How To Make Google Bard Write Longer?

How To Make Google Bard Write Longer

Google Bard has been introduced as the assistant to help you with writing. We know, Bard is at the center of controversy too for placing misinformation. However, you can still experiment with Bard and make Google Bard write longer answers for your benefits. 

Google Bard as a conversational bot is the smartest among all as it has access to the internet and can generate answers with the latest information. Hence, it is a clever choice to make Google Bard write longer essays and answers for our educational benefit. 

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To make Google Bard write longer – you have to write good prompts. Provide more information, ask open-ended questions, request additional examples or details and also specify word counts through specific flags. 

It is claimed that Google overlooked the safety and ethical issue of Google Board and hastily launched the product to stay in competition with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, with time we have found that Google Bard has improved. Now you can make Google Bard do many things using the right prompts, including make Google Bard write longer essays or answers. 

How To Make Google Bard Write Longer? 

It is not difficult to make Google Bard write longer essays or answers. All you need to know how to play with your prompts and some secrets under your sleeves. Here are some tricks that you will find useful: 

1. Provide more input

Google Bard’s answer is hugely dependent on the amount of information you shared with this AI chatbot. So make sure you are covering as much information as possible in your prompts so that Google Bard can cover a greater range and write an insightful essay longer in length. 

2. Ask open-ended questions

Frame more open-ended questions than questions that can be answered with simple Yes and No. You have to make sure that Bard has to put its own thoughts and explain the subject that you are requesting. Your questions should be short yet influential to write explanatory answers. 

3. Request additional examples

If you think Google Bard is generating short answers and you want to make Google Bard write longer answers, then ask Bard to add examples supportive of the answer. Also, make sure that Google Bard has to explain each example and elaborates on the subject. 

4. Experiment with different prompts

Google Bard Prompts play a major role to make Google Bard write longer answers. You should find prompts that help you to give more input and surely are open-ended, so that Google Bard becomes bound to answer your questions elaborately. 

5. Break down complex questions

Your queries should be simple and short. Bard may take longer to process complex questions and come up with short answers as most of the questions were not processed in the right way. Bard is still at the experimental stage and it is learning continuously from our interaction. Hence, passing information with small sentences will help Hard to digest it better and come up with more fascinating answers. 

How To Make Google Bard Writing Long Essays? 

Now that we have discussed how to make Google Bard write longer answers, the procedure to make Google Bard writing long essays follows a similar rule. Whether it is about writing an essay, article, or long answer, you have to come up with good prompts and well-formed questions. Here are the steps to make ChatGPT writing the long essay:

Step 1: Open Bard in your browser and log in.

Step 2: Now gather your notes to form detailed questions. 

Step 3: Find an ideal prompt for writing long essays. Add the prompt and fill up the necessary information from your collected notes. 

Step 4: Also you can instruct Bard within the prompt to write a certain number of words [for example 1000 words essay or 2000 words essay] to make the essay longer. 

Step 5: Hit the submit button and wait a few seconds and watch Bard write a longer essay for you.

How To Write SEO Optimized Articles Using Google Bard?

To make Google Bard write longer as well as SEO-optimized articles, follow these steps:

Use Relevant keywords: Your prompts should have clear keywords with both primary and secondary tags. Also, you can mention how many times you want those keywords repeated in the answer. 

Easy to read: Make sure your prompts are clear enough for Google Bard to generate answers in simple yet insightful sentences. Ask to add distinct headings and bullet points and break the long answer into multiple paragraphs. 

Include Images and Videos: Ask Google Bard to refer to the ideal image and video links that can be included in the article to make it more SEO-friendly. 

Choose Ideal Length: Share with Google Bard, the ideal length of the article you are looking forward to achieving. You can make Google Bard write longer articles by prompting word count like ‘write 4 pages essay’ or ‘write 2000 words article’. Publishing an ideal-length article will help you to boost your SEO. 

How To Make Google Bard Write More Words? 

You can make Google Bard write longer articles or essays with appropriate prompts that specify the word count and include more inputs. Moreover, your question should be open-ended leaving Bard to explore more about the topic. Here are a few ideal examples for you:

  • Example 1:

“Write a 1000-word essay that covers various approaches to earning and dealing in Cryptocoins in the United States. Include facts about laws as well as share ideas on how to generate more Crypto coins.”

  • Example 2:

“Write a 6-page college application essay about what I enjoyed in my school life. I am applying to the Biology course and wish to join Meds. My best friend in school is Tom, and he is applying to the same college. Explain that I have enjoyed school trips and earned scout boy badges despite having autism.”

What Are The Drawbacks of Using Google Bard To Write Long Essays? 

You can make Google Bard write longer essays, but there are some drawbacks too that you need to consider first: 

Lack of Originality: If someone else is using the same prompts as you, then your essay won’t be unique. Also, it will come under plagiarism. 

Inaccurate Information: Google Bard is not safe to use as this AI was caught several times placing inaccurate information. It is admitted by Google employees. Hence, relying on Google Bard-generated essays can cost you dearly. 

Insufficient understanding: No matter how accurately you place the information for Google Bard, the AI bot can misunderstand your question and as a result generate wrong answers. 

Ethical considerations: Google Bard has certain limits to ethical considerations. Hence, if you are taking help from Bard to generate school essays or college essays, you have to review the generated article very carefully. 

Limited critical thinking: Google is prone to generate answers straight based on the information shared in the prompts or as a question. Hence, the lack of imagination and critical thinking will limit the insight of the essay. 


It is true that we are becoming more and more dependent on Google Bard for generating answers and essays for us. But, is it okay to rely on Google Bard blindly? So far, there is evidence that Bard is placing misinformation in the answers and sharing some dangerous ideas that can raise ethical questions. So if you are looking forward to make Google Bard write longer essays for educational benefits, you need to be more careful. 

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