How To Reset Notes Password | The Ultimate Solution

How To Reset Notes Password

Apple allows its users to protect their notes in the inbuilt Apple Notes application to make sure no one accessed it secretly or without their knowledge. If you have also protected the Notes app in your iOS, iPhone, Mac or iPad device but now are finding difficulty in logging in because of losing the password, here’s good news you can now reset it. Yes, let’s see how to reset notes password.

There are many reasons because of which one can lose or forget their Notes password. But now, Apple has allowed you all to change your password anytime you feel like to make sure that your password is a bit prone to get hacked or cracked by anyone. Through this you can secure your pre-existing and future coming notes. In addition, if you have biometrics turned on – before losing your password – you can use and recover your important information from your protected notes with the help of this guide on how to reset notes password.

Here how to reset notes password, Settings > Notes > Password > Apple ID > OK > Confirm > Reset > Password > New Password > Re-enter > Add Clue > Done. Chill, it’s not as difficult as it appears! We will be explaining further how!

You can now save your notes from all the secret bombers who desperately try to sneak into your secrets by learning how to reset notes password. Come, let’s see how it actually works!

How To Reset Notes Password?

How To Reset Notes Password

To secure your Apple Notes you can either set a password or biometrics. In other words, you either have to enter the password or verify yourself with Face ID/Touch ID to view, add or edit notes in the Notes app on your iPhone. Through this, no one except you will get the authority to access your notes. But if you ever forget the password of your Notes in your iPhone, iPad or Mac then you have the option to reset it and switch to a new Notes password, in order to keep it protected. 

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In case, you have your biometrics on, then not only the password but also the lost data will come back with the help of it. And even if you forget your password you can still access it if you remember what your clue/hint was while you were setting up your password. Luckily, if a person loses his/her Notes password, they can reset it and recover the lost data if they had their biometrics turned on and start from a fresh note to prevent losing data again.

To learn how to reset notes password this detailed guide. But before that, you need your Apple ID account and it’s password to Log into your account and go after the instructions given below to reset Notes password:

Settings > Notes App > Password > Enter Apple ID > Reset > New Password > Renter > Add Hint > Done.

Steps 01: Launch Settings app from the Home Screen of your iPhone device.

Step 02: Scroll and find Notes app, once found click on it. 

Step 03: Under Notes app click on the Password option.

Step 04: Enter your Apple ID password in the required field and post that, click OK.

How To Reset Notes Password

Step 05: A pop up will appear asking if you want to reset your password, tap on the Reset Password button for confirmation.

Step 06: Enter a New Password in exchange of the older one in the Set Password bar and re-enter the same password again for verification.

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Step 07: Next, you will be asked to add a Hint to your password which may help you in future to recall your password.

Step 08: Once you are done with that, click on the Save button to assure the changes made.

How To Reset Notes Password

Now you have successfully learnt how to reset notes password. From now on, all your future notes will be accessed through using the new password. Make sure you remember this one! If you added a hint, ensure that no one should know about it or else there are chances of invading your secrecy. Turn on your biometrics too, to create a backup for your data even if you somehow forgets the password.

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And in future if you ever be able to recall your older password and successfully unlock your notes through it, the. You will find a pop-up saying Update Your Password, it’s an option to up-to-date all your latest and previous notes accessing the older password.

You just need to tap on the Update button to access your recent password for all your Apple devices. Tap on the No reject and continue accessing the old password.

How To Retrieve Information From Secured Notes App On iPhone? 

How To Reset Notes Password | The Ultimate Solution

Retrieving lost data from the Notes app on an iPhone is only possible when you have turned on your Touch ID or Face ID earlier, while setting your Notes password. In situations where you don’t remember your password anymore, the face and touch locks can save you by still verifying you with the help of the biometrics.

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Here are the instructions for recovering the locked data in your Notes: 

Notes App > Open Locked Note > View Note > Verify > Copy Note > Home Screen > New Note > Paste > Save

Step 01: Launch the Notes app on your iPhone device.

Step 02: Enter the locked note with the information which you want to retrieve.

Step 03: Tap on the Lock icon at the top right side of the screen or you can click on View Note.

Step 04: Verify yourself with the help of either Touch Or Face ID, whatever is supported on your device.

Step 05: After entering the note, select and Copy all the content you feel is important.

How To Reset Notes Password | The Ultimate Solution

Step 06: Head back to the Home Screen of the Notes app and click on the New Note icon at the base of the right corner to create a new note.

Step 07: Paste whatever the information you copied from the locked note.

And done! You can further put a lock in this note too! Accessing your new password, which we have mentioned above in how to reset notes password section.

Wrap Up

It’s pretty common for iPhone users to lose their passwords because of too many to remember, which cause the loss of all your notes because of being unable to access them – but no more, cuz now you can reset them and set a new one instead of your iPhone or iPad with the help of this guide on how to reset notes password. And not only resetting your password but also to regain the locked note’s content we have mentioned all up here!

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Till then toodles!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Change Notes Password On My iPhone?

For altering your Notes Password you must know your previous password. Here is how to reset notes password:

Settings > Notes App > Password > Enter Apple ID > Reset > New Password > Renter > Add Hint > Done.

Q. Do Apple Notes Save Automatically?

Click on the Lock Screen with your Apple Pencil and create your note. Whatever you write will be saved by default.

Q. How Do I Change My Notes Password If I Don’t Know It?

Unfortunately, there is no chance that one can alter their Notes password without knowing the previous one. Although, if you have your biometrics turned on you can unlock and access your notes with the help of touch or face ID.

Q. For How Long iPhone Notes Are Stored?

Your notes are stored for 30 days from the day of being created. To learn more about how to reset notes password, you can refer to the above article.

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