How To Make Money On Threads? Be The First!!

How To Make Money On Threads?

The fight is on! Meta has launched their so-called Twitter alternative – Threads! Finally, we have the first look at Threads and it’s as cool as we have ever expected. But, the bigger question is can we make money on Threads too? Is it going to be as opportunistic as Instagram? 

Exploiting social media to make business is not a new trend. In fact, Meta’s monetization advantage looks so promising that the content creators are looking forward to making some good deals on this platform. Come, it’s time to make money on Threads now!

To make money on Threads,

You have to be a passionate content creator, along with strong sense of Affiliate Marketing, Brand Promotions and Growing Connections!!

Justifying the name, ‘Threads’ offers a unique [or should we say ‘same as Twitter! opportunity to share a discussion thread that may include texts [500  characters], links, videos, and photos. This decentralized social platform also allows you to control who can see your Threads, Threads replies, or add to a Thread. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Facebook and Instagram parent Meta unveiled their new app ‘Thread’ on 6th July 2023 at 10 am ET. 
  2. Meta’s monetization advantage is promising to indulge the influencers to join Threads and make money. 
  3. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is taking advantage of Twitter’s troubles and trying to fill up the gap! 

How To Make Money On Threads – 3 Golden Ways

Who does not love making some extra money from social media? Especially, if you are a full-time influencer, then you can’t miss the opportunity to hit first in this newly launched social media app called Threads. Here are three golden ways to make money on Threads: 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Like it or not, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has slowly turned all of these social media promising platforms for affiliate marketing. Threads are also likely to follow the same path! If you are an influencer, let’s prepare yourself to start affiliate marketing on Threads in the early stage and make some cash!

2. Promote Your Brand

You can and have to promote your brand to make money on Threads! Let’s start making your footprint in this newly launched social app and start captivating as many followers as possible before more brands start invading this new app – Threads. 

3. Grow Connections And Send Traffic To Your Website

Launched on 6th July 2023, Threads has immense potential as a social media to grow connections. This app is long-awaited and untapped. As a persuasive influencer, you should start exploring this social platform as soon as possible and make money on Threads by making more connections and diverting as much traffic as possible to your website! 

Meta’s Monetization Advantage

The rising unrest at Twitter is crushing the popularity of this amazing discussion-based social media platform, and it is obvious that some other social platform will rise to fill the gap. In this case, the rising Twitter alternative is Threads. 

The Twitter drama was so buzzing that many advertisers pulled out from Twitter. According to a report, Twitter’s domestic advertising revenue is down by 59% [compared to the previous year]. 

On the other hand, Meta is pulling in more advertisers now than ever before. According to a report by Insiderintelligence, 84% of all content creators are now on Instagram, while only 8.3% of content creators are engaged with Twitter. 

Hence, Meta’s Instagram is by far the most popular social media for creators who are looking forward to making money on social media. Now that you can connect Instagram to Threads, it is opening a whole new world of opportunities for content creators to make more money. So if you want to make money on Threads, rest assured Meta’s monetization advantage is worth taking a risk to launch your content in this new social app. 

Musk Vs. Zuckerberg – Taking Advantage Of Twitter Chaos

The growing rivalry between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has now intensified as Meta has launched Threads – a new ‘Twitter alternative’ or we dare say ‘Twitter Killer’! Zuckerberg is no doubt trying to exploit and capitalize on Twitter’s chaos, but the fight has become more personal since, Elon Musk Tweeted to Zuckerberg on Jun 21, 2023, that he is interested in holding a cage match if Zuckerberg is willing to, LOL!

We don’t know how long these two social media tycoons will continue backlashing each other, but launching Threads is definitely a super move to taking advantage of Twitter chaos. And, Meta is surely going to indulge the creators to join this new social platform with their unique monetization plans and promises. So, take a leap and look forward to making money on Threads!


According to a memo released in the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk is projecting a loss of almost $20 billion on the purchase of Twitter as most of the advertisers backed out! In contrast, Meta is rising as a more promising competitor in terms of monetization. Hence, joining Threads in its early days will surely expose you to some great opportunities to make some good money. Wish to make money on Threads? Share your Thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is There A Threads Android App?

Threads Android app is now available on Play Store. You can download the app from playstore and login with your Instagram account to continue with the app. 

Q2: Can You Use Threads On Desktop?

Considering Thread is a replica of Twitter, we are expecting that there will be a desktop version of Thread. However, it is not confirmed by Meta yet. 

Q3: Do You Need An Instagram Account To Use Threads?

It is not mandatory to have an Instagram account to use Threads. However, if you have an Instagram account, you will have the privilege to join Threads using your Instagram account and interlink these two platforms. 

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