Here’s How to Make the Most of the Solar System for home this Summer

Here’s How to Make the Most of the Solar System for home this Summer

Solar systems for homes are revolutionizing the way we use energy. A solar system uses solar panels to generate power. Solar panels are a sustainable and environment friendly energy source. They assist you in obtaining energy in the same way as plants do directly from the sun’s photons. That means, unlike a thermoelectric generator, you won’t have to buy any fuel to produce electricity. You will no longer have to be concerned about inflated bills, especially in the summers.

Here’s How to Make the Most of the Solar System for home this Summer

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When you use solar panels to cool your house, you are doing it for free. Isn’t it amazing that the same sun that makes your house unbearably hot will also fuel your home’s cooling system?

Let’s have a look at how you can make the most of the solar system for the home:

  1. During the Day, Use High-Consumption Machines

Air conditioner, washing machine, and kitchen chimneys are appliances in a home that use most of the electricity. These can easily be fitted with timer switches to operate during the day, while the solar generator on the roof generates a large amount of output that can be directly used.

  1.  Disable the Standby Mode

Many electrical devices (kitchen appliances, TVs, laptops, game consoles) consume electricity even when not in use. When you calculate how many electrical devices are in a typical home, the standby consumption can be determined. As a result, such devices should be physically isolated from the circuit when not in use, using switchable sockets.

  1. Get A Solar Battery

We have more hours of sunlight during the summer months. Taking advantage of the abundant light will assist you in storing the energy produced by your solar panels. A solar battery is one way to do this. Solar batteries help in the storage of excess solar energy for later use. If your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, the excess energy is used to charge the battery. Another way to store electricity from your solar panels is to adjust the time of the day in which you use it from evening to daylight. An efficient battery and a durable panel make up a good solar system for home.

  1. Maintain and Clean Your Solar System Regularly

During the summer, it’s common for solar panels to become obscured with dust and pollen, which can significantly impact a system’s performance. It’s important to keep the panels free of debris. Fortunately, most pollen, dust, and debris are washed away by rain. If you live somewhere where it rarely rains, you can use a garden hose to clean pollen and dust off your solar panels. When washing your panels, make sure to use demineralized water, as hard water can cause corrosion over time.

Fortunately, solar systems for home are now an affordable option. The Central Government is giving various subsidies and incentives to encourage people to install solar panels at home. With summers approaching, everyone wants to keep their energy bills to a minimum, but the increasing need for air conditioners seems to make it difficult. Therefore, this is a good time to get a solar system for home. The initial set up cost might be high, but the returns you will get are worth it. Reputed brands like Luminous help you set up an ideal solar system for your home. Check out their website to explore solar panels, solar batteries and solar inverters. They also have a team of experienced and skilled technicians who can guide you in making the right decision.

What are you waiting for? Visit a nearby store or browse through their website to explore more.

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