How to Add Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions | 2023

How to Add Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions

Your Tumblr blog’s description area will look better and be more vibrant if you upload an image. You can use the Edit HTML tool supplied by the service to find the code that inserts the description box to your website and manually add an image using HTML tags. You must host the image to add pictures to Tumblr descriptions.

Including photographs in your Tumblr descriptions gives your page more visual appeal and life. Add pictures to Tumblr descriptions – a compelling image next to a relevant text in your blog will increase the likelihood that readers will obtain information you want them all to view.

The first step to add pictures to Tumblr descriptions – prepare the URL for the GIF or image you want to display in your sidebar. If you’d like, you can have it open in a different tab. Use the URL from the right-click menu to “Open image in new window” if the gif or image you desire is located on a website. Use the Tumblr static uploader if the image you wish to use is on your computer. Let’s go through the blog for details.

How to Add Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions?

The following guidelines will let you add pictures to Tumblr descriptions on a desktop computer or mobile app.

How to Add Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions – Dektop

Step 1: Choose the URL for the image you want to include. You may need to generate an image URL to add pictures to Tumblr descriptions if you don’t have one already.

Making ensuring your image is prepared in the sidebar is the first step. The image can be displayed on your computer in a different tab. The URL can also be copied to your desktop. If the image is located on another website, you can right-click it and choose to “open in a new window.”

Step 2: Go to the page marked “Edit Theme.”

Log into your Tumblr account, and pick “select your blog” by clicking on the human icon in the right hand corner of your screen. After choosing “edit appearance,” choose “edit theme.”

Step 3: Select “Customize Panel”

Editing the description box is the final step to add pictures to Tumblr descriptions. To edit the description box, go to the customize panel and select the description option. Put the copied HTML code in the description section (from ImgBB). The image you initially chose in step 1 will be displayed as the end result.

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How to Add Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions – Mobile App

Your mobile app’s instructions to add Pictures to Tumblr descriptions are fairly similar to those on a computer.

Step 1: Upload the image you want and copy the HTML code that the image host provides. See Step 1 for desktop for further information.

Step 2:  Launch the Tumblr app on your phone or tablet and tap the account icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: After opening the blog, choose the “edit appearance” option, which has a pallet-like icon.

Step 4: Tap the description box and enter the HTML code for the chosen image there. This is the final step to add pictures to Tumblr descriptions. To make changes to the description, click the “update” button. After making your changes, save your work.

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Add pictures to Tumblr descriptions – How to Get the Picture URL?

To add pictures to Tumblr descriptions you can generate an image URL by uploading it to Imgur. Steps to follow:

Step 1: To upload your own picture, visit Imgur.

Step 2: Tap on “upload images”

Step 3: Choose the desired image by clicking “browse your computer” on the menu.

Step 4: Right-click, and then choose “view image”

Step 5: Observe the link in the address bar and save it.

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Final Thoughts

The procedures listed above are a general guide to add pictures to Tumblr descriptions. However, when it comes to your Tumblr description, you can demonstrate your inventiveness. Make sure to stay inside your specific specialty and pay attention to how well your material connects with your audience.


Q1. How do you add a picture to a text post on Tumblr?

Any post that you are reblogging will have a space for a caption. You can see a camera button on the post form’s right side. To upload pictures from your PC, click here.

Q2. Why do people put image descriptions on Tumblr?

The main goal of producing picture descriptions is to make visual content accessible to those who are blind or have poor eyesight. Screen readers are programs that read text aloud when it is clicked or moved over with the mouse by persons who are blind or have low vision.

Q3. How do you customize your description on Tumblr?

Highlight the text you need to alter if you typed your bio in the Description box, then make the necessary changes. If you dedicated a full page of your blog to your bio, edit it by clicking the “Edit” button on the page’s bar. This will open the Edit Page window.

Q4. How do you start a picture description?

Here is how to write a great and authentic picture description:

  1. Create a concise title for the image and describe it with timeless details.
  2. Provide Background Information for the Image to Make It Relevant to the Subject
  3. Improve Your Work

Q5. How do you add multiple pictures to a Tumblr post?

Here is how to add mass pictures to a Tumblr post:

  1. Enter your Tumblr login information.
  2. Press the “Photo” button.
  3. Select “Browse”
  4. Select the image and then choose “Open.”
  5. For each additional picture you would like to add to the queue, click “Add Another Photo.”
  6. To upload a photo, click.
  7. Select “Publish Now” from the drop-down menu next to “Publish Now.”
  8. Enter the date you want the post to go live by clicking “Post Date.”
  9. To schedule a post, click.

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