How To Nuke A Discord Server? A Detailed Guide!

How To Nuke A Discord Server

If you are seeking ways to learn how to nuke a Discord server then it’s the best place where you can learn so! We will tell you all you need to know about hacking a Discord server in this guide in the easiest way possible, just stay tuned!

If knowing how to nuke a Discord server is something that interests you even when you don’t have admin facilities available then @Deasilex is the right spot to be on for you! Just read the entire article to grab the guide.

Here’s how to nuke a Discord server: Either hack an admin’s account on Discord, convince an admin to invite a bot to the server or ask an admin to do so sincerely! To know all these in detail, follow the given information.

This guide includes different ways through which one can explore how to nuke a Discord server. We basically don’t condone nuking anyone’s server, but if you need to know how it’s done, this blog post is for you!

How To Nuke A Discord Server?

How To Nuke A Discord Server

Accessing nuking bots to remove and restrict members is an action which doesn’t go with the Terms And Conditions of Discord platform. Such activities online can result in permanent ban of your Discord account. Recently, Discord has developed it’s tracking out hackers from their platform, so make sure you remember this before making any move towards nuking any Discord server.

However, a few of the hackers are better at being anonymous by accessing secondary Discord account which are precious to them. In such cases, it’s difficult for Discord to recognize them which can be injurious to other users. Nuking a server is an act of punishment, one should not attempt such practices online. 

Even though someone treats you badly most of the users accessing the same server have no fault in it and are innocent. And even if someone has assaulted you online on a Discord server, you have the option to exit from the server and forget it. It’s not worth wasting your time on.

But if you have made up your mind to learn how to nuke a Discord server then you need a nuking bot. You will find many nuking bots online, one of them is C-REAL, it will get your job done at once.

Make sure you have the admin facilities to access a nuking bot to nuke a Discord server. It’ll be difficult to learn how to nuke a Discord server if you don’t have access to admin privileges.

You get three options for how to nuke a Discord server: 

  1. You can hack an admin’s Discord account and grant yourself admin privileges.
  2. You can brainwash an admin to turn against the server and nuke it.
  3. Or you can access a bot that offers you admin privileges.

The simplest way is to hack an admin’s Discord account which is possible only when they don’t have two-factor authentication turned on! And if they have it enabled, then hacking their account is next to impossible. You need their registered email address and password to hack their Discord account.

In most cases, it’s not worth making such efforts just to learn how to nuke a Discord server. But if you have determined that you have to do it anyway possible, then you can go for accessing a nuking bot by downloading it and get the job done! 

A bot serving the purposes to nuke a server like Nukebot has multiple commands that can let you mess around with the services. Here are they as follows:

  1. $rape: Bans every member, admin, and basically everyone from the server and deleted every channel.
  2. $h: Kicks everyone out of the server.
  3. $dab: Grants you admin privileges 

In case the admin command didn’t work out, then you need to stick to these three methods to go through the admin requirements. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it’s pretty difficult to learn how to nuke a Discord server if you are not having admin privileges. You have to somehow manage to get the privileges either by accessing a bot, or manipulating an admin to give you the privileges or you can hack the admin’s account directly for the same. After that you can successfully nuke a Discord server.

If you find any difficulty in nuking a Discord server you can refer to this article on how to nuke a Discord server any time! For any queries or suggestions, ping us in our comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Does A Discord Server Get Nuked?

You need to code a nuke script and link it to a bot. Next, add that bot to the particular server and make it admin somehow. Execute a command and nuke the server successfully.

Q. What Bot Can Nuke A Discord Server?

NukeBot is a free to access Discord bot that has the capacity to nuke any Discord server and channels. In other words, it deletes all the messages in a channel in a way that makes recovering the deleted messages impossible.

Q. How Do You Nuke A Channel In Discord?

The below mention two deletes the channel and creates another one with the same facilities as the deleted one had.

  • info -> Info about the bot.
  • n! nuke -> Nuke a channel

Q. Can You Do’s A Discord Server?

You are safe from such attacks as Discord uses a client-server architecture for every voice and text communication where your IP is kept safe and out of reach of cyberpunks.

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