocks in place.

The second phase of your End Portal building can now begin.

Step 3: Place the Eye of Ender

You don’t actually need to remain still for this step. Simply insert one Eye of Ender into each End Portal Frame block until the frame’s black hole is visible. Take note of how the Eye of Ender’s design creates the emptiness by pointing inward.

Target an End Portal Frame block, equip your Eye of Ender, and then do the following actions:

PC – Right-click the block labeled “End Portal Frame.”

Target the End Portal Frame block on the console and pull the left trigger.

Touch the End Portal Frame block on a mobile device.

Step 4: Make Another End Portal

You are taken to the End biome as soon as you jump into the vacuum. You can exit the End biome by building another portal unless you desire to explore it and perhaps take on the Endragon once again. You can travel to your Overworld spawn location with this new portal.

Unfortunately, there is no direct route from the Overworld to the End City via an End Portal. After acquiring the Ender Pearls, the only way to reach the End City or End Ship is by passing through the End Portal. Then you can build a portal in Minecraft that will transport you from the End City to your home.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to create a portal in Minecraft you are ready to make jumps between Nether Biome and End Biome. However, you need to Find a broken End Portal underground and fix it with Eyes of Ender if you’re playing in Survival or Hardcore mode. Simply construct one using the stuff in your limitless inventory in Creative mode. Several damaged End Portals are formed underground as soon as you start playing Minecraft’s Survival default mode. You’ll need to locate the underground stronghold to use them, then fix them with Eyes of Ender. 

Next, learn how to make a Concrete and water elevator. Do not miss to check Microsoft Error updates. Let us know which guideline you are looking for next. 


Q1: What Is Crying Obsidian?   

A respawn anchor can be made with Crying obsidian, a bright variety of obsidian. When positioned, it releases purple particles.

Q2: How do you make obsidian glow?

When the reactor is activated, the reactor blocks—the gold, cobblestone, and nonet reactor core—convert into glowing obsidian. Obsidian that is glowing cannot be collected; instead, ordinary obsidian is dropped.

Q3. Can obsidian be destroyed by ghasts?

As was previously mentioned, Obsidian has a blast resistance of 1,200 and Ghasts cannot destroy any blocks with a blast resistance of 26 or above. Thus, Ghasts are unable to demolish Obsidian.

Q4. Can crying obsidian make a portal?

If you don’t recharge Crying Obsidian, which requires four glowstones to fully charge, you can respawn in the Nether four times. Be cautious with that because, in survivor mode, sobbing obsidian can only be mined with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. A nether gateway cannot be constructed using crying obsidian.

Q5. Why do all my nether portals go to the same place?

The key is that the game searches for the nearest portal in the destination dimension, so if you construct both portals in the “right” locations (overworld x and z divided by 8 in the nether), before igniting either of them (Obviously, you will need an original set of portals to perform this), then you are ready to connect them accurately.


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