How To Play Games On Messenger | Play Popular Facebook Messenger Games Online!

How To Play Games On Messenger

Facebook is the leading social media platform for communicating and interacting with friends, families, employees, and other people of other relations. You may use this blog post to know how to play games on Messenger and to share pictures, videos, movies, and conduct audio and video calls too.

Other than this, Facebook is the best and the most accurate place to play games online. There are more than hundreds or thousands of games that can be played all alone or with other gaming partners also. Here, we will be talking about how to play games on messenger along with some of the best gaming suggestions for a better gaming experience.

Messenger includes a number of fun activities that can be done and enjoyed with friends and families or maybe alone. It all depends on you and your mood. In the case of entertainment, Facebook Messenger plays well. Here, one can entertain each other in a group conversation, video calls, and many more. 

This post will let you know how to play games on Messenger, to learn the same and gain knowledge about trending features of Messenger, stay on the page a bit more. Keep scrolling and learning!

What Is A Messenger Room?

What Is A Messenger Room

Messenger room allows you to video call up to 50 users at once and conducts a video conference call, where one can enter through a link, which is shared by the host of the conference call in the group chat. Users can invite each other via sharing the same link.

In Messenger rooms, one can play a number of games with their mates while being on a group call. Messenger room – games feature is only accessible on iOS and Android devices. One does not require to hold a Facebook account to play games in Meetings, Messenger room calls, Courses, Seminars, Video calls or any other activity or event using this feature.

What Is Wrong With Messenger Games?

Do most of your favorite Facebook Messenger games start to disappear as soon as you open your Messenger Room? Don’t worry, they are still there and are not deleted, they just got shifted from Messenger to Facebook.

You are still able to play all your favorite Facebook Messenger games without breaking the chain or losing scores, coins or points etc. You just need access to the Facebook application or official website to play the games. 

Because of being more popular than Facebook, the merger brand decided to shift the feature from Messenger to Facebook, so that the users may pay attention to Facebook also.

How To Play Facebook Messenger Games Online?

How To Play Facebook Messenger Games Online

It was easier to play games online on Messenger when playing games on Messenger were just a few taps away. Simply click on four dots close to the camera icon. But now, it has become much more complex than earlier. The only place to play games on Messenger is “Location”.

To start playing Facebook Messenger games, you need to launch a Facebook application. Next, click on the Hamburger menu on the top-right corner. 

Next, click on the gaming feature and you will observe Facebook quick gaming tab opened in front of you. On the top, you will find your gaming profile, trending games, gaming videos including recently played games along with that you can search Facebook Messenger games online.

Now, here is the main course. Learn how to play games on Messenger :

  1. Open Facebook Home and click on “Explore” from the left panel of the screen.
  2. Next, click on “Gaming”.
  3. To find all the online available games on Facebook Messenger go to “See All Games”.
  4. You will end up on a page where all the available games will be listed according to your interest.
  5. Enter into any one game of your desire, and start playing.

And you are done here, you have successfully learned how to play games on Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Gaming Categories

These Facebook Messenger games’ lightweight and quickly loading feature is the best thing. In order to play games on Facebook, you need authorization from Facebook gaming.

There are a number of game categories available in Facebook Messenger to play either with friends or alone.

  1. Board
  2. Bingo
  3. Action Games
  4. Buildera
  5. MOBA Games
  6. Card Games
  7. Puzzles
  8. Runner
  9. Simulation Games
  10. Poker & Table Games
  11. Role-Playing
  12. Sports
  13. Strategy Games

Start playing and enjoying once you choose the game of your desire. Once you open any one game, it will be expanded on your entire screen, click on “Play Now” and start getting a fresh gaming experience on Facebook Messenger.

Popular Facebook Messenger Games Online

After knowing how to play on Facebook Messenger and what to play, we would like to share a few of the most rated, played, and popular Messenger games that may resonate with your taste. Here are they :

  1. Tetris
  2. Galaga
  3. Everwing
  4. Space Invader
  5. Words With Friends
  6. Blackjack
  7. Daily Sudoku
  8. Hex FRVR
  9. Golden Boot
  10. Brick Pop
  11. 2020 Connect
  12. 8 Ball Pool
  13. Uno!
  14. Snake Attack
  15. Bat Climb

There you go! Enjoy your new quality time.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to play games on Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the first priority of most users in matters of entertainment and communication. Here, you can connect, interact and communicate with whomever and whenever you want. Facebook Messenger has started providing the gaming feature along with the basic chatting, audio, and video calling feature.

Although, Games from Facebook Messenger have been displaced from Messenger to the official Facebook application. You can enjoy these games on the official website and application of Facebook. But you can still play the games as earlier with the help of this post.

Feel free to reach out in case of any query or doubt.


Q1. Where Did All Of The Facebook Messenger Games Go After The Update?

Ans. Because of the high utilization of Messenger by the users because of the gaming feature, the merger brand decided to move the feature back to Facebook to increase its utilization rate and user experience.

Q2. What Are The Top 5 Popular Facebook Messenger Games In 2022?

Ans. The top 5 Facebook Messenger games available online are :
Space Invader
Daily Sudoku

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