How To Make Water Elevator In Minecraft | The Easisest Way!

How To Make Water Elevator In Minecraft

Here we are talking about water elevators in Minecraft. What are water elevators, how do they function, what do you need to make water elevators and mainly how to make water elevator in Minecraft. 

Minecraft is a game in which there are multiple movable parts which you would love to discover through which you can construct many buildings in your own world. For those, there are so many ways existing through which one can build an elevator to travel up and down faster than usual. This guide is solely based upon a set of elevators which utilizes water to push you up and down.

Wanna go up and down in Minecraft? Well we cannot do that but water elevators can! And as always, we can help you with that. To know how to make water elevator in Minecraft, you need to Gather glass >> Craft a bucket >> Collect water >> Dive into the water >> Go to nether….. you have half of the guide, the other half you will get below in detail, but first go through the basics.

There are multiple ways to make a water elevator in Minecraft but there is only one real and effective way to achieve the same. This guide is going to show you how to make water elevator in Minecraft with water. Start reading if you are in! 

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What Is A Water Elevator In Minecraft?

What Is A Water Elevator In Minecraft?

We will learn how to make water elevator in Minecraft too, but first we will learn what the heck is this water elevator. Transportation becomes crucial when the case is about Minecraft. There are two different types of transportation in Minecraft, first one is horizontal along with horses or Minecraft systems and the other one is a vertical transportation system with elevators. There are multiple ways of building elevators with Redstone, but the only one and authentic method is to make it out of water. 

This section is all about water elevators which use water to push the player up and down. There is no chance of drowning inside as the method that we are going to discuss will create air bubbles for the player as you will be riding up and down. 

Water Elevators in Minecraft are the best mode of transportation to move up and down in the buildings and towers made by the players. Along with that, these are pretty easy to construct too, only if you follow our guide on how to make water elevator in Minecraft. Players of Minecraft can construct fantastic infrastructures of engineering in Minecraft. The sandbox’s entire list of raw materials lets players build huge towers, giant mansions and even clones of the Hawaiian Islands in Minecraft. But to move here and there to build these huge buildings, players might require a quick transportation system like water elevators to aid them in moving up and down their huge buildings.

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How To Make Water Elevator In Minecraft?

How To Make Water Elevator In Minecraft

So, this is the time! Time to learn how to make water elevator in Minecraft. In order to build a water elevator one must put two columns of blocks in such a way that an enclosed gap is created between them. After ensuring that the gap created is enclosed, put a couple of doors to prevent the water overflowing, fill the column up with water, next turn all the flowing water into the source blocks and at the end replace the block with your kelp with soul sand to make upward bubbles and a magma block to make downward bubbles.

No player wishes to spend his or her entire day solely riding up and down through the water elevator, so here we present an easy way to learn how to make water elevator in Minecraft.

Items Required:

  1. Glass
  2. Water bucket
  3. Door
  4. Kelp
  5. Soul sand (in order to move upwards)
  6. Magma block (in order to move downwards)

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Here’s the detailed guide you need to follow to know how to make water elevator in Minecraft: 

1. Gather your Glass

You need to collect the glasses before creating your water elevator. The number of glasses won’t matter but the suggested amount of the height of your water elevator is to figure out, upto what height it should be! You need to multiply this height with four. For example, if you want your elevator to go upto seven blocks, then bring 28 blocks of glass.

2. Get a Water Bucket

Now that you have brought your glass, you need to bring a water bucket for collecting water with it. You can easily craft the water bucket.

3. Dive into the Water

While you are in the water, dive into it. Here you get to find kelp if the body of the water comes out to be an ocean.

4. Go to the Nether

Here, you will get soul sand and magma blocks that you will need in constructing your water elevator. These two items can be found anywhere in the nether, so just go discover and get them.

5. Construct your Glass Enclosure

Now, when you have collected all the required raw materials, the first thing you are supposed to do is to construct your Glass Enclosure when creating a water elevator. This requires a hollow block in the centre of the four columns which you will create. You can make it as high as you want, based on the distance you are supposed to cover with your water elevator. Remember, that you are leaving a two-block tall hole in any one of the sides of the column. This hole will be the entrance from where you will enter in your water elevator.

6. Go into the Elevator

Next, enter into your water elevator. When your back is towards the elevator, put the door in the open space. This will prevent the water from flowing outside of the elevator.

7. Fill the elevator with Water from water bucket

After that, all you need to do is to fill the elevator with water with the help of the water bucket from the top block. This will help the water to flow downwards in between the glass blocks of your water elevator.

But there is a catch with this method, that every water block should be a source block. But you can fix this with the help of the kelp.

8. Fill your Water with Kelp

By placing the water-filled kelp, it will make each flowing water block a source block.

9. Replace the Blocks

At the end, all left for you to do is replace the block at the base of the elevator with the soul sand or a magma block. 

Replacing the block at the base with the soul sand will make the elevator push you upwards.

Replacing the block at the base with the magma block will make the elevator push you downwards.

Finally, you have successfully learnt how to make water elevator in Minecraft. So build one and enjoy its all

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Wrapping Up

This post is all about learning how to make water elevator in Minecraft., where we explained that water is not at all the hydration source in Minecraft, but we can’t say it isn’t crucial to it. Instead, it works as an important tool which can be used or as a mode of interaction with other materials. It’s necessary in the case of making crop farms which can then be used to feed livestock but it’s equally necessary in obsidian generators and in cobblestone.

The best way to use water is to transport players and mobes. All the credit goes to the way it interacts with the fall damage and some select blocks in the game, one can build a water elevator easily to get transported from one place to another very quickly. 

Water elevators are the best when you are in a situation to move up and down in your bottom. You can also use these to go down into the mineshaft or to go up to your secret base in the sky. Building a water elevator is the best way to travel in your Minecraft world and it doesn’t take much to know how to make water elevators in Minecraft. 

We hope that you have successfully learnt how to make water elevators in Minecraft through our article. In case of any doubt or question, remember we are always here to help! Just drop it in the comment section.


Q1. How Do You Make A Water Elevator With Soul Sand In Minecraft?

Ans. Players should ensure all the water blocks are the source for the elevator to work. Players  are supposed to plant kelp from the soul sand block at the bottom, right to the top. This will make all the water blocks a source. After this, kelp can be broken. 

Q2. Does Soul Sand Make Water Go Up?

Ans. Placing soul sand below the source water blocks creates a lifting bubble column, which raises to the surface items, players, entities and mobs inside the column.

Q3. Which Block Pushes You Up In Water?

Ans. Magma blocks wl pull players down from the top via water and the soul sand will push the players up via the water when placed at the bottom.

Q4. How To Make A Kelp Bubble Elevator? Place The Kelp

Ans. Head into the water elevator and put down kelp all the way from the bottom to the top. Each aced down piece of kelp will turn each block of water from flowing into a source block.after this, get back to the bottom of the elevator and break the bottom kelp, since you don’t need it anymore.

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