How To Monetize Facebook Reels? Know The Easiest Ways!

How To Monetize Facebook Reels

We all are pretty much familiar with the Facebook reels feature and also with the fact that it boosts your account’s reach, generates traffic, creates brand apprehension, engagement and much more. But do you know that now you are also allowed to monetize Facebook reels? If not, then no worries. We are here for you with the complete guide to how to monetize Facebook reels.

Earning by posting reels on Facebook! We also laughed when we heard about the concept but it does work. If you dream of earning in dollars without putting much effort or by doing your favorite job? Well, in that case monetizing your Facebook reels can help you! Yes, you heard it right, by getting your reels monetized you can get paid by Facebook itself for posting those amazing reels! If this is something that interests you, then keep up with the post.

In order to learn more about how to monetize Facebook reels you need to follow this entire guide but before that let us give you a gist of what you will be doing to monetize your Facebook reels. You will be posting reels on Facebook full of creative content in return for which you will be getting money in your account. Fantastic right? If you wanna know more, move forward.

If you are also counting dollars for your reels then let us tell you, this doesn’t work that way! You need to have the full information to get started with this. If you really want to count dollars in real life then keep reading!

What Is Facebook Reels Monetization?

What Is Facebook Reels Monetization?

Before heading to how to monetize Facebook reels, we will know the basics so that no one may call you a nerd. Facebook reel monetization means you are handing over the control to Facebook to put promotion ads on your videos and in exchange of which Facebook pays you the suitable amount. 

If you are a YouTuber or just watch random YouTube videos, then you must have encountered a few monetized YouTube videos in which you have seen in between YouTube ads. Just like that Facebook places advertisements over user’s (having decent number of followers) content and in exchange pay them well. But the  catch is Facebook promotes in the form of a static image or in the form of a caption not like YouTube which places its ads in the form of a video in the middle of a YouTube video created by a creator. 

How To Find Monetized Reels?

How To Find Monetized Reels?

If you are also thinking of getting started with Facebook reels monetization then you first need to know what it looks like? So that you can differentiate among regular reels and monetized Facebook reels. Moreover, you need to be aware of the space required for the potential advertisements can take while putting texts or messages on your videos. So you need to compress your caption, comments etc and make space for the promotions to take up. But in case of Sticker Ads, you can specifically alter the position of the Sticker Ad on the prior to posting. 

A few of you might be wondering, “I’m the brand’s CEO wishing to promote my brand. Why should I let Facebook place someone else’s ad on my reel?” Well you are thinking correctly but what we have to say is that it’s just a matter of money! And the advertisement on your content will not always be from your own field of expertise. Which means you need not to worry even a little about whether the ad is from your rival brand or why it’s here!

Afterall many users or influencers monetize their YouTube videos, they get different digital marketing brands for promoting their products. These ads can be displayed before or few of the times in between the YouTube videos. There you must have seen or tapped on the Skip button, haven’t you? Allowing those ads into your YouTube videos won’t take down your YouTube reach or growth, at all. So if this is your doubt you are having related to monetizing your Facebook reels, then don’t. Because it’s not worth worrying about! 

Done with concept! Learn how to monetize Facebook reels, something of your benefit! Ready? Read!

How To Monetize Facebook Reels?

How To Monetize Facebook Reels?

Let’s learn how to monetize Facebook reels! This soon? No history? Nah not possible! So, during the last few years, Facebook was trying to give a hint to the audience that soon it’s going to turn into a video-themed platform. The transformation is still under process. The change can be seen in the various dimensions of video content created by creators on Facebook. These content are then nourished by Facebook on the platform. However, it will take a little bit more time to get complete.

From the updated version, video monetization is one. With this feature one can hunt two hosts at a time. Along with brand promotions and latest services, video creators get high reach and traffic through the brand. Below is given three methods through which you can take advantage of Facebook video monetization:

1. Fan Subscriptions

If you don’t wish to support others’ products on your account through your content but still love extra earnings, then Facebook has this subscription option for you.

Under this program, if you have a large number of followers then you can divide your entire audience into two sections: one regular followers and another is your subscribers. The most important thing is, no matter which type of the audience is, it should be active. Continuously watching and interacting with your content. Through this Facebook allows you to earn. 

The catch over here is, you have to do extra work and make more efforts to balance and run this program. You have to give something “more” to your subscribers while keeping your regular followers engaged like earlier.

You can create Extra content for your subscribers like: 

  1. BTS content
  2. Bloopers
  3. Q&A
  4. Locked polls, quizzes and votes
  5. Subscribers-only posts

2. Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook has launched a program called Brand Collabs Manager in order to gather all the brand’s and creators together. It’s almost similar to influencer marketing in which influencers promote the brand’s product to the audience to buy or subscribe. If you are a one of the macro or bigger influencers then earning money from Facebook.

However, anyone can apply for the Brand Collabs Manager, but there’s a catch! You need to meet a few conditions or rules first. Here are the rules, from the perspective of advertisers and creators:

  1. Advertisers: Advertisers pay creators to create and promote content related to the advertiser’s brand on their own account.
  1. Creators: To become a Brand Collabs Manager member a creator must meet the following given norms:
  • Match with the policies
  • Minimum 1000 followers required
  • Reach should be 15k
  • 3k watch time in 60 days
  1. Should be a page admin(page which is meant to be monetized) 
  2. Should be in a Brand Collabs Manager eligible country

After all this, waiting is what you have to do. That’s it! Wait for brands to approach you. Then you can seal the deal and start working on the project.

3. In-Stream Ads

In this case, ads will be placed and played in the middle of the video – as the name suggests In-Stream. These ads can be placed after the video is ready. Hence, the video need not be live! 

These ads are placed while publishing the recording of a live video on your YouTube handle.

The only thing you need to take care of is the reach of your content, rest Facebook will do for you! 

Wrapping Up

As we all know that there is almost no difference between Facebook reels and Instagram reels. Facebook is focusing more on short-videos with less time durations. In addition to that, Facebook is even launching more features for creators to access and earn money from Facebook reels. A survey states that 50% of the time audiences like to watch video based content, and being more specific “Reels”. That’s the reason why Facebook is focusing more on Facebook reels these days! 

If you are a newbie to Facebook reels and monetization both, then we have made this guide to help you on how to monetize Facebook reels However, Facebook has spreaded its advertising monetization platform to Reels content. 

We hope you have successfully learnt how to monetize Facebook reels through the guide and if you have any suggestion, question or doubt related to the same, you can reach out to us in the comments section.


Q1. Who Is Eligible To Earn Money From Facebook Reels?

Ans. The program offers upto $35,000 per month to certified creators depending on their views of their suitable reels. The creators who match with Facebook’s eligibility criteria can earn upto $35,000 per month. 

Q2. How Much One Can Earn From Facebook Reels?

Ans. Facebook is offering a series of income and a golden opportunity to every creator on Facebook to earn maximum income. According to Meta, those creators who will actively work on short-video creating platform Reels on Facebook, will earn upto $4,000 per month in exchange for authentic content.

Q3. How To Monetize Facebook Reels?

Ans. Turn on Ads on your Instagram Reels. 

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