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How To Mint NFT On An iPhone

Do you think that you need a different set-up to mint NFTs? If yes, then you are wrong, my friend. You can even mint NFTs On Your iPhone. No, we aren’t joking. The post below will tell you how to mint NFT on an iPhone. Don’t worry, it is easier than you think.  

NFTs are the most-talked topic nowadays. If you want to sell an NFT, you should know that it is important to mint it before selling. So, if you are planning to do it on your phone, you need a specific application on your device. We are here with a list of a few applications from the Apple app store. You can also create the NFTs using these apps. 

There are several applications for iPhone out there that will help you in minting the NFTs. We have listed the best ones out of them below.

Best NFT Apps For iPhone   

Best NFT Apps For iPhone   

Here is a list of the best apps for the iPhone that will help in creating, minting, or selling NFT. 


Sketcher is an app that will help you create, mint, and sell an NFT. It uses augmented reality training. This app owns its NFT marketplace. Sketcher is an all-in-one art tutorial app. 

2. GoArt

This is an app for the one who loves traditional art. GoArt is an easy-to-use app with AI filters at its best. You can sell NFT on established marketplaces with this app. 

3. OpenSea

OpenSea allows you to browse the world’s largest NFTs marketplace on the iPhone. You can browse and even tag art for purchasing it later. 

4. NFT Go

NFTGo is an all-rounder app that allows you to share the NFT at multiple marketplaces. You can create, buy, and sell NFTs here. You can also mint NFTs and upload the NFTs to multiple marketplaces. 

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5. NFT Creator

It is an app for the ones who love memes. You can make fun and bright pictures here. You can easily create NFTs and sell them on large marketplaces

6. PixelChain

It is an easy-to-use app for creating NFT art. You can mint the art on the Ethereum blockchain with this app. Not just this but, you can also sell the art on the OpenSea marketplace. 

7. Pixl

This app enables you to create NFTs and sell them on multiple marketplaces. One of the eye-catching features of this app is its integration with Instagram.  

8. NinjaFT

This app makes use of the most secure Binance Smart Chain platform. You can connect your crypto wallet to use this app.

You can choose any of the apps mentioned above for minting NFT on an iPhone. They will help you to mint NFT on an iPhone. We will elaborate on two ways for minting NFT on an iPhone for your better understanding. 

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How To Mint NFT On An iPhone

Given below are the steps involved in minting the NFTs using the iPhone applications.

NFT Go App

How To Mint NFT On An iPhone

You can use this app for minting an NFT. It allows minting on the Ethereum and polygon chain. Go through the steps mentioned below to know how to mint NFT on an iPhone. 

1. Visit App

The first step that you need to do is to visit the NFT Go app and select create NFT

2. Choose Image

Then choose the get started button and select an image from the files or gallery. 

3. Details

After choosing an image, fill in the details of the NFT. You can select a title, fill in the description and other details for the NFT and then press next. 

4. Blockchain

In this step, you need to select the blockchain. So, you choose polygon or Ethereum. If you want Ethereum, you can click on the right side or click the left side for the polygon. Then click on the Next button. 

5. Preview

This is the last step. Here you can preview the NFT, and once satisfied click on publish NFT. 

Don’t forget you will have to pay some amount for minting an NFT

So, this was all about how to mint NFT on an iPhone through the NFT Go app. Now let us discuss minting NFT through the NinjaFT app. 

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NinjaFT App

How To Mint NFT On An iPhone

This app has templates to create NFTs. They also have airdrops. You can get free airdrops in this app. Check out these steps to know how to mint NFT on an iPhone using this app. 

1. Visit The App

The first and foremost step is to visit the app and then click on the Mint NFT button. 

2. Select Name

The next step is to choose a name and then click on submit. 

3. Cost

Then you will find the cost for minting on the Binance Smart Chain and click on that and pay. This is one of the cheapest blockchains. That’s all you need to do for minting an NFT. 

This was all about How to mint NFT on an iPhone. 

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In this post on “How to mint NFT on an iPhone,” we have mentioned the details of minting NFTs through two apps. We hope it was an enlightening post for you. If yes, share it amongst your friend circle and make them aware of how to mint NFT on an iPhone. You can ask us your queries regarding this in the comment box below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Buy An NFT On An iPhone?

Yes, you can buy an NFT using NFT Go or any other app. 

2. Can A Picture Be An NFT? 

Yes, NFT can be anything like photos, music, videos, etc.  

3. Is It Illegal To Screenshot NFTs? 

No, it is not illegal to take pictures of pictures. 

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