How To Move Tech Infrastructure Of Your Company?

how to move tech infrastructure of your company

The hardest thing we have ever had to do was shift our office premises. Of course, the process is damn difficult. So, if you have also decided to move the tech infrastructure of your company. Then, the most important thing you need is safe and sound moving.

Change has always been difficult, but, it’s the key to improvement. So, the most important thing you can do is be prepared. So, how can you effectively plan ahead to guarantee a seamless move to your new location? Well, we are happy to help. Safebound Moving & Storage assists companies with the smooth setup of their IT infrastructure at new locations as an established managed service provider. 

Our guide on how to move the tech infrastructure of your company is what you need right now. It includes everything from the planning to the execution stage along with the important decisions and things you need to consider before the move. Alright then, let’s get started. 

How To Move Tech Infrastructure Of Your Company?

If you have never moved your IT infrastructure before, it is no easy task. Regardless of whether you choose to work with a skilled managed service provider to assist with the IT move, there is one crucial aspect you shouldn’t ignore. Time! Organize everything properly in advance of the move and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Determine An Office Move Team

The first thing you need to do is to decide who will be in charge of creating and executing your plan before you start. Whether you’ll work with a team within the company or any outside parties, such as an IT provider. 

Step 2: With Top Management’s Help, Develop a New IT Strategy

The next thing you need to consider is creating a new IT strategy. You and the other members of the senior management are in charge of deciding how the company will move forward. Only you know how much you would be automating your business processes in the future, given the scope of technology. Your new IT strategy must cover its entire scope, regardless of the course, you choose. 

Step 3: Internet Service Provider For Communication

Even though you might not believe selecting your Internet service provider should be high on your list of moving priorities, skipping this step can cause your office move to be delayed significantly. You should consider the kind of internet service you want to set up at your new address.

Step 4: Data Storage And Access

Would you invest in virtualization or virtual servers if hosting a server is more feasible rather than needing a separate room for it? If cloud hosting looks like the ideal choice for your business, you must make sure you have dependable and quick internet connectivity. In addition to being less expensive than hosting physical servers, cloud hosting also eliminates the requirement for licensing and installing additional software on business endpoints.

Step 5: Selecting A Mover

One of the first tasks in your execution for moving your workplace should be choosing a moving company.

Be sure to think about the following factors before making a choice:

  • Their services are affordable in terms of cost.
  • A level of insurance that satisfies your fundamental needs
  • Availability on the specific days and hours that you require them
  • Ability to carry and disassemble your IT equipment properly.

When selecting your mover, avoid the temptation to just go for the lowest bidder. Not every moving company is qualified to do the work. That’s why customer’s ideal choice is Safebound Moving & Storage.

how to move tech infrastructure of your company

Step 6: Evaluate The Furniture And Equipment

This is the perfect time to update or upgrade your equipment. Although, it totally depends on your budget. Whether the new furniture or equipment is needed or you can just reuse the old one. There is nothing wrong with that.

Step 7: Access To The Office Space

Another crucial, yet frequently disregarded, matter that needs to be dealt with right away is to review the office space. These are a few things you need to consider:

  • Your ability to access your new location during the transfer. 
  • Office not being too far from employe’s residence.
  • Will you have access to freight elevators for moving larger objects if your new facility is multi-level or elevated above the ground floor?
  • What sort of equipment can be housed in freight elevators, if any are available?
  • Does a property manager have to be present to give the authorization to enter your new building?
  • Will the freight elevator be open if the move is finished after business hours?

Step 8: Taking Everyone On Onboard

Now that everything is done, you need to make sure to take everyone on onboard. Make sure you have the support of all the necessary company stakeholders. Ensure that everyone is aware of your plan and has given their approval, whether you require the support of your senior management executives or want other employees participating as well. Inform them of the personnel, time, and money resources you will need to devote to each stage of the strategy.

Step 9: Pick A Date

Although, you need to think of this as the very first step. But, that would be a rough date and time along with a general timeline of when you should be completing your tasks. Now that everything is ready, you need to pick a date to start executing the moving process. Don’t forget to think this through with your selected movers.

Wrapping Up

It might be a complete nightmare to set up your intricate IT infrastructure from scratch if you don’t know what you’re doing. Safebound Moving & Storage will assist you with the planning and execution of your workplace move as well as handle all of your IT requirements. If you’re thinking of moving your office, get in touch with us right away to talk about how we can help you at this stressful time for your company.

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