Is Google Bard Ethical?

Is Google Bard Ethical?

AI enthusiasts from all over the world, celebrating the launch of the much anticipated Google Bard. While Google Bard seems to be a know-it and has a response to all your queries, concerned users wonder is Google Bard ethical, or if it is a “pathological liar”, as stated by former Google employees. Do you think Google Bard was launched as a desperate attempt to curb ChatGPT? Is there a potential threat of using Google Bard? Read on to have your questions answered.

Google, the most popular search engine which has dominated the market, was in a dilemma with the launch of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot created by OpenAI. This poses a serious threat to Google’s dominance, and in a desperate attempt to fend off AI competitors, Google Bard was launched on 21 April 2023. It is an AI chatbot that generates responses to the user’s queries.

18 of the current and former Google employees allege that Google ignored its own ethics to push the launch of Google Bard. Is Google Bard ethical, raises concerns among all AI enthusiasts, making them wonder if it is safe for public use.

Students, researchers, and authors make use of Google Bard to gather information. If Google Bard poses ethical issues regarding the authenticity of the content generated, it poses a severe threat that makes users question if Google Bard ethical to use. 

How Ethical Is Google Bard?

The rise of the AI technology has been imminent in recent years. Major players like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI, have launched their own versions of AI chatbots. The scope and capabilities of AI chatbots like Google Bard know no bounds. While most users benefit from Bard, some users have raised concerns about Google Bard Ethical issues, wondering if the newly launched AI chatbot is ready for use.

Ethics is a moral philosophy that allows one to differentiate between right from wrong. Can AI chatbots like Google Bard really practice ethics? Is Google Bard ethical is the main concern of most users. In a shocking revelation, some Google LLC employees who were working on Bard reported to Bloomberg that the tech giant rushed the release of the AIchatbot, disregarding ethical issues. 18 of Google’s current and former employees have stated that Google’s internal safety team apparently decided to “overrule a risk evaluation” so that they can launch it pronto.

Concerned employees state that the main reason why Google decided to release Google Bard as an experiment, and was initially made available for selected users, was due to Google Bard ethical concerns. Google strategically decided to release Google Bard as an experiment and further develop it based on user feedback. 

Ethical Consideration That Should Be Taken Care By Google Bard 

The idea of conversing with a chatbot is exciting for all AI enthusiasts, especially when it comes from a tech giant like Google. With new technology arises concerns of ethics, safety, and privacy. Advances in machine learning with AI bots have complicated matters even more, with Google Bard ethical considerations being the primary source of concern. 

Google should take the ethical considerations of Google Bard very seriously, and should not compromise on user’s safety. The two most important ethical considerations that should take care of by Google Bard on priority are,

1. Data Privacy And User Consent

Chatbots like Google  Bard are always connected to the internet. This makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking. If a chatbot is easy to hack, all the personal information of the user has the risk of being stolen. Privacy is a serious concern and as users, it is our responsibility not to share sensitive personal data with the chatbot. 

Google Bard’s chatting mechanism is designed to understand users’ interests and personalities. It records all the user’s queries and generates responses based on earlier replies. However, Google should take into account the data protection of all user information and include the necessary tools and policies that restrict data access.

Note: Google Bard’s Privacy Policy explains all the data collected by Google Bard, and how it makes use of the data.

2. Transparency And Accountability

Google must comply with Information rights management for the prevention of data loss and to ensure transparency of all user data. It should restrict sharing of sensitive user information. Large business and government organizations who make use of Google Bard should check the accountability of the AI chatbot, before using it to gather user information.

Google must ensure the transparency of all user data that is collected, and acknowledge that it is held accountable if there is a potential threat involved in any way. Google Bard ethical considerations are of imminent concern, and it is absolutely essential that Google is responsible and accountable for its AI chatbot.

Note: Google Bard publishes a Transparency Report with all the necessary information about how Google Bard collects and uses the data.

What Are The Potential Risks And Threats Of Google Bard? 

Cybercriminals make use of AI chatbots as tools to level up their cyber attacks. Debate on Google Bard ethical concerns is creating a tremendous buzz among the AI networking circles. High level of potential risks and threats that Google Bard pose, are imminent and cannot be shrugged off as leverage. 

Invasion of privacy, misuse of data, biased responses, ethical concerns, and compromise of personal information are evident with Google Bard. 

1. Can Be Used To Spread Misinformation

The rise of AI technology is said to be the death of authenticity. AI chatbots like Google Bard are used predominantly as a source for research by researchers, students, and educators. It is also present in the field of journalism where its impact is huge, as it aids journalists to generate reports on current news.

AI technology is so advanced that the creation of synthetic media, making use of deepfakes and tweaked videos with synthetic audio is all possible just by entering the right query. These act as major tool for spreading misinformation. Google Bard ethical issue poses an imminent threat as there exists an ethical-legal gap between the fast growth of AI technologies and the lack of appropriate government policies. 

2. Can Be Used To Generate Spam

Google Bard can be added as an extension to your Google Chrome web browser. Users who access the Google Bard web page can add various Google services as plugins for easy access. Google Bard is most commonly used for writing emails, consolidating and briefing the contents of all the emails. 

While using Google Bard for your Gmail is a very handy feature, it also poses a serious threat to your privacy, as the AI chatbot has easy and direct access to all your emails. It can be manipulated by phishers, to send spam messages. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the existing spam messages and uses its patterns to create new spam. It can also use its Machine Learning algorithms (ML) to generate similar spam messages.

3. Can Be Used To Create Hate Speech

Hate Speech is an emotional way of attacking a person or a group, based on attributes like their race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender orientation, etc. AI chatbots like Google Bard can be used to create hate speech in a number of ways. As Google Bard makes use of NLP, it can analyze all the existing data on hate speech, to create its own version. It can make use of ML to generate hate speech that is tailored to target specific users.

Does Google Bard Obtain User Consent For Data Collection?

Yes, Google Bard obtains user consent for data collection. While every user interaction with Google Bard for the very first time, you will be asked for your consent to collect certain data like your IP address, browsing history, and device information. You can revoke your consent if you want to, at any time. All you have to do is delete your Google Bard account.

Is Google Bard Transparent About Its Data Usage?

Yes, Google Bard is transparent about its data usage. Its Privacy Policy explains in detail all the data collected by Google Bard and how it uses the collected data. It also explains how you can control it all in your Privacy Settings. Google Bard ethical concerns can be put to rest, as it periodically publishes a Transparency Report that provides all the information about the data collected by Google Bard and how it uses it.

Does Google Bard Prioritize User Privacy?

Yes, Google Bard prioritizes user privacy for all users and is committed to protecting all personal information. It has given control of the user’s privacy settings, entirely to the user. It obtains user consent for data collection, during the very first interaction. The data that is collected regarding the device and browsing history will be solely used to provide a better user experience with Google Bard.

Google Bard’s Privacy Policy explains in detail all the data that is collected and gives control of the privacy settings over to the user. Additionally, it also provides a transparency report explaining the usage of collected data. Google Bard ethical implications can be relaxed as it makes use of encryption to protect the data, from all unauthorized users, by saving it all in secured servers.

Wrap Up

We should admit that Google Bard is committed to protecting the privacy of all users. However, practical implications regarding AI chatbots are still unknown, even to the developers. Google Bard is still in the beta testing phase, making it susceptible to malicious attacks, posing a serious threat to cyber security. 

As users, it is our responsibility to know about Google Bard’s Privacy Policy and understand its legitimacy. Instead of contemplating the Google Bard ethical issues, let us take the necessary precautionary steps to protect ourselves from all potential risks posed by AI chatbots like Google Bard.

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