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Best Cross-Platform Games

You have some different devices, on which you can go ahead and play different games. Or, this can be like, you can go ahead and play some games on multiplayer, but different people have different types of devices. Are you keen to know some of the best cross platform games? Then keep reading this blog post!!

If you have different gaming devices or gaming consoles, you would love to play some games on different consoles. This will also give you some different kinds of experience and pleasure. Also, there will be some of the games, that you love to play many times. That is why you will also love to play and experience that game on different platforms as well.

Multiplayer games, which you can play with the help of online streaming, are the trend right now. So, developers are also developing a lot of different games, that you can go ahead and play on different platforms. That is why these types of cross-platform games are coming a lot into the news and knowing some of the Best Cross-Platform Games will make it even easier.

There are a lot of different cross-platform games, that you can play, so come let’s learn about some of the known & best crossplatform games. Below we have listed top 15 Best Cross-Platform Games.

15+ Best Of Cross-Platform Games

Best Cross-Platform Games

This has been already discussed, that, there are a lot of different types of cross-platform games. You just need to know all the details and the aspects of best cross play games, and that will help you to go ahead and choose the perfect game that you will love to play. Below is the list of some of the Best Cross-Platform Games that you will love to play.

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This is one of the most famous, discussed, and played best games multi platform nowadays. Also, this game is from the legacy of Assassin’s creed, so all the Assassin’s creed lovers will definitely play this game. Basically, this game has become famous before it has been released at all, and that is why developers have developed this game for different platforms and consoles themselves. You can play this game on PC, Play Station, and Xbox. So, whatever the console you will have, you can play this game and enjoy it.


Cross-Platform Games

PUBG is also one of the most famous multiplayer games across the globe. This is one of the most interesting shooting games, that you can play on different platforms. You can also team up with some player, who is playing from a PC, and you are playing from a smartphone itself. That is why this one has become one of the most favorites and one of the Best Cross-Platform Games.

3. Battlefield 2042

While talking about best crossplatform games, you just can not keep a shooting and fighting game series like Battlefield aside. This game lover will just love to play any of the versions of this game. A lot of different types of updated weapons, shields, armors, and vehicles will just make you fall in love with this game. This game is also available on different platforms like PC, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, and series X.

4. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call Of Duty

Though these two games have different stories, gameplay, and strategies, both the games are from the legendary series of Call of Duty. You just need to know that this game series has its legacy, where you not only have to fight, but you will need a good lot of strategies as well. Play these games on PC, Xbox, or Play Stations.

5. Roblox

This is one of those games, in which you can go ahead and play a game, along with that, you can even develop some games as well. So, you just need to know that you can play this game on a lot of different platforms as well. You will be getting the opportunity to play this game on MAC, Windows, iOS, Android, and Xbox as well.

6. Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Cross Platform Games

If you love the story of the second world war and you are going to play some games on that story, this will be the most perfect game for you to play. In this game, you have to play the game mostly based on different snipers, and you have to go ahead while completing different missions. This game is also for multiplayer as well, and you can play this game on PC, and Xbox.

7. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular cross-platform games, and it is available on a lot of platforms, which makes it extremely available for all different sorts of players. Minecraft is still a household brand and a classic for many players, despite being inaccessible on a few prominent platforms. 

8. Fortnite – Free

Best cross platform games

Fortnite is one of the best cross-platform games right now. The game can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, or Android, and this played an important part in getting the game as famous as it currently is.

9. Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is available for cross-play on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC which adds up to quite a few platforms. 

Imagine playing a round of Among Us while also playing Phasmophobia. Dead by Daylight is the result of such union. The newly popularised horror genre makes up for an amazing experience. When it comes to horror games, there are no dull moments, and the good ones will make you leap out of your seat. Dead by Daylight, fortunately, falls within this category.

10. ARK Survival Evolved

best cross platform games

Ark Survival Evolved is available for cross-play on Xbox and PC or on iOS and Android. You are stranded on the shores of a mysterious island in a world populated by large primitive insects, plants, and animals. You and your buddies must seize control of this prehistoric island in order to survive

11. Dauntless

This game is truly one of the most widely played cross-play games out there. Epic Games’ Dauntless is an action roleplaying cross-platform game. It’s completely free to play and has a fantastic look.

12. Chivalry 2

best cross platform games

Chivalry 2 was published for current and last-gen consoles in June 2021, over a decade after Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was released on Windows. It’s a hack and slashes action cross-platform game, similar to its predecessor, with a strong emphasis on multiplayer gaming.

13. Among Us

Even though its popularity has dwindled since the beginning of 2021, Among Us is still one of the most popular multiplayer games on Steam. Furthermore, with the upcoming release of the new Airship map, there’s a good possibility that many players will return to the game in the not-too-distant future.

14. Final Fantasy XIV

best cross platform games

If you’re a lover of the Final Fantasy series, picking up this game is a no-brainer. The creators add new features and development to the storyline of the in-game world with each patch and expansion, giving the player the impression that they are in a critical period in Hydaelyn’s history.

15. War Thunder

You can try out War Thunder on Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One. Another of the finest cross-platform games you may play with your pals is his Rocket League meets Call of Duty game. The best thing is that you may play this one of the best high-quality cross platform games for free.

Wrapping Up

This was the list of some great cross platform games. There are some cross-platform games, and you need to know all the details about those. That will help you to choose some of the Best Cross-Platform Games that you will love to play. Just know the details, go ahead and play those games, that will provide you a lot of enjoyment.

These were some of the best cross platform games 2022 & 2023, you would really really enjoy playing. If you want to know what are some more of the best cross platform games, you can reach us in the comment section right below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Platform Do Most Gamers Use?

Clearly, Windows is by far the most popular PC platform, while the category of Windows-powered PCs is arguably the world’s single most popular gaming platform.

Q. Can You Play With PS4 and Xbox on PC?

PS4 & Xbox One players can only cross-play with each other, while PS5 & Xbox Series X/S can cross-play with PC (Steam & Origin). Cross-platform play is supported across multiple platforms. It is possible to play together with your friends across PlayStation & Xbox platforms and PC (Steam & Epic Games Store).

Q. Why Are Cross-Platform Games Good?

Cross-platform features allow game developers to bring communities together and let everyone play regardless of geographic location or platform. This becomes a strong point for players that want to play with their friends online

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