How To Make A Kahoot Public? Easy And Simple Tutorial 2023!

How To Make A Kahoot Public

One can have an account on Kahoot all for free. They can make use of this game at get togethers or family gatherings, but how to make a Kahoot public so they can also play this with you? If you don’t know then stay tuned cuz a lot more is coming next!

One can play Kahoot to catch up with everyone and take a peek in their daily lives. This can also be played at business meetings to examine if your colleagues are attentive enough! This blog post from Deasilex will explain how to make a Kahoot public in your device.

Here’s how to make a Kahoot public: Create A Kahoot > My Kahoots > Select Kahoot > Public and done! But if you are unaware of the process of how to create a Kahoot or how to share a Kahoot as a student then this article will help you in that too! 

You get three options to share your Kahoot with your audience. Either it can be Unlisted, Private or Public. In Public sharing you can make your Kahoot reach a higher audience. To make that possible you need to learn how to make a Kahoot public. 

How To Make A Kahoot Public? 

How To Make A Kahoot Public

Kahoot is an amiable and chummy quiz place which has gained popularity among the students mainly through the past few years. Students get to practice and relish their chapters and syllabus by responding to the questions that are published on the site.

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If you have ever tried creating and sharing a Kahoot then you must know that you cannot make them public. The only way to make a Kahoot public is by creating specific Kahoot. Through this you will be able to access its sharing facilities. 

For learning how to make a Kahoot public you must have a Kahoot ready at your end and for creating a Kahoot you can follow the given guidelines properly:

Login > Create A Kahoot > My Kahoots > Select Kahoot > Share > Public 

Step 01: Head to your Web Browser and open the official Kahoot Website on your device.

You can head to create.kahoot, login for creating a Kahoot on your desktop or mobile phone. If you are underage ( in US -13 or outside from US – 16) then you have to create a kid account to secure your privacy as there are higher chances of getting a regular Kahoot account deleted by the brand due to higher amount of information collection. 

Step 02: Login To Your Kahoot Account.

You can access your Google Account or Microsoft Account to Log In. If you do not own an account on Kahoot then you can sign up by heading to Kahoots’s official website and clicking on the “Not Got An Account?” button. Next you have to select an option explaining why you are using Kahoot to proceed further and own a free Kahoot account. 

Step 03: Click On The Create Button.

You will find this button at the right side of the website, next to the Upgrade Now button. If you have created a fresh account, you will find a box in the center of the website that asks you to Create Kahoot.

Step 04: Select A Template Or Create A New Game From Scratch.

If you click on the Select A Template button then you will get a pre-filled out game to access and make changes. But if you select the Create A New Game button then you have to start creating a game from the beginning and will get a blank form to fill.

After creating a game you have to change the Kahoot title, cover image, save-to location, description and language. 

Step 05: Next click on the Add Question and Select A Question Type.

By doing so you will be adding a new title to your Kahoot game, either be it a quiz, poll, puzzle, slide, word cloud or true/false. If an orange colored crown is appearing at the right corner of your title then you are supposed to buy their subscription to access it.

In order to add a text question, enter your text into the “Click To Start Typing Your Question” box. Then enter their answers in the boxes given below the image field and tap to select the correct answer. One can add an image to the image box by clicking on the Image Library, Upload Image or YouTube link.

You can adjust the time that the audience has to answer your question by clicking the number at the left side of your question. The standard period is 20 seconds.

Step 06: Click On The Done Button.

You will find this button at the top right corner of the tab. Once you are done creating your Kahoot and wish to get back to your Dashboard, you can click on this.

After saving your game, a pop-up will appear, asking you to preview your game or share it with others. You can only share your Kahoot with those who have an account on Kahoot already!

NOTE: If you are using a Kahoot for commercial purposes then you have to buy their Subscription plan.

After creating a Kahoot it’s time to learn how to make a Kahoot public. Follow these step to make your Kahoot public: 

Home Screen > My Kahoots >  Select Kahoot > Public 

Step 01: Tap on the My Kahoots button at the Home Screen.

Step 02: Next select the Kahoot and click on the Public button.

By doing so, you will be granting access to the opening and playing it to everyone new to your Kahoot. Now you have successfully learnt how to make a Kahoot public.

If you are a student and use Kahoot to gain knowledge and don’t know how to make a Kahoot public then follow the given guide to share your Kahoot as a student:

Login > My Kahoots > Share > Enter Details > Share

Step 01: Login to your Kahoot account using your authentic credentials.

Step 02: Next click on the My Kahoots button and select the Kahoot which you want to share.

Step 03: Now click on the share button and enter the username of the user with whom you want to share your Kahoot with. 

Step 04: After that, click on the share button to grant access to the other user to play it!

Considering that you have successfully learnt how to make a Kahoot public as a student and now are finding it easy to do so!

Wrapping Up

If you want to share a Kahoot publicly but don’t know how to make a Kahoot public? Then let us tell you it’s the utmost easy process to follow. You can alter your Kahoot sharing statuses whenever you want by just following the details given in the above article where we have explained how to make a Kahoot public in detail. 

Our comment section is always open for any doubt, queries or suggestions. For more daily life or technical hacks and tricks follow @Deasilex.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Change My Kahoot From Private To Public? 

Edit the visibility of your Kahoot from the Library page by accessing the Settings. Under the Library, click on the button at the right side of your username under the Kahoot and you will be good to go!

Q. Can Students Make Kahoots Public?

A student cannot make their Kahoot accessible for everyone. They are only allowed to start assignments with the featured Kahoots.

Q. How Do You Make Kahoot Questions Visible To Everyone?

It’s available for everyone to access for free. Just launch a Kahoot that you want to host in your class. Click on the Play button and select the Teach option. From the Game options screen, scroll down to General and switch the following options on “Show Questions And Answers On Player’s Devices”.

Q. How Do You Share A Kahoot 2023?

Head to and login then open any one Kahoot that you want to share  and click on the three dots at the right side of the Kahoot. Then click on the share button.

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