How To Use Facebook Like Cover Photo On WhatsApp?

How To Use Facebook Like Cover Photo On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is developing a Facebook-like profile cover photos feature for its business customers. According to WABetaInfo, an application that analyzes the latest features available on the encrypted messaging app, business users can choose photos from their phones’ gallery or create a brand new image for the cover photo for their profile. Wondering How to set a cover photo on WhatsApp?

It is crucial to point out that the cover photo for your profile feature is in development for WhatsApp business accounts. There is no information on when the feature will be added to the normal WhatsApp user accounts.

The WhatsApp Facebook-like cover photos feature for profiles will come up with different profile settings. This feature will also include an option for cameras that will let users choose an image or create the photo from a different location to make their profile cover photo. 

What Is WhatsApp Facebook-Like Cover Photo Feature?

According to the image shared by web info, WhatsApp plans to add an option for cameras within the settings for a business on behalf of the users. Users can choose a picture or a profile photo for cover photos.

When a person from the contacts list visits your company profile, you will view the cover photo you have recently set, your profile picture, and your status.

The ability to choose the cover image for the WhatsApp Business account remains currently under development.

How To Set A Cover Photo On WhatsApp?

How To Set A Cover Photo On WhatsApp

Excited about this cover photo feature rolling out on WhatsApp? Yeah, you must be!

Keeping track of that excitement, you must be wondering how to set a cover photo on WhatsApp? 

So, here are the few steps that you need to follow to use a photo as your Whatsapp cover photo.

  1. Open your WhatsApp account. 
  2. Click on More options (three dots).
  3. Now go to “Settings”.
  4. Now click on your profile photo.
  5. Go to gallery to set a fresh cover picture, or you can click and new one and use that as well.

How To Get WhatsApp Beta?

Since the WhatsApp cover photo like Facebook will be available to WhatsApp Beta users only, you must want to keep your Whatsapp updated with the latest version.

If you are looking for ways How to get WhatsApp Beta, then here are the basic steps to get it downloaded on your device.

  1. As an android user you need to go to Play Store and type WhatsApp in the search bar. 
  2. When you spot WhatsApp, scroll down a little to  find the “Become a Beta Tester” option.
  3. Click on “I’m in”. Next you need to click on “Join” option to confirm your choices.
  4. Now wait a little until your app updates to Beta version.
  5. Getting the WhatsApp Beta version on iPhone is not that easy as it is in Android. 

Apps Having Facebook Like Cover Photo Feature

Apps Having Facebook Like Cover Photo Feature

Not just WhatsApp, but many other apps have borrowed the idea of Facebook cover photos on their platform. Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other platforms already have this cover photo feature.

You can simply set a profile photo and follow a cool cover photo at top of that. Now watching the popularity of this feature, WhatsApp is catching up with the race. 

Soon, we can get this Facebook-like profile photo feature on WhatsApp as well. Although the testings are going on for Beta users only, soon we can expect this feature to roll out globally.

Like WABetaInfo has released a screenshot feature coming soon from WhatsApp Business for iOS. In addition, it is anticipated to be available in WhatsApp Business as well. WhatsApp Business is available for Android as well. It will be available to beta testers before it into an official version of WhatsApp’s encrypted messaging app. There is currently no timeframe for releasing the WhatsApp cover-up photos feature for profiles. You can even use VPN to set Facebook-like cover photos on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Features 2024

Additionally, WhatsApp has reportedly been testing some new features on its desktop app, including the global voice messaging player that allows users to continue listening to voice messages even if they switch to another chat. The global voice messaging player is now available on WhatsApp Beta for Desktop 2.2204.5.

In the meantime, WhatsApp is also releasing the “Community” feature in the next update.

Communities are a personal area where admins of groups can have greater control over specific WhatsApp groups. Not just that, WhatsApp is about to work on pin chat features just like pinning someone on Zoom, Twitter, or other apps.

Wrapping Up:

Excited to try an updated WhatsApp profile feature? This Facebook-like WhatsApp cover photo lets you enjoy a creative hook for your profile.

You can experiment with this new feature the way you want to. Also, check out the other upcoming features on WhatsApp this year, and the ones that have already made their way into our lives earlier this year.

Dropdown your queries in the comments section below! Happy Learning!

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